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    • It should do that automatically for you.  If you're below 1000 Kbps it will show in Kbps, above shows in Mbps.  Next to that you'll see the conversion to kB/s and MB/s.  Again, if you're lower than 1 MB/s it will display in kB/s.     Where it may become a little confusing is when you look at your graph.     Which currently only displays in Mbps, rounded to the 2nd decimal.  Your 658 Kbps result converts to Mbps by dividing 658 by 1000.
    • How to change megabits/sec to kilobytes/sec?
    • Your spot on there boss, it would be tremendously useful for a better UX through UI to the database.  
    • Note: you can also do this for states.   Examples:   Arizona download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results. California download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results. Colorado download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results.    
    • Actually @mudmanc4 that lists all the hosts with "za" anywhere in the name.   Here's   I'm not sure if that functionality is even easy to find here.  I'll make sure that it's easier to find soon.   For now, here's a URL shortcut to make your own queries.   /countryrank   (base URL) /us  (change this to the two letter country code you'd like to query) /down (if you'd like to rank upload instead change this to /up) /20000 (this is the minimum recent test count... helps filter out the less popular results, which makes for better data.  Smaller cities can appear much higher or lower because of the smaller sample size.)   In this way you can create the link above for ZA   You can also look directly at Bellfordview, ZA -- look at the ISP Rank tab     Also look at the Speed Test Log using the button below the graph.     Not very many results in Bellfordview so I would look also at the cities nearby.  Like Germiston, ZA  (I'm not sure of the area, you'd know probably know better [larger] cities to search for in your area.  You can search on but personally I just use google and search for "Germiston ZA" or any other city.)     Repeat that for some other cities nearby.  If you keep seeing Telkom Internet [] on top it can be safe to say they're your best choice in the area, especially if there is as much difference as we've seen in the first two cities.     There may be less popular, faster choices so make sure you look at the Speed Test Log and tell TMN ranking to 'Show All' -- this setting will be remembered for subsequent queries.   So actually, upon closer inspection... I'd check out Internet Solutions [] first, especially if you see them coming up high on the list allot on the other major cities in the area.   Just because the sheep mostly flock to one pasture doesn't mean the grass is actually better.  They may not have found the other meadow yet, they may just want to stick with what they know or they may just tend to go where the other sheep go. Sometimes the less popular choice is really the better one.
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