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    •       I'm going to break things down bit.. by bit... by bit... because I can... and I'm bored.   "When you go off grid to different servers you take a journey across strange and far away lands. You cross other networks, other servers, and will get different paths at different times of day and night due to heavier or lighter internet traffic. Why should a provider like Spectrum or Comcast be to blame for slow speeds and poor connection when you are requesting information, or even a speed test, from someone else's network?"   Because most ISP actually guarantee that on their end and state that it is the speed you'll get. When it's mostly not true. Power users usually look at +/- and understand the losses during up time and downtime. However an average Joe wouldn't. That is why. If an ISP is stating 250mbps. Then you should be getting somewhere near that.     "If you bought a new car and the manufacturer promised that it would get 60MPG, that means under normal driving conditions, or keeping it on the smooth flat roads....in network. Now when you take that car across country, out of network, up and down mountains, back country roads, and mud holes...poorly maintained infrastructure, remote locations, bad servers...you let less MPG, or in our case Mbps. Are you gonna blame the car manufacturer for the lowered MPG when you took the car into strange locations?"   Yes, a poorly designed frame, body weight placement, bhp to whp performance ratio, and shock absorbent on struts and shocks for a vehicle can cause heavy MPG downfall. Which is the manufacture's issue, especially if advertised only on "optimal situations". Especially if I buy a SUV that can barely handle highway roads and pot holes, when it is advertised as an OFFROAD in their commercial and marketing. Yes. I would heavily blame the manufacture. If the issue is big enough it can be a class action suite as well lol   Isn't it fun when I know a little about the interwebs and cars? Your point you're making is valid in principle. btw, you have a shitty boss. My boss blames the traffic   If we are taking about the internet and highways. Let's really come back up from the dumb-down version for end users. We relate it to the highway to give newbs and low-end users an understanding of what the internet works with or like. That's a lot of empty land mass if you look at a map. Your internet highway had multiple exits, routes and connection that is a two way lane and your car can travel either direction without a loss of speed or slow down. Congestion doesn't happen on the road, it happens on the terminating node or server, so pretty much a ball of yarn is what the internet looks like as "highway" surrounding the globe. X amount routes and nodes it can connect and move to. This is why you get packet loss (one of many reasons) when you are hitting a bad node/server. right? riiiight.   However, if your ISP in North America says "You will get 300mbps download speed" and the users are testing at "230mbps" from Mother Russia, then that's not bad. Because 150mbps isn't hard hit for power users, unless you are expecting exactly 300mbps consistently ... which I would consider silly because that won't ever be true, speed fluctuate. but for users who have ISP telling them "You will get 25mbps download speed" and they are getting "0.01mbps or 10kbps" as a test from same server in Mother Russia then the issue would be more so the ISP then "situational highways"   The Infrastructure that is lagging is normally the ISP and the agreement of other ISP by the said ISP, it is business and throttling. Nothing more.   Like I said, the point you're making is very much valid in principle... but you forget what TMN here is for.   Ookla for example, shows you ideal results. TMN at least shows you how crappy the roads are. Your message fully felt like the hate on the the glory of TMN. So what false information are you referring to? the ones you are trying to portray? because that's what it sounded like to me, a one sided view. So I wanted to add mine. My issue is other Speed Test sites, some have partnered up with ISPs (they get a kick back). I don't think TMN is saying your ISP suck; TMN shows what it pulls. Just. Data. Now, you wanna hate your ISP, your dog or your neighbour for sleeping with your wife, it isn't TMN's issue. What you do with the data logs is up to you. It's a tool to help YOU.   A tool. That's it.   FYI, I am adding to the friendly debate, with humor along the way. I could be horribly wrong. Who knows.     Also. WHAT IS WITH THAT GIANT FLOWER?! 
    • The fact that I have realized the power of GIF here... I am going to be having fun. Trolololo     Haha yea I read the PM first, habit of reading PMs before Posts on Forums Wait. I JUST realized YOU MADE MY LABEL "this guy's cool" LOL
    • Just ran a few test and it seems to be back normal? Tried a few on the NY server w/out my VPN and the results were back to where they were previously.
    • Hi all,   I've been having some pretty severe connection speed issues lately with Charter/Spectrum in the Saint Louis area (see my results for example).  I noticed it start back in September when regular images and gifs would take anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute to load.  I'm currently on a 100/5 plan, and everything was fine prior to that, but am seeing speeds dip down to 500Kbps or lower in regular intervals.   I've been capturing a lot of wireshark data and running a lot of autotests and it appears that the issue is just getting worse.  Wireshark is showing a ton of TCP retransmit and TCP DUP ACK errors when I encounter the slow speeds.  I tested my connection plugged directly into my modem and while connected to my router.  My PC is hardwired using CAT6.   Everything is fine as long as I stay within the Charter network, I can stream YouTube videos, Netflix, Google music etc. but all of those services appear to terminate within a data center that is fairly local to me according to some trace routes and WinMTR.   However, if I need to download something like a Linux ISO, or a large firmware update that has to travel outside of Charter's territory, I'm hit with extremely slow speeds, in the range of 500Kbps, causing downloads to take an obscenely long time.   I've been fighting with Charter support for a bit over 2 months now at this point, they've sent multiple techs out to verify the hardware and everything checks out (Lines, modem, termination box).  I'm convinced that there is a logical routing issue or BGP issue somewhere down the line but I am unable to get solid evidence or get in touch with a network engineer on their side.   I wanted to see if I could be missing something here on my end or if anyone has experienced a similar issue and was able to get it resolved?   Let me know if I need to provide more information and I would be happy to.
    • Thank you ShakTib!   by the way, the PM I just sent you... where I literally said "you're cool" ---that was before I noticed this message.  See, trust you're gut... "This guy's cool."        ...tyg 2018
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