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    • Wanted to quickly say thank you. I appreciate your appreciation. ūüėĀ ¬† When I get to my computer I'll take time to properly respond.
    • Hi ¬† I only recently found testmy.net, and I'm actually blown away that this site isn't a subscription service or running ads. Can everybody stop for a minute and appreciate this? My account is only a couple hours old so I've only really just begun to use the app, but it is very clear to me the amazing value you are providing. I'm a software/web developer by trade and have enough familiarity (far from an expert but not a babe in the woods) with whats going on under the hood here to be impressed and grateful for a diagnostic tool of this scope. ¬† I have some questions though. I hope you don't mind. ¬† 1) I was reading through the FAQs about speed test inflation from other services to benefit the ISP providers. I noticed the posts are dated 2012 so I'm curious about the current state of these matters. For instance, flash is dead. Surely, people can't still be using flash for speed tests can they? This is a big broad question, but what is the current landscape for speed tests and do you still see the type of collusion between tests and ISPs describe in the FAQ? ¬† 2) In tandem with the above: Since the time of those posts, have any other speed test tools come around that are reliable, in-depth, and don't inflate stats? ¬† 3) How is this site funded? With so many servers offered, an active user¬†base eating up bandwidth with tests, server space for the database and software code, and the investment in maintaining this app costs are bound to stack up. ¬† 4) This question is a bit tangential to the above and outside of the expertise displayed by the tools here, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. Is it theoretically possible to create a testing tool for LTE equipment¬†(4g/5g reliant devices) that diagnoses a device's connection to cell towers in an analogous manner to testmy.net's diagnosis of internet connectivity issues? I have been working with SIM card accepting routers, CAT 12 modems, Goldenob firmware, and parabolic antennas to connect to cell towers recently and I would kill the pope's brother for a comparable tool. Diagnosing connectivity between the hardware and the cell towers can be a face-shreddingly grueling process, sometimes lasting months. Even in the best cases its decently involved. ¬† ¬† Judging by the forums, people aren't always happy you're telling them their connection is slower than they thought. So, thanks again for doing this sometimes thankless work. ¬†
    • I'll keep investigating this further but I can't reproduce on my end on initial tests. ¬† I had FF 85 on this laptop, updated to 90.0.2 -- both¬†versions had similar results. No stalling at all. ¬† Witnessing stalling like yours is indicating an issue. If it's happening only happening in firefox then you've proven your connection is not the issue. ¬† If other people using the same browser as you don't display the same issue then it must be localized. ¬† Do you have any browser plugins, extensions or add-ons that might be causing the issue? If you systematically disable them between testing you might be able to discover which one is the culprit. ¬† If you do find something please share it with us. Some browser add-ons do more than you might imagine and can degrade performance. ...and the ones that degrade performance¬†are probably doing A LOT more than you imagine. ¬†get rid of them. TMN helps you find them.¬†
    • You should be able to log into as many different devices and different browsers using the same account without issues. ¬† Once signed in you'll remain signed in on all devices unless you sign out or clear cookies. ¬† Try clearing cookies on the device that gave you the error and try to login again with the same credentials you used to make this thread. If you get the same error please take a screenshot for me. ¬† ¬† You can only have one account per email address. ¬† I'll take time later and go through the sign-up/sign-in process, make sure everything is working properly and make adjustments if needed.
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