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    You can't beat my score.

    Check out these monster numbers. I am paying $114.00 a month for Cox Ultimate! I was having a serious issue which as since been rectified. https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&d=12272016&x=1000&l=25&q=pete424
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    Down & Up Combined Score

    Test run on the Irish Three 4G network in Donegal town, possibly LTE+ (OnePlus 2 phone): It's also my fastest TestMy download result to date, certainly did not expect to see my first >100Mbps result on a cellular network, let alone the Three network especially with the past experience of prioritising/throttling ports. As far as I can tell, they treat port 80 and 8080 equally now and the above test was a normal linear HTTP test with the UK server.
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