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  1. here's some updates on what's going on w/cheaper PC's. Details on YellowSheepRiver's $150 Municator "the Municator features a 400 or 800mhz 64-bit Godson-2 CPU, 40GB drive, 256MB of RAM, four USB 2.0 ports, IrDA, S-video, VGA, Ethernet, PS/2, and runs a Linux variant called Thinix OS." http://www.yellowsheepriver.org/ ________________________________________________ An update on AMD's Windows CE powered PIC
  2. The Shimafuji SEMC5701 board is powered by a MIPS-based SoC from NEC, and is best known for its use in the wall-wart-sized Teacube, T-Cube, or Tangerine Cube from Personal Media Corp. Shimafuji's SEMC5701 measures just 2.05 x 2.05 x 1.77 inches (52 x 52 x 48mm). It is based on an NEC Vr5701, clocked at 266MHz or 333MHz. It includes 16MB of Flash, along with 64MB of RAM. I/O interfaces include 10/100 Ethernet, USB, CompactFlash, AC97 audio, and a D-sub 9 RS-232 serial port. The board also offers a D-sub 15 video port, and supports VGA (640 x 480), XGA (800 x 600), and SXGA (1024 x 768) resolutions. It includes an RV5C348B real-time clock. The board accepts 5V DC input, and operates at 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Here's a reference list of small systems that can serve as ready-made platforms for prototyping applications, or as the basis of application-specific Linux-based systems and devices.
  3. Wal-Mart to sell build-your-own computers Reuters reports that Wal-Mart is preparing to put "build your own computer counters" in 1200 of its 3200 stores, with plans to do so in at least 1400 by the end of the year. This could prove to be pretty interesting, I wonder if the're going to color code matching components? {My real hope is, prices should come down on a lot hardware.} Maybe everyone will take up building their own computers as a hobby, not just to have some extra PC's around the home, but to hand them out as gifts on a key chain ~ like I do! changed link to point to our news article
  4. In both advertising and social engineering, the common goal is to convince a targeted human to perform an action. The exact nature of the action varies with the domain: email worm authors may try to have the target run an executable attachment; spyware authors may want to direct the target to a specific web site for a drive-by download; spammers may want to have the target visit their web site or that of an affiliate. A recent research paper out of the University of Calgary suggests that those problems could soon be a lot worse if spam creators adopt a few simple data-mining procedures. John Aycock is a computer science professor who teaches classes in "Spam and Spyware" and "Computer Viruses and Malware." His newest research project, done in conjunction with Nathan Friess, imagines an evolutionary step in the use of spam zombies that could dramatically increase their effectiveness. The paper, " Spam Zombies from Outer Space", shows how effective spammers could be if they sifted the zombie computer's e-mail archives and generated messages in that particular user's style. That "convincing spam" is generated by looking at factors such as vocabulary, the length of individual lines, the use of capitalization, signatures, abbreviations, misspellings, and more. The malware then generates a reply to a legitimate e-mail on the user's computer and appends its own message and payload (attachment or URL), and does so in the victim's own style and with his or her own signature. The result is much harder to distinguish from traditional spam, and would make it through most current anti-spam screening programs. I think e-mail has to go in the direction of EASY TO USE crypto based authentication. This technology already exists (pgp) and is used heavilly by the computer security industry. It would make a lot of sense (IMHO) if EVERY e-mail from my bank was cryptographically signed using the bank's private key. Websites are encrypted and authenticated using public/private key cryptography (SSL) why can't the same thing be done for e-mail? . . .there are a variety of e-mail programs that implement various crypto stuff already, but as far as I can tell, almost no one uses it or knows how to use it!
  5. Numerous users of Blue Security's anti-spam system now report of a new form of aggressive spam. An unknown group of spammers claim to have derived a way to extract the member email addresses of Blue Security group's anti-spam system, called Blue Frog. Blue Frog, a small tool which once installed on the users computer, enables Blue Security to systematically flood a known spammer's website with opt-out messages; much to the headache of the spammer. Tens of thousands of users have already signed up, so can it really be true that spammers now possess this database? Or is this yet another frail attempt by spammers to intimidate the user? Stray1 writes ""You are recieving this email because you are a member of BlueSecurity...." An email from unknown detractors has taken the Bluesecurity anti spam lists and decided to take matters into their own hands. I recieved this Email from an anonymous, and garbled host, which went on to say in not so fantastic english that I, as a Blusecurity member, would recieve this and many more (about 20 -30) spam messages a day until I left the blue security community. Blue Security, (www.bluesecurity.com)a website and community designed to lessen your Spam Email, is down for the moment. Is this what we have come to? Spam,(erm 'high volume email') companys holding your address hostage until you comply? "...We mightve had your email addresses before in our lists, but now, we are targetting YOU, because YOU are a bluesecurity user". . . .see if you can connect to; http://www.bluesecurity.com/ Ahh, the digital superhero battle between the evil spammers and the innocent citizenry has begun!! ~ lol
  6. What starts out to be a very interesting "Between The Lines" blog, about the banking system SSL authentication fiascal, turns into great 'rank' on some of the stuff I've been thinkin' about lately!! This is a must read folks!! ~ hope more of US start waking up!! Why Americans are technology, political, and educational laggards and how it will doom them Posted by David Berlind "Compared to other parts of the world, we're a relatively unsophisticated bunch, us Americans. And that culture of convenience, laziness, and ignorance is going to doom the US in the long run because of how it will deprive America of its edge in other areas where it was once a beacon to the world. Democracy is one of those. Education the other." "On the political front, we are no longer a nation of people that goes deep on the issues and seeks out the truth. I'd like to believe there was a time when the majority of Americans were passionate about democracy and politics. . ." "Just yesterday, our culture of political convenience was probed and picked apart on National Public Radio when Tom Ashbrook interviewed Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein whose book Politics Lost: How American Democracy was Trivialized by People Who Think You're Stupid was published this month. American democracy is being trivialized because we Americans are letting it happen."
  7. geez, I finally found'em, man it can be hard finding things around here, sometimes! https://testmy.net/link_to.html
  8. I don't run my computer, it runs me!! [and it's been running me in circle way too long]
  9. I think that happened in Indiana somewhere in '72, but it happened so fast we didn't notice the inverse reaction ~ just look around ~ everything is 'really' in reverse!! [but there's something in our optical makeup that doesn't allow most to see it]
  10. keep in mind that most anti-this and anti-that software is not so-much set-up to defend you as it is to defend itself!! hacks out there aren't writting attacks against YOU, they're writing them against the software you think is protecting you! {these so-called anti-virusspyware companies are just using us to act as front line defenders before they get 'totally" hackedsmacked and shut down. sure, there's some kiddie prankhacks floating around, but the real war is in the game of dropping the 'big bois', hence all the updates, it's just a game!!} IMHO . . .it's just Spy vs. Spy!! . . .and they get us to play and pay, too!! ~ lol Oh, welcome aboard kidrockhead!! don't let all this scare you away, it's a great community!! ~ lol
  11. ZeroPaid.com has put together a nice tutoral on Azureus Plugins. there's like over 50 of them ~ this guide might help you better understand some of them; http://www.zeropaid.com/news/6384/Top+Azureus+Plugins+Revealed Azureus vs. uTorrent / Transmission Comparison Download link for uTorrent: http://utorrent.com/download.php Download link for Azureus: http://azureus.sourceforge.net/download.php Lastest News; Azureus to Announce Next Generation Internet Distribution Platform for Digital Entertainment at OnHollywood 2006 <img src="http://imagehouze.com/uploader/files/126/azureusencrypt.jpg" alt="azureusencrypt.jpg" /> "Azureus, the ever popular Open Source BitTorrent client, is due to announce the addition of a
  12. new versions always show up on the FTP first and are updated on the web and sent out via auto update a day or two later. http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/ A good place for OFFICIAL information is http://planet.mozilla.org/, or better yet, the developer news blog at http://developer.mozilla.org/devnews/.
  13. Oh tommie, it only gets worse ~ didn't you know that! ~ lol From Harvard Mag; Fueling Our Future "On the geologic time scale, sea levels rise and fall in inverse relation to land-based glaciation. The end of the last ice age, for example, 14,000 to 12,000 years ago, was punctuated by a meters-per-decade rise in sea level (totaling nearly 53 feet). Ever since then, the earth
  14. [move] Happy B-Day!! [/move] yeah, I know some guys that'll tell you all about the "benefits" of joining up with them!! Free College, Free Meals, Free travel, along w/ all sorts of goodies! ~ lol
  15. OMG!! Whata Space Freak!! ~ Great Site!!, . . .I mean Bitchin'!!
  16. It seems like the little Big Bois are at it again! This time Googlee and Yahooee have teamed up to go after poor little MS Billy over his new (wanna-be) nettie toy ~ IE7 beta 2. You see, the new uppity-date sports a new feature (well, new to MS Billy, that is) search box in the default toolbar for that quick fix search (you know you need) ~ focus ~ input ~ hit. Only in IE7, you get your quick little fix from MS Billy's twin, little MS Searchee herself. Imagine that? Well, Googlee doesn't like it and rappin' with da bois in the European Commish and in the apartment of Just us, they're throwing around biggie words like anti-in-competitive or somethin' like that. [You see, it takes all of four clicks to change the default search engine, a burden Googlee deems outrageously onerous to your average Joe Web user, along with their psycho fears of a massive exodus of Googlers heading north to Redmond to get their searchee fixes.] But Googlee's not alone in their whining! Yahooee is sharing their anguish, too. (It's nice to see the bois getting along and sharing) But, with Googlish cunning and some yippidee yahooee's they've thought of a plan for a freetext dropbox containing a few 'choice' words, like Googlee, Yahooee, and little MS Searchee or Askmyhairy?dotcommie!! ~ the point is (I think) ~ "choice"!! And of course, MS Billy counters that adding that extra step will only confuse the poor users, and the dropdown box thingy is bound to limit 'consumee' choice to only a select few that might make it onto that list. [The default is really only set to MSN as a last resort, MS Billy contends. If you are upgrading an existing system to run IE7, your IE6 settings will be imported, and if you happen to have set the rarely touched AutoSearch feature to something other than Microsoft's service, why, IE7 inherits the heathen setting without complaint.] OH, . . . when will this WAR just end!! Bring da Bois home.dot.now and leave poor little MS Billy alone! Link ~ New Microsoft Browser Raises Google's Hackles ~ The New York Times
  17. man ~ your not gonna believe this ~ but the other day at work everyone was telling me to get a myspace ~ that's all they do at work!! . . .somethin' like 73 million space cadets!! ~ lol . . .I'm not sure if I'm going to follow that crowd, yet? I've got my GooglePages and that other space thing with MSN. . . .and I've got this place, . . .what more do I need? [actually, I have another GooglePages in the works ~ I set up an account w/ the name [email protected] . . .1st name go, last name ogle ~ lol]
  18. Led by more than 200 U.S. universities, working with industry and government, Internet2 develops and deploys advanced network applications and technologies for research and higher education, accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet. From eSchool News staff and wire service reports New developments could increase Internet2's bandwidth capabilities up to 80-fold "The new network should be in place by fall 2007, said Douglas Van Houweling, Internet2's chief executive." "He announced the plans this week as researchers set a new networking speed record--8.8 gigabits per second (Gbps), nearing the Internet2's current theoretical limit of 10 Gbps, which is thousands of times faster than standard home broadband connections." "The Internet2 network, which parallels the regular internet and allows universities, researchers, and even some K-12 school systems to share large amounts of information in real time, currently uses shared fiber-optic cables run by Qwest Communications International." "In the new network, Internet2 will have the cables all to itself. Operators initially will be able to transmit data using 10 colors, or wavelengths, of light over a single cable, giving the network a capacity of 100 Gbps. Eventually, Internet2 hopes to transmit on 80 wavelengths." Link: Internet2 http://www.internet2.edu
  19. yeah, I think Mark Twain would've been proud!! [or is Colbert ~ Twain reincarnated? ~ lol] Swimmer ~ get back to studying for your finals!! [no fair having fun, now ~ lol ~ j/k]
  20. Bush pokes fun at himself at annual White House Correspondents Dinner. Stephen Colbert at the White House Colbert preformed last night at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, also. His jokes were hilarious, yet the room full of old white men don't seem to be laughing. The best part- he's standing like 5 feet away from the president and he's totally scathing. Or here's the whole thing, slightly higher quality: The Colbert Report (Special Edition) Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcIRXur61II Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN0INDOkFuo Part III: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJvar7BKwvQ
  21. yeah, well . . .call me a dreamer! Maybe, the most exciting thing about the technology is not its speed, but the ease with which an alternative nationwide broadband delivery system could be created. This possibility is certainly on the minds of the members of the California Public Utilities Commission, which said in a statement: "BPL has the potential to bring broadband Internet services to communities who do not have broadband service available today from the telephone companies or cable companies. In fact, in other communities that already have DSL and cable modem service BPL can provide a third broadband 'pipe' to customers, thereby increasing competition and consumer choice," said PUC President Michael R. Peevey.
  22. The California Public Utilities Commission this week gave a boost to the idea of delivering broadband access over power lines by passing rules allowing trials to take place across the state. Though broadband over power lines (BPL) is a wonderful idea in theory, in practice it has been difficult to implement well. Has its time finally come? I can only hope for a significant price drop or am I just dreaming?
  23. OH!! ~ don't start this ~ I'll go into hysterics and just start wetting myself!! ~ lol Gas Too Pricey? Make Your Own. . .or 190 proof moonshine!
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