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  1. This week marks the sixteenth anniversary of the launch of Hubble Space Telescope. 'To celebrate [...] NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), are releasing this image of the magnificent starburst galaxy, Messier 82 (M82). This mosaic image is the sharpest wide-angle view ever obtained of M82. The galaxy is remarkable for its bright blue disk, webs of shredded clouds, and fiery-looking plumes of glowing hydrogen blasting out of its central regions.' Wired News also has some nice additional images. /happy_bday.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':bday:' />:' />
  2. New Scientist is reporting about a new speech recognition tool that promises to let programmers write clean code without ever having to lay a finger on their keyboard. 'The tool, called VoiceCode, has been developed to help programmers with repetitive strain injury (RSI). This is a common affliction for people who spend a lot of time using a keyboard or mouse and causes pain in muscles, tendons and nerves in a sufferer's arms and back. Some estimates suggest 22% of all US computer programmers, or 100,000 people, suffer from the condition.'
  3. Affected users who find these messages irritating can actually disable them by right-clicking the notifier icon in the notification area and selecting Change Notifications Settings. These settings will maintain until the next Windows Update only, however. Furthermore, it will not be possible to uninstall the notification tool once it is installed. Click Get Genuine Draft now to get more information and resolve this issue.
  4. OMG ~ that's hilarious!! . . .reminds me of some 'Monty Python' routines ~ funny!!
  5. I've got my theory on this one ~ Who is the Antichrist?
  6. . . .this approach isn't meant to deter 'real' pirates, . . .but it is amusing how many months MS puts into stuff like this, and how many minutes it takes someone to break it wide open again. The real shame is ~ Microsoft cannot totally stop piracy of its products. If that were possible and implimented it would be the greatest boon to alternative developers the world has ever seen.
  7. nagware!! . . .protect your PC with anti-scan bombs! Quote: "The best way to protect consumers is, first, to educate them about the issue, then to equip them to spot counterfeit software, and finally, to help them understand what they should do about it," said Cori Hartje, director Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative. "The best way to protect consumers is to get them to find pirates for us by the simple installation of a cheap nag tool," what Cori Hartje, director of Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative meant to say.
  8. This is a warning for all of you who surf the Net for personal business while you're at work: Up to 80 percent of employers monitor their workers! Different companies have different standards for Internet usage, with some going so far as to outlaw any personal use whatsoever on company time. Others don't mind as long as the work gets done. New York's Department of Education is apparently one of the places that frowns on personal 'Net usage, and they recently fired Toquir Choudhri over his use of news and travel web sites while on the job. Choudhri, who worked in the Department of Education, appealed his firing to a judge, who has just handed down his ruling. "It should be observed that the Internet has become the modern equivalent of a telephone or a daily newspaper, providing a combination of communication and information that most employees use as frequently in their personal lives as for their work," Administrative Law Judge John Spooner said in recommending only a reprimand for Choudhri. {of course, if your prudent enough, you can find ways to delete personal usaged at work} [don't ask me how ~ that could get me fired!]
  9. Dark06 ~ I don't think stating facts is political . . .it's actually contrary to political rhetoric ~ lol
  10. http://users.erols.com/chare/sockets.htm
  11. An amazing collection of modern NYC photos Check them out!
  12. Heard this on Coast to Coast last night; Comet Warning First half-hour guest, former air traffic controller Eric Julien spoke about his belief that comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann will impact Earth on May 25th, 2006. He has concluded this from his study of NASA simulations as well as information given to him by ET contacts. Julien revealed that he communicates with what he calls "the blue beings." They confirmed to him that his vision of something hitting the Atlantic Ocean causing a huge wave to crash into a city will occur on May 25. For more, see his article The Day of Destiny.
  13. . . .maybe this would be a good place to share some Fatal Distractions and Brain Dead muck ups! Here's one of my latest; WTF ~ LOL ~ OMG (dupid computer) . . .I'm lucky I didn't fry my board!! "Avoid clearing the CMOS while the system is on; it will damage the . . ." I'm still laughing 'bout that one ~ funny thing was ~ (that I didn't mention) . . . the day before, when I couldn't boot my system, I packed it up and went to my 'neighborhood' PC shop to see if they could get it up and running ~ but, I was so brain dead ~ I forgot it was Sunday! and they were Closed ~ lol ~ [good thing, . . .I would have felt 'really' dupid 'bout the jumper being set to the 'wrong' connecter] What's got me worried now, too, is the USB mishaps . . .is my poor tortured, slammed and abused USB game pad gonna kill my PC? yikes!!
  14. Beginners Guides: Most Common Ways to Kill a PC PCstats guides you through the list of the most popular ways by which you will eventually kill your PC, despite your good intentions. This is a good primer for "what not to do" folks. - Version 1.0.0 Most Common Problems 26% PSU and power issues 23% Bad gear and user negligence 13% Heatsink related 15% Assembly and moving 10% Lightning strike and static 3% Computer cruelty 6% USB related 2% Overclocking [move] Stop Computer Cruelty [/move]
  15. . . .sometimes I think being a "cool geek" freak means you know way too much about everything, but not enough to write a best seller, yet!! My problem is when I delve into something new or interesting it consumes me to no end. . . . . .and the curse of "geekdom" (and search engines) is ~ there's way too much semi-information about alot of junkstuff to filter through and not enough precise info that's really helpful, interesting or new. . .thus, the quest never ends! Sooo, I try to keep my month shut (most of the time) and just move about in my stealthy "ninja geek" mode, (anal`lisingoptimizing w/alot of trial and error) to make this world a better place . . .to play and have fun in ~ lol
  16. <img src="http://imagehouze.com/uploader/files/126/hoppingrabbit.gif" alt="hoppingrabbit.gif" /> HAPPY EASTER . . .funny bunny's
  17. OMG ~ funny as chit ~ . . .reminds me of; Just Say No to Microsoft How to Ditch Microsoft and Why It's Not as Hard as You Think by Tony Bove
  18. LMAO ~ :haha: . . .this thread just made my day ~ lol ~ good work guys
  19. WOW ~ I would like to take this opportunity ~ at the 5000th hit mark! ~ to thank everyone for their interest and support in ~ * Performance Tuning and Services *, especially CA3LE, tdawnaz, and cholla. I remember,back in the day (when I went from Comcast HS to Dial-Up), petitioning TMN for a Dial-Up Forum section and trying to figure out why I had "the fastest Dial-Up speeds on the net", which eventually ~ lead me to gather up all the "tweaks" I've used, thinkin' it might help others (and maybe, justify my speeds ~ lol). I've recently created a new site w/ Google's Page Creator called ~ Link & Park & Ride ~ w/my ~ XP Performance Tuning Guide ~ which I would also like to credit TMN with it's inspiration (what else would I've done w/GPC? ~ without having something to share ~ lol). . . .anyway, THANKS again ~ everyone ~ and happy tweaking <img src="http://imagehouze.com/uploader/files/126/applause.gif" alt="applause.gif" /> edit: typo...
  20. netmasta ~ nice case, but you do need to lock tie those wires for better air flow. [how many fans?] . . .now, that your a PC builder ~ when do you think you'll be upgrading that FX 5600 vid card?
  21. I agree VanBuren, Tcp Optimizer could be the choice of those just starting to tweak their settings, but CableNut Adjuster is by far the best and most full feature settings adjuster and optimizer around. . . .of course, you'll want to check out my XP Performance Tuning Guide to see what you can 'really' do to speed things up.
  22. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 8524 Kbps about 8.5 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB) Download Speed is:: 1041 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (main) Test Time:: 2006/03/17 - 9:34pm Bottom Line:: 152X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 0.98 sec Tested from a 5983 kB file and took 5.75 seconds to complete Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1) Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 270.77 % faster than the average for host (qwest.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-FAKDJ1ULB
  23. . . .I'm not so sure how it works? ~ Confidential? ~ . . .but BSA is offering these kinds of rewards for pirated software narc-kos!! [look, if you do make some money doing this, remember me ~ and the rest of us here and invite us to your cash-in pocket/sold out party ~ lol]
  24. LOL ~ Hissy Fit is still screaming!!! vas ist das!! [i'm glad I've never reached that un-controlled phase ~ I usually laugh my @ss off alot while I'm playing online!]
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