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  1. Great work Rom-Dos ... although one of these tweaks do not work and are a myth... which is the (EnableSuperfetch) to load programs 15% faster,etc. I got this from another site. EnableSuperfetch Tweak Myth - "Enabling this improves performance in Windows XP as it does in Windows Vista." Reality - "This myth was started when the Inquirer irresponsibly ran a bogus letter without doing any fact checking. Windows internals guru Mark Russinovich said this won't work, the "Superfetch" string isn't even in the Windows XP kernel. You can confirm this yourself by checking with the strings.exe utility. This makes it impossible for it to do anything since no "Superfetch" command exists. Windows cannot execute a nonexistent command and will simply ignore it. Anyone who says this works is not only lying but a fool." - Source Which you can find the page at http://mywebpages.comcast.net/SupportCD/XPMyths.html#Optimization
  2. Hopefully I can contribute to this post XP DiskCleaner XP Disk Cleaner is a powerful tool for cleaning disks from information that clogs your system and reduces the performance of your computer. With the help of this tool you can search and delete temporary files and folders and other applications, search for invalid links to documents that don't exist, uninstall software, disable/enable unused fonts, delete Cookies, and search and remove duplicate files. Windows applications create several files on your hard drive for temporarily storing the data. These files are supposed to be removed when application terminates. Often, they will not been removed because of a program error, sloppy architecture, your system gets reset or does not shut down properly, or another application locks up or crash. It is important to know that any file which is left behind in this manner will remain on your system unless you manually search and remove it. Over time, these junk and obsolete files can accumulate to sucks of wasted hard drive space, as well as turn into potential error-producing cross-linked drive references. XP Disk Cleaner targets these specific types of files which are missed by common disk utilities like Uninstaller, Defrag and Scandisk etc. You can also use this tool to work with your documents: to find and delete old back-up files and duplicates based on different criteria. The program has a friendly user-interface and is easy to use. The disk cleaning process can be launched automatically using the command-line, reducing your participation to save you time. Why to cleaner your Disk? There are several reasons to clean your system disks. Here are the most important ones. It increases performance of your computer due to decreasing of the used disk space and the paging file, and cutting time for data search, since there is less data to search through. And, of course, cleanness is the key to health not only for humans, but for any system. Another important reason to clean your computer is to secure your information from intruders. When working with the internet, the browser records all sorts of personal information such as name, birthday, address, credit card numbers, and much more. This information is used to automatize working with certain websites and is updated in the course of dealing with those websites. http://www.xp-tools.com/xpdiskcleaner/download.htm
  3. As I mentioned the 2992 meg is to short to get a real accurate speed on a fast connection, because it finishs the test before you hit full throttle on your connection.
  4. I might of found something that may reslove your problem HDD Regenerator 1.51 This will regenerate your hard drive finding all the bad sectors and making them good again. Give your PC a service and have it running like new.
  5. I have a 3meg down/800k up connection, and through a router.. which I can't seem to change the MTU which is 1452, that means an MSS is 1412. Thanks in advance.
  6. Ok here is something that is weird, if I look at my router settings,under the Ethernet status, it says ports 1 & 2 ,which is both of my computers is saying I'm at 100M/Full duplex and both 1500MTU ... so why is it when I go to SpeedGuide.net it says MTU = 1452 MTU is not fully optimized for broadband. Consider increasing your MTU to 1500 for better throughput. If you are using a router, it could be limiting your MTU regardless of Registry settings. MSS = 1412 MSS is not optimized for broadband. Consider increasing your MTU value. Default TCP Receive Window (RWIN) = 513920 RWIN Scaling (RFC1323) = 3 bits (scale factor of 6) Unscaled TCP Receive Window = 64240 For optimum performance, consider changing RWIN to a multiple of MSS. Other values for RWIN that might work well with your current MTU/MSS: 519616 (MSS x 46 * scale factor of 259808 (MSS x 46 * scale factor of 4) 129904 (MSS x 46 * scale factor of 2) 64952 (MSS x 46) bandwidth * delay product (Note this is not a speed test): Your TCP Window limits you to: 20556.8 kbps (2569.6 KBytes/s) @ 200ms Your TCP Window limits you to: 8222.72 kbps (1027.84 KBytes/s) @ 500ms MTU Discovery (RFC1191) = ON Time to live left = 53 hops TTL value is ok. Timestamps (RFC1323) = OFF Selective Acknowledgements (RFC2018) = ON IP type of service field (RFC1349) = 00000000 (0)
  7. Awhile back I had Bell Sympatico high speed....and I got a Speedstream 6520 modem/router combo in one from Bell.... I canceled My service with them about 3 months ago because I found a cheaper provider for the same speed download and more speed upload. But if I go to configure the router of course entering 192.168.#.# , it comes up with the Bell screen and how to set it up.... I have no problem with that.... but nowhere in the settings or advanced settings can I change the MTU from it's dang 1452 to 1492 which it should be for PPPOE. Anyone have an idea on what I can do or where to change it? Thanks
  8. well I can't suggest to much except using Ccleaner and Regcleaner ... and a good defrag. I have tried some of those programs claiming faster speed and blah blah blah, but none of them really work except take resourses and extra time to boot up your comp.
  9. what else can I suggest .... try unconnecting your main drive and replace it with the drive your trying to get DMA to work on and see what the bios reads. It could also be a defective cable where only one of the connectors is working right and the ohter connected might be screwed up.
  10. Hmmm i found this http://sniptools.com/tipstricks/getting-back-to-dma-mode-in-windows-xp if i find anything else I'll post it here.
  11. Do you have 2 different OS'es like Win XP on one drive and Linux on the other?"
  12. I'm gonna try and explain this properly and hopefully my wording is clear enough. Ex: IDE cable 1) Master (Hard Drive ATA100) and a slave drive (CD Burner ATA33) .... the bios will use the lowest setting on that cable ... which would be ATA33 .... which means Your hard drive runs at ATA33 Now if You did this IDE cable 1)Master (Hard Drive ATA100) and slave drive (your 2nd hard drive ATA100) ,then both would run at ATA100 . I hope you understand what I mean... if not I know I can find a website on it. So my suggestion is to find the jumper settings for your 2nd hard drive and set it to slave and hook it to the same ide cable as your main drive.
  13. yeah Sygate is a great firewall, problem is there are no more updates for it. So I'm using Outpost firewall suggested from VanBuren
  14. I use a program that I get from this website http://www.no-ip.com/ , you have to sign up for account... but that is what you are searching for.
  15. Yeah, I should of wrote back and said problem was solved... thanks though
  16. Maybe this will help people help me .... I have cmpnents (folder) I386 (folder) Boot.bin Boot.Catalog Win51P.file Win51ip.sp2 Thats what I got .... so how do I make this to a bootable ISO file ... I'm using MagicISO.
  17. Arghhhhh, I give up.... I tried doing it, the CD boots but all I get is a black screen... meaning I guess there is no image but it's bootable. Why does this have to be so damn complicated... all I have is 2 folders and 5 files to burn as an image iso that is bootable...why is it so hard to figure out.
  18. Yes it does have a burn feature, problem is I burned it... but the disk didn't work...so I don't know how to make it bootable... trying to make a copy of my Win XP disc.
  19. Couldn't tell you, I just downloaded the shareware version today.... but will Nero burning Rom work, cause I have a friend who can send it to Me.
  20. Damn thing only came with Nero Express ... it's a brand new CD-RW LG 52x32x52 drive.
  21. No you have to partition it and format it... but I see a Mod is helping you out on how to partition and format.
  22. I might be wrong but don't you have to partition the hard drive first and then format it...... although they say the hard drive is formated, but not partitioned.
  23. Hmmm did you try going into DOS and see if you can access the drive that way? it might also depend on the disk format... could be old drive NTFS and new drive FAT 32, it won't recoginize it. But if your new drive is NTFS and the old drive FAT 32, it should notice it. But I'm not a computer gurru, so it may be something else. Just thought I'd give you some info.
  24. Hey all I had to make an ISO ... I used MagicISO to create it.... but when I went to go burn it using Nero Express... it tells Me (Foreign Image File) "The entered block size does not correspond to the image length.Do you want to correct the value or ignore the problem" .... if I choose correct the value and try diffrent setting it still gives me this message. Can anyone help a newbie to ISO burning out please.
  25. Well I can't help you there, cause I use neither of those programs ,I use Sharaza myself. But I know quite a few people on here use the programs you mentioned.
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