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  1. wow that is the coolest thing, this makes me want to look into this Reshacker
  2. i would be cool with it using air time, i just dont want random charges coming up on the bill at the end of the month
  3. i wonder if i works with verizon
  4. sounds to good to be true, but if it is free then that is awesome
  5. i would have liked the cavaliers to get to the finals but that didn't happen. i don't want to see the mavs or pistons win so either the heat or suns but i like the heat more than the suns.
  6. i think hooking up your modem through a ethernet cord would be best, i never used usb but i hear ethernet is much better.
  7. i use motherboard monitor and it is pretty good. gives various temperatures and voltages and fan speeds.
  8. yea the 700 is better and i wish i had waited about 2 weeks to get my new phone and i would have gotten the 700 but it wasnt out when i got my new phone and i was in need of a phone.
  9. yea that is the right stuff or what i use at least. since you have a warranty i would give them a call and see what they will do. you could upgarde your heatsink if you want i would reccomend a thermalright xp-90 or 120 or one by zalman. if you were to get a thermalright then you would attach a fan of according size.
  10. looks pretty cool, i like my treo 650 and with my 2GB sd card i have plenty of music or random stuff.
  11. for 12000 you could find a mustang or camaro and put some money into it, and it would be plenty fast.
  12. i would just look for a 5.0 like dlewis said. you could probably find one for real cheap and there are alot of aftermarket parts for them too. thats what i am looking for right now
  13. i dont think verizon uses sim cards either
  14. i also live in ct and the school system here was so messed up, with numbers of days that you have to go etc. im just glad im in college now.
  15. yea been out for 3 weeks but now its just work monday - friday.
  16. i many not be a expert on bikes but i do know that buells are good bikes just because all the things ive heard from my dads friend, who is a buell service tech. maybe thats why my dad wants me to get a buell so bad.
  17. yea when i built my computer the wiring was unorganized, but once it worked my obsessive-compulsive set in i had to redo it so it looked better.
  18. i would take pictures of my computer but i don't have a digital camera and the one on my cell phone is pretty crappy
  19. that is a nice heatsink, i was going to get that or the xp-120 but i ended up with the 120.
  20. if you are going to overclock i would go with a DFI board. i have haven't overclocked my computer yet but i got a DFI because i heard thats what they are great at. as for the processor depends if you want dual core or not but socket 939 like richcornucopia said would be good.
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