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  1. my system specs: DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR (6/23/05) AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 2.7GHz (246*11 @ 1.35V) 25-29C Idle, 36-38C Full Load OCZ Gold Edition 2*1GB DDR492 (3-4-3- Western Digital Caviar SE16 250GB NEC 16X DVD
  2. yep but that will be the price we pay for those kind of temps
  3. yea thermal compound really helps (AS5), my computer idles between 25-29c and around 36-38c full load. but when the cryo-z comes out there will be some very nice temps
  4. very nice ca3le, im currently looking into the v-1 from thermalright for my video card.
  5. hopefully opteron prices will decrease too, would be nice to get a 148 or 165 but only had my 3700+ for a little month and have liked it ever since i got it.
  6. where can i go to see where they plan fios will be available?
  7. i dont know of the specific name but i just call it the aim virus. what happens is a buddy of yours will send you a link saying check out these pics or something like that. when you click the link you get the virus then it sends the same link to all your buddies and is a vicious cycle. happened to me once but i quickly got the fix for it.
  8. so i can burn all my files as a data dvd, then turn that dvd into a iso?
  9. well i have about 4.5GB that i would like to turn into a ISO so the trial wont work but if winiso will do what i need then i will buy it. the folder with the files is on my desktop so do i need to do something special that will allow me to select the whole folder?
  10. i have a folder that that i would like to turn into a ISO. the folder contains another 3 folders, each containing some files, and then some other files. is there a way to do this or am i out of luck?
  11. ya that would be kinda odd, never even heard or a forum like that.
  12. dont really remember the message, but there is a dlm file on my desktop that is 4.01GB so maybe it did finish, not sure though. if decide to download again and the message comes up ill post a screen shot, the servers are busy again so i guess ill have to try later.
  13. when my download finishes it says it cant be finished. im trying to save to my desktop whats wrong with that?
  14. i like to play basketball, baseball, football, riding dirt bikes, dirt jumping on my bike, swimming now that its warming up. just got into building computers and wanna go rock climbing. try to stay outta trouble but it usually catches up with you.
  15. im still waiting for arctic cooling to make the nv silencer for my video card
  16. jeez i left vista to download while i went out and while i was gone they disconnected and now the servers are too busy again
  17. i wonder if i should get the 64-bit version or not
  18. if anyone finds a link that will offer me a good download speed, please post it. the couple that ive tried eventually slow down to like 25K/Bs.
  19. when i got my new phone my verizon store transfered all my contacts for me. i would go to your providers store and see if it can do for you.
  20. yea you are looking pretty good
  21. my monitor limits me to 1280x1024 but eventually maybe ill get a monitor that will use my video card cabability of 2560x1600
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