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  1. Yes this is true, I got the 20down/5up package from VerizoN. Here is the thing that is weird I requested the Business Dynamic Package from them. It has all major ports blocked. For me I'm confused because its the exact same thing as the residential dynamic package. The thing is the residential is cheaper. You would think the business dynamic package would have open ports. Kinda odd if you ask me. Not sure but maybe they guarantee the speeds more with a business class line? Anyone know?
  2. Glad to see it helped a little. Any increase is a good increase. If anyone else needs the CableNut tweak, look up!! You'll find it in an earlier post.
  3. Nice, glad to see you are going to give it a try. Like I said, it helped my connection speed a lot. Used http://speakeasy.net/speedtest/ for my testing methods (NY Server). Be sure to post your results. Would love to see the increase.
  4. Well I have to say I second that : Last Result: Download Speed: 23595 kbps (2949.4 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 4942 kbps (617.8 KB/sec transfer rate) If you are using CableNut to tweak your internet connection use this Verizon-FiOS-Tweak.ccs file that I have attached below. This thing increased my speeds tremendously. As you can see from the results above. Excellent speeds. Regards, VyraX
  5. Has anyone installed a LinkSYS WRT54G Wireless Router with a Verizon FiOS Fiber-Optic Internet Connection? Just curious to see if you had better results than what I originally had experienced.(see above) Mine does have the non-linksys firmware made by dd-wrt, wondering if that might be what is doing it. Can't see why it would slow down the router itself. Any thoughts? The thing is, I should be able to get the same results between both routers. The one the verizon people gave me and the aftermarket WRT54G. Can not see why I would see such drastic differences in the connection's speed. Anyone with any info please post. Regards, VyraCOM!
  6. Was on the phone with Verizon Tech-Support yesterday and they were extremely helpful in setting up some odds and ends that I needed for the business Fiber Optic FiOS Internet Connection. Will have to call them again s00n to ask for the 5 Static IP Upgrade regarding my connection. Give them a call - they are more than willing to help you in your inquiry. Regards, VyraX
  7. Found this one thought you might want to take a look at it Netlimiter Regards, sirHOAX-aLOT :aka: VyraX
  8. Photos of the Install and some of my Network : Thought people might want to see..
  9. Well there is a noticeable speed difference between using the WRT54G and the ActionTEC MI424WR Router. With the WRT54G I wasn't getting close to the speeds I get using the hardware Verizon FiOS gives you. Oh well, maybe in the near future they will have higher speed WRT version that LinkSYS will release designed more for fiber optic connections to the internet. Will have to see what hooking a PC directly to the DROP running Slackware set-up for NAT can do. Probably good results if not better. Anyone running a PC with *nix as their firewall hooked directly to FiOS? Be sure to reply, would love to hear your results. Last Result w/ActionTEC Hooked Up: Download Speed: 20508 Kbps (2563.5 kB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 4760 kbps (595 KB/sec transfer rate) Regards, sirHOAX
  10. Just switched over my ActionTEC MI424WR Router that I got with my Verizon FiOS Install to a WRT54G ver2. Right off the start it wouldn't automatically take the DHCP Request off the Verizon Equipment, but once I cloned the MAC Information of the ActionTEC it worked like a charm. Grabbed the DHCP instantly. The ActionTEC footprint is way to large for my taste. Last Result: Download Speed: 9948 kbps (1243.5 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 3314 kbps (414.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Regards, SirHOAX
  11. Better not Brick your WRT54G .. Loading the firmware can kill your LinkSYS WRT54G
  12. Yo BLUNTED sent you a PM ... Regards, .. -SirHOAXaLiTTLE..
  13. .. I VOTED FOR "Turd Sandwich" Have to watch SouthPark to know what I am referring to.. From this EPISODE .. BAHAHAHA... :haha: Sorry had to do it, breaks up the monotony.. Regardless - DIDN'T VOTE AT ALL ..
  14. So we are in IRAQ for Freedom of Liberty? Nothing has changed since 9/11 where is this change? Gas prices went up, the price of milk went up? Increase in Salary? Tell me what really happened? NYC, Washington DC, Seattle - - These are the places that have to worry about Terror.. Not mid-westerners, reality check people.. I'm confused, so our soldiers getting killed is so I can live free and buy a big mac with cheese?? Also your average CRIMINAL can not compare to the death of a SOLDIER.. Get Real.. These young guys would right now be concerned about getting LAID, but instead they are worried about loosing their life.. Watching friends DIE, for what? For me? Ha!! BS... This is the 3rd, maybe 4th time we are in IRAQ.. What is this a game for Presidents to play with peoples lives? Someone needs to wake up the leaders of this country with more than a letter.. Here is the sad truth.. LINK This isn't a average HOMICIDE in Washington, DC.. Sorry folks..
  15. That is this years price, next year it should start to fall.. Guess half the price would be affordable enough.. I've always been interested in having a work-station for VIDEO EDITING, but never wanted to go the Mac route. There is something that makes me itch when I think proprietary. Well this years price, sure as hell won't be next years price. This will be interesting to see this happen for average users with PC-Gaming, and PC-Video-Editing. Anyone thinking what I am thinking? Dual Chips both Quad-Core on Motherboard? ::drewl:: Can't wait.. Regards, - - VyraX - -
  16. PREORDER Soft ETA: 11 / 24 / 2006 Only about two weeks Don't have the MONEY.. AHHH! FIRST PREORDER POST I THINK LINK Same for $1300 at clubit link only other store I have found. This one doesn't say pre-order, but it probably is.. Not SPAM, Don't work for these places nor do I promote them.. Just figured people should know they are being released to the public! What do you guys think? How will this change the computing on the PC we know today? I'm sure this will make for killer VIDEO Editing Machines.. !! Regards, - - VyraX - -
  17. Must be off topic again.. [me=VyraX]looks around ...[/me] [me=VyraX]hides..[/me]
  18. Works wonders for everyone else.. Have old pentium-2 laptops that can't even function playing DiVX with any other player, especially Microshaft's version of Media Player.. VLC plays the movie fine.. Go figure.. Regardless, Media Player has been a security nightmare from the day they released it.. Never had a problem with any system I installed VLC Player on.. :haha: Check this out...
  19. If you love the Media Player so much they even have the skin!! http://www.videolan.org/vlc/skins.php
  20. I'm sorry - but VLC Media Player is by far the best... Currently I deleted my Windows Media Player because its a buggy gateway, that at one point would let people inject executable code into the videos.. So for that I never used it again.. If anyone is looking for the best in lite-weight, media player go with VLC! It will work on old p2 systems, try that with a current windows media player.. It won't work.. The only thing about it, maybe its something in the config, but it has to take in the entire video in order for it to play on the web-browser. Either way, its great it maximizes the video to the entire firefox window!! http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ <-- The Best! Hands Down.. Regards, VyraX...
  21. Appears the themes are missing, that must be the problem .. Or its somehow just on my end.. ?? Dunno .. Forum is intact, just the themes that are missing...
  22. I run faster than half your upload speeds!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!! Something just happen to the forum?? My layout looks odd..
  23. Found some YouTube Recorders, but you need to run them on a Linux platform.. Well if you don't have a Linux box maybe this is the time to get one.. http://freshmeat.net/search/?q=youtube&section=projects&Go.x=0&Go.y=0 .. Also if you are in need of downloading specifically off of winDOZE' XP.. Have another method if you TRUELY need to get videos from any source.. Just get SCREEN RECORDER GOLD.. It will let you capture a REGION or SECTION of the screen.. With this you can open your FireFox and goto the site with the Video playing and let the video preload in the player, pause it. Then when you select the region of the screen, which would be the video box on the webpage.. Just hit record.. It works, just have to have it perfectly around the video box.. If its off a little it gives you problems.. Use this to grab apple's videos off their website for movie trailers. Works well. Hope this gives you more insight.. Regards, - - VyraX - -
  24. You can certainly try to listen to digital, but chances are you won't hear anything its all modulated. Compressed, binary ones and zeros.. Can't hear anything with a scanner, analog went out the window with these new cellphones networks. So opening up your 800MHz band isn't a big thing anymore. Unless you live in an area which still has analog, and lots of it.. ?? Possibly.. Around here if I scan the 800MHz-900MHz band, don't hear anything. Regards, - - VyraX - -
  25. Its not illegal? Police Scanners are sold in Radio-Shack. Or should I say Rat-Shack.. You can buy one and set it up at home. It is ILLEGAL to have a Police Scanner in your Car.. Check the listings for Police Scanners being Streamed.. Regards, - - VyraX - -
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