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  1. i have windows98SE so its probably different for XP users.. just go to ur HELP and type File Types and itll show u where they are.. and if u wanna find a dll .. which theres tons on ur computer just search for one using the Find Files and Folders feature on ur Start Menu
  2. there isnt gonna be a "reset" button, you have to scroll through all the extensions and find .dll if your looking to change it manually from File Types. a sample location of a DLL would be C:Program FilesInternet Explorerie4.dll .... any dll will work
  3. by opening 1 dll file with a random program it will change all of your dll files to open with that program. ya just pick any random one, and if it still works just go to the File Types Tab and change it manually until u get errors lol
  4. dll or dynamic link library is like a cluster of little programs that work together with big programs to help communicate with your computers drivers so u can access devices on ur comp. so if they dont work .. you cant open most programs. To do what i have suggested .. go into My Computer .. look for a .dll file extention. Then just double click the file... it will Open With.. and you select a program from the box then like i said above to fix it just reset your dll extention to not using any program to open with by going to My Computer>View>Folder Options>File Types
  5. i got a good plan, you could open a .dll and set it to open with a random program because majority of programs require dlls when executed, so you can say OMG all my programs wont open i keep getting errors! all you need to do to fix it is go to My Computer>View>Folder Options>File Types then reset ur .dll extention to none.. and itll work again
  6. if you want to get a new custom gaming rig but not build it yourself, then try one of these sites.. http://buyxg.com http://cyberpowerpc.com http://ibuypower.com buyxg is probably the cheapest.. im getting ready to order a computer for about 1160$ and its gonna be sick amd 3800+ x2 Gigabyte pro sli mobo Antec TP-II 550w psu 7600 GT pcie video card X-Navigator Case 1gb corsair ram 200 gig sata hdd Dvdr/rw + combo drive Another combo drive + keyboard speakers mouse etc each site offers configurators to build your own PC, whether it being AMD based or Intel based.. and the prices can be quite low as a good gaming pc can be bought for under 700$ there.
  7. You first open your computer, locate your open PCI slots.. like coknut said there white. You put the card in facing the open bays on the back of your computer. You can then plug your ethernet cable from your router into the network card. heres what a network card looks like.. notice the size of the port.. its ethernet, looks like a phone line except bigger.
  8. like myself and others said above if you want your main computer plugged into the router WIRED, not having an ethernet port is not a problem. All that is required is going to a local store and purchasing a standard Network Interface Card or NIC.. you plug it into a PCI slot in your computer, im sure you have at least 2 free. From the looks of ur error msg i think upgrading to a higher USB would fix it, but i could be wrong.. the for sure way would be to be connected by ethernet.. just buy a NIC and itll work out fine
  9. not having a network card shouldnt make you get a wireless router, you can just buy a network card and install it for cheap and use the wireless for other comps that are not in the same room as the router
  10. ya theres gotta be a conflict in size from what im trying to load onto the drive from the boot disk and the hard drive itself. My current options are.. order a windows98SE OS cd from my cousins school.. or obtain it some other magical way ^^.. im open to pms lol
  11. damn u guys see those graphics .. top notch lol MC Disk Protector in this HOUSE! :haha: :haha:
  12. ya so now the next step is to obtain an OS cd and install it, i originally thought that the boot disk would install the main parts of the OS too and copy the files from the hard drive that were needed .. i guess i learned a valuable piece of information there =/
  13. just a quick question um.. ive been using the DM utility from the floppy i made and it tells me after it creates the partition to install my OS.. to install the OS from the OS boot disk.. im suppose to type format C: on the ramdrive correct?
  14. after using the samsung utility, i went to fdisk and it says the partition it created is Type PRI DOS Volume Label DSK1_VOL1 System FAT32 i went to set active partition and it says the only startable partition on Drive 1 is already active. how do i use the Large disk option? EDIT: i tried using the samsung utility again and selected Windows 98SE as my OS.. it created the partition and then asked me to put in my 98SE boot disk .. which i did.. it copied some files and it booted up into C: but the dir only showed a few files.. so i rebooted from A: and tried to format C again from the ramdrive.. which yielded the same results as before .. stack error =/ ive decided i want to only use 98SE .. there really isnt nothing ME can offer that 98SE can and it requires less.
  15. your hitting the back button and utlizing your browsers cache.. if you want to retest click the retest link or close your browser and open it again. if ur not hitting ur back button, then try clearing ur cache and retest
  16. ya you should never use a p2p to download any software at all, just use it for music and possibly videos.. if u really need software use bittorent, all the major torrent sites have comment lists and its 100% safer than any p2p client
  17. limewire works great, never had a problem with it.
  18. sry that couldnt help, have u tried making your own personalized css? try using this site http://www.j79zlr.com/cablenutME98.php how does the download test look when its going.. is the bar smooth or stagnant? does it ever hang up for a few seconds in the middle of the test? i would ask you to do a trace route but im not really an expert, although it wouldnt hurt to post it in here for the experts to diagnos your problem further. Start>run>type command to get the to cprompt and type tracert testmy.net copy and paste the results here. The first time i came here i had a problem with my connection and i found out it was actually a physical wire problem. The coaxil wire i was using was damaged and after hooking up a new one to the modem it worked like a charm.
  19. i have windows98SE and without cablenut i normally get bad speeds after a format. i cablenut lol im on a 7/512 package from RR and i get about 8mb ^^ but its wierd cause im using a win5000+ cablenut setting, have you tried using settings below or above your advertised speeds? because ive tried to make my own and i tested pretty bad try downloading the settings below and hopefully you'll see some improvment
  20. ok i downloaded the samsung utility and i booted it up, i went to setup existing hard drive and it asked me like 4 times if i wanted to erase the data and i said yes.. then it said ..creating new partition and formating drive. after it finished it told me to exit and install my OS by using the boot disk. Is there anything else im suppose to do or just proceed with the same method of going to the ramdrive and typing format C: EDIT: ive tried to format it and at 84% it gave me the stack error. Could the memory be so bad that it cant support ME? and should i try using the samsung utility again and formatting it with 98SE?
  21. im sure the passwords wont have anything to do with it because when i first got the computer before i got the worm on it, i was able to delete my friends login and password and put in my own and it didnt ask for any adminstrator password to do it. I went into fdisk and deleted the primary partition and then set a new one. booted from A: .. went to ramdrive and formated C and it seemed to be going well.. it checked drive integrity to 100% and then said formating .. and BOOM again internal stack error. i dont have a windows cd, just my dell 98SE but it only works with the dell computer. Im thinking this is where i should call it quits and finally either throw out the hdd .. or possibly light it on fire in an act of rage.. and then just buy a cheap hdd that i know can be formated and can install an OS on. unless theres something else i can do i guess its over lol.. as i cant boot to C: anymore cause i cant format the drive..
  22. wow it won at 404$.. and the case is pretty nice too... not too mention all the software it was bundled with.. sry you couldnt jump on it, ive been waiting 3 years to get my new computer hopefully ill get it by the end of the month .. =/
  23. LMFAO!!!!!! omg, this kid is hilarious. im pretty sure its from unreal.. i heard him say "unreal" twice in whatever language hes using. but wat made it so funny was he started yelling at his junk on his desk after he threw it off and then it sounded like he tried reasoning with it.. i mean i get angry sometimes when i lose or something doesnt work right but, good god that kid needs a straight punch in the face lol .. or at least some counceling
  24. lol thx shug ive had this for quite a while now .. and i get complimented quite alot. .. so whats the status on the pc, did u purchase it yet Arctic?
  25. ya this is real, ive seen a later demonstration on steve harvey's big time. He takes 5 quarters with dates going up in 1 year intergers and he stacks them .. and you can listen to the quarters tap against each other in his stomach and he can pick a year and it comes out. he also did a bunch of the other tricks in this video in the demonstration.. i forget if he explains how he does it, my guess is some time of abnormality that gives him the ability.. like the asian guy who wins all the eating contests.. he has a special condition where his stomach is lower than everyone elses so it can expand further upwards.
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