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  1. ya schools generally have this command blocked, and i seriously advise you or your friends to not do it. If you send a msg .. its basicly saying Here i Am im using netsend .. come give me a referall and take away my computer access and if you dont know how to use it properly and you accidently send the netsend to your networks whole domain .. that could be a problem lol.. ive seen it all to often in my old school.
  2. i thought the lego mod was pretty ingenious. He shoulda added more legos to it.. maybe build a castle on top lol.
  3. ya dude u dont need a new comp.. trust me i know ive been playing cs for over 3 years and i have a .. Pentium 3 1.1ghz celeron 320mb sdram pc100 .. gforce fx-5200 4x agp and i use windows 98 SE .. i get 100 fps in counter strike and im able to get 10-15 fps in counter strike source. i forgot but.. do u have an agp slot? look inside your computer PCI are White .. you should have 2-4 of them AGP is brown and will be a little shorter and will be the first slot above the PCI.. if you have AGP i suggest this card.. 60$ but worth every penny. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814145076 if you have PCI .. then get this .. it gets the job done also http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814133134 for rates i use fps_max 101 rate 25000 cl_updaterate 101 cl_cmdrate 101 i can have like 5+ smoke nades around me without dropping under 60fps if you want to play newer games.. dont waste money upgrading this comp .. just save to buy a new one .. ya i know parents can be a pain sometimes.. take it from me especially, ive loaned my parents over 1k$ for bills and moving.. and i never got any of it back .. i guess i get it back in the shelter and food they provide.. so much for christmas graduation and birthday presents.. ne way .. try to get one of those video cards for ur comp and you should be set.. even with only 384 ram and a 1ghz cpu
  4. yep totally computer related.. Insert "Cable" into "Port" Transmit Data....
  5. What was the other guy doing under the desk .. hopefully he was just checking to see if the computer was plugged in properly
  6. Wow that looks amazing. Futuristic if you will. I wonder how sensitive it is, if it picks up shadows by accident and what if u wanted to rest ur fingers on the keyboard? i do that alot when im typing
  7. you dont have to buy a leadtek or a sapphire, although they are very good brands. Try to get the best deal you can for your money while choosing from either of these GPU's 6600GT or the ATI equivalent x1600 PRO, both of them are the best card for 110-140$ You can choose from any Major brand card manufacturer.. here are some that are well known and trusted Nvidia: BFG, eVGA, XFX, PNY, LeadTek ATI: i dont know much about the ati manufacturers but Sapphire and PowerColor are among the best. If you want my personal opinion, i would try to save my money and spend 200$ on a 6800GS by BFG, it is 10x better than the 6600GT and has the potential to be unlocked to 16/6 while having fantastic OC capabilities if not already factory overclocked.
  8. Leadtek and sapphire are companys that produce the cards for Nvidia and ATI.. NVIDIA and ATI make the cards Graphic Processing Unit or GPU .. its like saying they make the cpu and Sapphire makes the motherboard. I can assure you sapphire is one of hte leading manufacturers of ATI cards and Leadtek is a well known brand. If you wish to try alternatives there are XFX, PNY, chaintech.. they all make good products. I chose the Leadtek off of newegg because it got the highest rating out of all the buyers. Between ATI and NVIDIA its really a tossup, i prefer NVIDIA and i have heard ATI has problems with its drivers but they both have there advantages and disadvantages. Needless to say either card you pick from the above will surely give you tons of video power. If you have any other questions lemme know
  9. Assuming you have agp, these are probably the two best choices for your price range. Sapphire x1600 PRO 256mb 119$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102665 Leadtek 6600 GT 128mb 139$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814122206 both of these cards will let u play basicly any game on the market now, except for the newer games at high res and settings. If you plan to play battlefield 2, you can easily play with high settings provided you have 1 gig of ram to handle it.
  10. i always dreamed of taking a computer and connecting to a schools network and then putting the computer above the ceiling tiles and hiding it while i host a server off there upload.
  11. That was some funny stuff, especially the steve ballmer clips and the bit with conan obrien.
  12. FaT_PHiL

    Mp3 Ads

    could u give a little more information? Are you saying you have some mp3s on your media players playlist and you were listening to them. And you seen an add on the news page of the media player and you checked it out. If this is the case, anything you download would be "safe" because its on windows media players news page. And if it was some spyware a simple test would have revealed that. If thats not correct post a little more info on ur situation
  13. good looking setup, i like the LCD display that thing should be sick when u get it up and running. For the 150$ price tag why go so basic with a case though? it only sports 2 exhaust fans and 1 intake. The psu air duct is a plus though. and about ur cpu, its odviously awesome but maybe you should consider an opteron. The 4200+ has both cores on 512 L2 cache at 2.2ghz while the opteron is 1mb a piece. Although the opteron is clocked at 1.8GHz it has incredible overclocking abilities while staying very cool even on stock cooling. You can probably get 2.4 on stock.. i plan on OCing to 2.4 when i order mine using stock HSF. Others have successfully OC'd over 2.7ghz using a better heatsink and fan than stock. You will be using Liquid so all the better. Also, the Denmark core is very similiar to the toledo core the fx-60 runs on, and its 20$ less. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103588 For 40$ more than ur 4200 you can get this clocked at 2.0GHz stock which you can bring up to 2.6 easily while taking advantage of opterons 1mb L2 cache on both cores. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103586 whichever way you go, it should be a fantastic comp. Just be careful with metal objects
  14. ya ive seen a picture of the power supplies connectors and it has 20 pin + 2x 4pins.. do some other mobos require a 8 pin or 2x 4 pin that run off the 5v rail for mobo power? i heard this for gigabyte mobos
  15. ya that tutorial is pretty good, but its kinda old. I wanna find a guide written by a really advanced builder that does all the higher end parts. If not ill rely on the manufacturers manuals. Im sure they'll provide good information
  16. im gonna delete the thread off of my forums, if you still need access to the missile thingy just PM me in here and ill put it back up so you can save it on your school computer.
  17. k gimme like 5 min. and ill edit this post with a link containing the faq from ign EDIT: sry took so long i was trying to find my cds that had my forums graphics on backup, cause all the bandwidth got used up so i gotta rehost heres the missile faq http://s12.invisionfree.com/clantrepidation/index.php?showtopic=2 forums look kinda bad cause of the bandwidth issue =/ Enjoy
  18. ya thank god for the new clips lol, my friend has to practicly jump on the screwdriver when installing a new HS on his 2800+. The case i chose has 3 temp displays, where and how would i put the one for the cpu? does it go on top of the heatsink? cause id imagine the HS has to sit flush on top of the cpu.
  19. your at school playing Metroid prime? how u doing that lol.. um try this link maybe its not blocked http://www.samus.co.uk/mprime2/missiles.shtml if its blocked try http://proxify.net ... enter that site into it and see if it works .. also try this http://www.samus.co.uk/images/mprime2/missiles/missile_01.jpg if that link works .. just put in the numbers as they go along corrosponding to the missile u need.... if u still need a text file containing them ill find one and create a website and paste it on there or .. throw it on my forums lemme know
  20. The PS is the best on the market for under 150$ 520w 12v 33A All 3 rails adjustable, LED indicators to show over/under voltage 1 x Main connector (20+4 pin) 1 x 12V (P4) 6 x peripheral 2 x SATA 1 x Floppy 2 x PCI-E (SLi support) OCZ PowerWhisper Technology OCZ PowerFlex individually adjustable power rails with LED indicators. OCZ ConnectAll universal connector. (ATX, BTX, SATA, P4, and EPS12V) PCI Express x2 ATX12V 2.01 OCZ PowerShield power leads My problem doesnt lie with computer knowledge but having no experience at all. I can buy all the parts and know they are the best but have no idea how to put it together lol. im gonna try to find some tutorials, im sure there are some out there for first time builders.
  21. Is the stock thermal compound that amd gives worth putting on, or should i go with some arctic silver like you said. For 5$ it seems well worth it. Also i keep working myself up probably for nothing as to how im going to build this comp on my own. Because ive never done anything much more than install a video card or some ram. Would all the products come with decent instructions? like how to apply the thermal paste or like .. how should i go about connecting everything to the mobo. What kind of surface to use when putting the cpu and hs on. Another question, the psu i chose says it has a 20 pin power connector with +4 pin.. the mobo says 24 pin. would that work just like an adapter? cause i know somethings gonna go wrong, either a part DOA or i cause something to fry
  22. if im not mistaken that looks like Aspires X-Discovery http://www.xoxide.com/aspire-x-discovery-black.html has a 120mm rear and 80mm side intake fan, with optional 2x 80mm front intakes Nice comp btw, looking foward to building my own, hopefully mine wont explode lol
  23. i leave my current computer on basicly 24/7, would there be any problems if i OC'd to 2.4 and wanted to keep it stable 24/7? .. i would assume i wouldnt go over 50 degrees on stock HSF. I heard for the first week you want to keep it on only for a little bit each day so you dont overheat the thermal compound and make it inefective. .. i dont think ive left my dell off for more than 1 day in over 6 years lol
  24. seems like a pretty solid mobo, except i wanna go sli. I plan to either purchase a second video card or buy my friends 7600gt when he upgrades. Money isnt that much of a concern anymore, just need about 50-75$ extra. 2.9 opteron must be sick, what kinda HS you got on? im thinking about getting a Thermalright XP-120, but thats not for a while. 2.4 on stock cooling should be good for now ^^
  25. FaT_PHiL


    Thats why i suggest someone make a cached speed test sticky so the first post to a topic like this can give the user some tips whether its something hes doing wrong or if he needs to try different mirrors or tests. This would help not only provide fast information to the problemed user but stop threads like this from happening EDIT: I can assure you the testmy community is civilized, just things got a little out of hand. The people here know what there talking about and are always glad to help... this is like the 2nd fight ive seen and ive been here over a year
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