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  1. i have a radeon ati 9600le that the driver for it keeps causing serouis crashes..my screen will freeze..or sometime restart my computer..ive updated drivers for it and still the same thing....not sure if this is your problem...i have been really dissapointed with ATI Tech...just thought i would throw this out there maybe will help...no know fix at this point
  2. 7 out of 10 guess not to bad but i would give any info anyways
  3. i have a radeon ati 9600le 256mb agp internal DAC(400MHz) this card sucks balls threw gardenhoses piece of junk...it cause serious system errors..
  4. just a little below the waist please... screw the hugs
  5. OH GOD now we will have a war on cyber crime..the goverment make billions a year on drugs...court cost, lawyer fees probation fees,jail bonds,and to top everything off. you have to pay them to stay in jail these days.! has anyone noticed? that a town revolves around a court house? the lawyer,judges,police, are the damn crooks.. oh ps..they will never win the war on drugs...!
  6. yeah i would have banged the hot teacher to....i think thats every boys dream to bang older woman...
  7. i use microsoft media player 10....i like the GFORCE visualization...when i get drunk i like to watch the pretty colors lol...you can get it here....http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=39567
  8. happy thanksgiving everyone .....rom you are just to funny
  9. YA YA YA i dont wana here it..id give a kidney to live by the ocean...anyone need a kidney that has a beach house?
  10. well i live in muncie indiana...the most boring place in the world...ive got 2 inches on the ground right now lol and its still snowing...
  11. i live in central indiana and there calling for 1 to 2 inches....! well i just looked out the window and it is snowing lol...gotta get the sled waxed up
  12. thats amazing.... looks like a lighting tech from a rave with to much time and to much extacy
  13. OLE DIRTY BASTARD X X X =love the porn
  14. ok how do i go about making the older one a server? and how do i link them?
  15. i have one maxtor ultra 200 gig...50 gigs takin up music porn and programs...
  16. GEEZUZ...these artist or bands. most of them are already millionaires i wish they would quit there crying!!!! i mean its not like they dont make enough money as it is... i wish i could go pay cash for a house or a car...let them try living on 400dollars a week paycheck to paycheck.... i can just say one word for these people GREED...so rock on p2p
  17. this game is so funny adult theme...enjoy watch out behind you
  18. im a limewire user and i run norton 2005 internet secuity..ive run full system scan and it came up with nothing...any other way to check? i update everyday..is this a new trojan? that the virus protection companys have not put on there updates? just a little worried!
  19. happy day early birthday dude /happy_bday.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':bday:' />:' />
  20. i hope BIG bubba is there cell mate if found guilty...And rams it home with no LUBE
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