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  1. I don't have the lines for it in my area. I sure can't wait until, if ever, I do though.
  2. You talk about graduating kindergarten? I haven't claimed to have cried over anything or that anything here was "sad." Anyway, I'm done with this. You've said what you want to say, I've said what I want to say, and another swaying butt won't help the situation.
  3. Well, I apologize if I made any of you cry... I participated in that Halo 2 thread that started talking about violence lessening over time. Wasn't that off topic and not funny in the least? But no, since other high-ranking members participated, noone felt the need to say anything. I bet you $50 that if it were just me and guig, you guys would've been all over it complaining. Anyway, I've gotten what I have to say out. Sorry guys...
  4. Why are you guys so bothered by it? You started a thread with a question and got it answered. I'm light-hearted about it. Posting on forums doesn't need to be so serious and clean-cut. If topics deviate a bit, who gives a shit? I'm not going to not post something I have to say just to make it appear that I have "graduated kindergarten" as you guys like to call it. I'm a mature person, and whether you guys don't think so from reading a few posts of mine in a forum, I frankly don't care. However, if it really does bother you that much, I'll try and stay on topic and not be below myself. I just don't see why it's such a biggie.
  5. I graduated kindergarten, thank you very much. Give me a little more credit. It's just fun seeing his silly replies.
  6. Is mac daddy my personal rank, or is it just set for making 400 posts?
  7. Care to tell us what happened? So you're out of work now?
  8. Anyway, let's get back on topic. I have no experience with DSL, so I couldn't tell you. However, MICROWAVE seems to know what he's talking about, so I would say yes.
  9. You obviously use it yourself. Why don't you tell me?
  10. I already posted about this exact issue. It was a comparison of the 9800Pro and the 6600GT. Look mainly at the third post I made for benchmarks.. http://www.testmy.net/forumz/viewtopic.php?p=10765 -Cheapest ($190) -Cheapest from Asus ($229) I've used Asus video cards for years now and am a fan of them, so I included their card as well. Both of the above are 6600GT's for PCI-e.
  11. Btw, that's actually my drawing.
  12. Is that you calling Apple? If so, how did you take an accurate transcript of it like that?
  13. Just trying to spread the holiday cheer. Oh no he di-int. (I would've posted it directly, but you might have missed some of it by the time you got down here. )
  14. What name servers would you point a domain name to if you wanted to host one on your own comp.?
  15. Aww, come now. Don't be greedy. It's the time of giving. (and recieving )
  16. Need help? Call This Number, and we'll run... fly to your aid in no time!
  17. How does it not make sense? Someone can be closeminded and not ignorant at the same time. Those address two different characteristics of a person.
  18. Your statements have been thoroughly disproven by simple facts of time issues and lack of knowledge. I'll leave this one alone as well.
  19. I'm just leaving this one alone.
  20. You've dug yourself so far down in a hole in this one for distraction to help. You would need a jet pack... with a lot of fuel.
  21. I saw how you edited out the happy hahnica from "thats good happy hahnica merry christmas." You wished me a merry Christmas so I did the same.
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