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  1. Couldn't hit a truck? They're top snipers in smileyville. I don't know who you saw in the hospital.
  2. Yeah, right where I put you three days ago. Good boy.
  3. Who said anything about giving you backup? I know I sure didn't. You can get mowed down along with that possessed forum block. Me -------------------------------------You Van---------------------------------------------
  4. Crap. I hate reformatting with a passion. All the redownloading and reinstalling... Just thinking about it gives me a headache. Anyway, I'll try and and let you guys know what happens.
  5. Once I make my new computer, will I be able to take the hard drive with Windows on it out of my old pc and put it into my new one without having to reformat? I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm just wondering if you guys know if the new hardware would somehow mess it up or confuse it somehow.
  6. The point is to warn you. The forum block is out to kick your and RTB's ass.
  7. Van, you just broadened my vocabulary. Main Entry: ex
  8. We all know why it has gotten so many replies... (because my PS work is just so l33t)
  9. That would be an interesting poll... *cough*
  10. Well, nothing more can be said about it. Go into the BIOS, disable the integrated video, and install drivers for the card. That's how it's done.
  11. Seems like that forum block is trying to start something there Van.
  12. You guys are just getting greedy. I've been on a 3000/256 package for a while now and am not complaining. I remember back when I had dial-up and when Charter first came to the area. Both connections were bad... just bad. If Charter ever bumped their top package up to 5000/500, .
  13. I'm board, so I guess I'll participate. -My Desktop -A look at the start menu... -IE (I don't use it. I'm just showing how the Windows skin changes it.) -Object Dock (It auto-hides) I like that Windows skin a lot. It's sleek, simple, and you can actually read the text in everything (unlike many skins). There are start menu, task bar, and system tray docklets that I use sometimes in the dock if I don't feel like using the conventional task bar. I can then hide the taskbar and only use the dock. Anyway, that's my desktop.
  14. There's nothing to be sorry for.
  15. LOL. bigw didn't post his advertised speeds. bighawk211 and bigw are two different people. bighawk211 posted his advertised, bigw didn't, and I believe he was asking bigw. If you don't get it now, there's nothing more I can do.
  16. You're still not getting it. That's the advertised speed bighawk211 posted. I believe he was asking bigw. Oooohhh.
  17. I think it's one of those "because I said so" kind of situations.
  18. PS2 controllers are actually pretty durable. I've beaten many games and have gotten pretty mad at some of them (ie, tossing it, torquing it a bit, etc.). The Xbox controllers are hard to break because of their shape. It's basically a circle. Anyway, just as long as you don't grab each side of the PS2 controller and start torquing the living bajeebus out of it or throw it up against a wall as hard as you can, it should last a pretty long time.
  19. I think he was asking bigw Van. Nice speeds.
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