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  1. Noone said any age range they think you might be in. You pretty much just answered it for me by being self-conscious. Where did you come up with that country and racism stuff? That kind of just came out of the blue.
  2. Alright, I'm completely lost now. Nevermind about the age thing. I'm sure I can guess pretty close.
  3. Wow. What's with all these people getting double their caps? lol
  4. Just out of curiosity, how old are you?
  5. I've done no such thing. I've given my opinion on things that I could honestly do so for. Your entire existence on these forums has done nothing to progress it. 12 posts of garbage. Anyway, I'm done with all this babble nonsense.
  6. What's your cap? Your connection is almost twice as fast as mine.
  7. LOL, you should stop while you're behind... really. Btw, your interrogating me for an answer I've told you twice I don't have is helping the thread how exactly?
  8. I already told you... I can't give an opinion on a game I've never played. Much of this thread hasn't even been about Halo (e.g. PS2 controller durability, slurs and people who don't like them, etc.).
  9. That all depends what you mean by my being "into" them. I've made no judgements on the game because I've never played it and have made no farse posts to the best of my knowledge.
  10. eh? Someone can run Windows XP with 128MB of ram if they wanted to. Granted it wouldn't be the fastest experience, but it would definitely run. It should run Windows 98 fine.
  11. Whether something is pointless is purely in the eye of the beholder. You can't be stereotypical in thinking everyone will have the same point of view or opinion as you. I actually enjoy many FPS (First Person Shooters) out there. I mainly play Call of Duty and its expansion as of right now. I might be getting World of Warcraft pretty soon as well.
  12. I can't make an informed answer because I have never played any of the games from the Halo franchise. I'll most likely be getting Halo 2 when it comes out for PC though.
  13. I've upgraded video cards before with no issues. You just uninstall the old drivers, take out the old card, put the new one in, install the new drivers, and you're done. There's no reason you should have to reinstall anything but your drivers if you install a new video card. I really hope the drive swap works. It won't be for about another month. I was just wondering ahead of time.
  14. That still doesn't change that fact. People have opinions and want them heard. There's nothing wrong with that, excluding anything vulgar of course.
  15. Yes, BORED! I made a post earlier and couldn't think of how to spell that word for the life of me. I guess I just has a tremendous brain fart. I ended up spelling it board. Anyway, you know there's a member list, right?
  16. They're posting for the same reason as you. They have an opinion.
  17. Gotta catch'em all, gotta catch'em all!
  18. I've actually never even heard of it.
  19. Some people just have no home training, or decency for that matter.
  20. I'm still going to have your xxx (saved you the trouble Van) if it doesn't work.
  21. What are those things made out of anyway?
  22. 400 doesn't = 56. This needs to be your poll: How do you like it: -Default -Tweaked -Lame?
  23. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking would happen. I'm still going to backup all my important files (porn) before I try it though.
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