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  1. Since he's usinh Yahoo site builder right now, I'm afraid Dreamweaver may be like throwing him in the deep in when he doesn't know how to swim, or even doggy paddle for that matter. Are you looking for a wysiwyg editor or something to edit the actual code?
  2. I don't see why it would slow it down. Yes, just get PartitionMagic and make a new partition. It shouldn't be a big deal.
  3. It's a game, and it should be kept at that. Comparing it to Iraq is just ludacris. Should there be no punching or kicking in movies? I'm sure they do that over in Iraq too. My sympathies go out to our soldiers, but if you have a hard time seperating fact from fiction and keeping it that way, perhaps you shouldn't watch anymore movies or play anymore games. In fact, lock yourself in a box and swallow the key.
  4. LMAO! If that girl had half a brain, she would know she would eventually get hit. Bitch slapped! lol
  5. Nice. MMD3 is my favorite Winamp skin
  6. I just checked. There are jumpers. I bet that's your problem. Make sure the drive connected to the end of your cable has the master jumper configuration and the drive connected half way down the cable has the slave jumper configuration. If the jumpers are set incorrectly, they won't get read right. Whether that would cause your system to stop at the BIOS, I guess we'll see.
  7. If it went on for 5 years, I would've dropped them by now. Is there no DSL service in your area?
  8. I know that. I've installed my share of phpBB. I only ask because the version is still 2.0.6 as it was before.
  9. Haha, he isn't talking about us. He's talking about the people we're downloading the files from. The files are bloated to make a very small file seem large. Many DC++ (P2P network) hubs require you to share a certain amount of GB to get in them. As a result, some people make these fake files to get in. Btw, if I had a gigabyte connection or anything close to these fake file downloads, I would be flaunting it all over the place. I wouldn't care what anyone said.
  10. What was that all about this morning?
  11. Well, I found a few forums with quick reply, but none on phpBB. Anyway, go to phpBBHacks.com and type "quick reply" without the quotes into the search at the top. Though they say they're for versions earlier than 2.0.11, I would still make a phpBB test forum and see how they work. My webhost has the Fantastico script on the server, so I can easily make you one under a subdomain and get you the FTP information if you like. Just PM me the login and pass you want if you decide to do that.
  12. Both of my suggestions are forum related. 1) I noticed you're using phpbb 2.0.6. Have you thought of upgrading to 2.0.11 or something more recent? 2) One of those quick reply mods would be handy. I can get you an example if you don't know what I'm talking about. I don't mind if anyone replies. However, if you're just going to gripe at me for giving a suggestion and start defending CA3LE for whatever reason, please save your energy because I really don't want to hear it.
  13. Getting over your advertised speed is always a good thing. Nice score.
  14. I don't know about system restore because I don't use it. As for the firewall and anti-virus, I use NOD32 and ZoneAlarm Pro. Both aren't free, but you may be able to find each on some P2P network. ZoneAlarm does have a free version of their firewall, but I can't vouch for it. You should also get an anti-trojan while you're at it. Anti-viruses aren't too keen on detecting and removing trojans. I personally use TrojanHunter 4. DiamondCS TDS-3 is also a good anti-trojan, but it is much too complicated for the novice user.
  15. You could try running it faster but at the same frame rate. This would let people see the entire thing without starring at it for a while and would reduce the frames, which in turn would make it smaller. Nice work though. What did you do it with?
  16. Am I missing something here? lol Btw, it probably has something to do with your modem Senic. What that is, I'm not sure.
  17. I appreciate CA3LE for sucking my toes. I think the site pretty much speaks for itself. Great job.
  18. I'm not sure about the status page. It's always worked for me. Is Charter new to your area? They were horrible when they first came here, but everythings alright now. Nice work on the sig btw.
  19. I'm not sure, but didn't you already start a thread on that Blazing?
  20. Are there jumpers on the back of CD-roms? I only remember them being on HDs. Shows you how long it's been since I've installed one.
  21. How is having a faster connection lame again? What's your advertised speed?
  22. Yeah, DC++ is pretty much all I use now. As for the Kazaa thing, there are versions out there such as Kazaa Lite K++ that are completely free of spy/malware.
  23. Welcome to teh forums. Fyi: There's a forum for any ISP you use in which you can post such things.
  24. Welcome to the forums. Fyi: There's a special forum for Comcast users and many other ISPs for such things.
  25. Can anyone explain to me why bringing his MTU down by 8 fixed it?
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