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  1. I don't have a clue on reputible sources for such a topic. Sorry.
  2. If you want to, you can try using the jumpers on the mobo to reset the BIOS. You may have to look in the manual, but there are usually three little pins with a jumper that will only fit over two of them. When you move the jumper from the left two to the right two of the three pins (depending on which side you look at it from of course), your bios will be set to the default values it shipped with. This may allow you to start it up and flash to a new version.
  3. I never name-call. I just used "smartxxx" in my post because I was referring to him calling my posts "smartxxx comments."
  4. You keep saying I make all these "smartxxx" comments. In any thread I've been involved in, I've debated a point, nothing more. I would like to see you quote all these "smartxxx" comments of mine and explain exactly how they're smartxxx. If you feel you need to take the time out to flame at people, you should also feel the need to back it up. All I see is someone living up to their title in the fullest and worse way possible. I too agree that .s1 isn't fit to be a moderator. He's too emotional and immature.
  5. Since when has cussing not been aloud here? Now some of the posts tend to not make complete sense.
  6. If it's all new, I doubt they would be bad already. Since it's freezing at the BIOS, I bet that's what it is. Instead of reverting back to the default, try flashing the most current version on it. Many new motherboards have problems right out of the gate. It sometimes takes up to 2 BIOS releases to get all or most of the bugs out. If that doesn't work, try all those components you think are bad individually in your other computer. If none of them give you any problems, perhaps it's the mobo. Get an RMA and exchange it.
  7. Perhaps you should reread my original post. That pretty much explains any of the "well why mrhahn's and not mine" bs. How is that a xxxxxxxxxx comment? If you can tell me anything about the moderators post that isn't true, I'd be surprised.
  8. I'm afraid so. That seems to be something missing quite a bit these days. *cough*
  9. I'm afraid not. .s1 is the leading authority on diagnosing "Einstein." Sorry.
  10. To me. To Marcin. We need to settle this now. Who's the real Einstein?!
  11. Though you may be the reason I'm bringing this up .s1, it isn't particularly aimed at you. I just feel it needs to be kept in mind by all moderators. A moderator needs to be an individual who makes every decision when moderating in an unbiased and unemotional way. The decisions made need to be best for the forums, not the individual, barring extreme circumstances of course. Things can spiral out of control quickly when emotions mix with power too strongly. That's all.
  12. Let's not get carried away with locking threads now. I understand why my grammatical one was locked. The original post was changed, and it had boiled down to nothing but an arguement. But, I don't really see why that "now upload 3mb vs 579kb test" thread was locked. It was carrying itself along nicely, and it shouldn't be locked just because one or two idiots decide to start name name-calling like a couple of 6-year-olds. Moderators need to step in and control the situation instead of stopping a perfectly good thread.
  13. Using that analogy, it would be "Don't hate the hater, hate the raw sewage spewing from his mouth."
  14. I appreciate the kind words, but most of the frequent posters now have negative feelings towards me. That isn't an environment I want to socialize in. Sorry.
  15. Perhaps you should reread my post. I said IT ISN'T LIKE I JUST SAID so on and so on. I was giving an example so as to show that it is just constructive criticism.
  16. Btw, it's called constructive criticism. You should learn from it, not damn it. It isn't like I just said "risnjrve;asnlgrn, THIS SITE IS SO RETARDED!!!!!!! stupid coffee YOUR SITE SUCKS! *blargh*"
  17. Who said anyone would say that? I know I sure didn't. I guess you guys are taking this the wrong way. I'll just delete it...
  18. I'm not really a guru with ImageReady, but I know it can create animated gifs. Photoshop can't as far as I know. Animated gifs is pretty much all I use IR for.
  19. Wow, you people are actually reading all of what I posted when it completely doesn't effect you. Ok, I misspelled broadband. I just hit the "o" before the "r", big deal. I think CA3LE would've caught it. I also wrote all this at 3am this morning.
  20. Yeah, I'm the same way in certain situations. I just feel being grammatically correct leaves a better impression with whomever you're speaking or writing to.
  21. I wasn't really thinking about the caps. I just made sure I got that 3 in there. But, if that's the only thing you can find wrong in all of that, I'm happy. That better? I actually just made up that grammer police thing. I'm so clever!
  22. "Hey man, I found this KICK ASS site." #1 says "Dude!" #2 says "Sweet!" #1 says "Ahh!" #1 and 2 yell #2 comes here expecting naked nuns and shiny sqishy things, only to find a massive forum. "Bang!" #2's gun says
  23. I'm not saying you're lying. I'm just wondering how you know satellite just absolutely isn't capable of reaching those speeds? Just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  24. Technically, yes, you're right. There is no hard drive out there with an infinite size. All they are saying is that they will accommodate any size or number of files. No file is infinitely big, so that holds true.
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