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  1. I'm only stating the facts. Too bad I don't have an Xbox. I guess I'll just have to wait for the PC version.
  2. Wow, seriously. Just tell them you would rather keep your old modem and send the new one back. I doubt they're going to send someone out to get it if you do. Even if they do, tell them to fuck off.
  3. Mr. Hahn


    AMD is better as far as gaming goes. Many benchmarks are out there to prove it. HERE, it takes Intel's latest Extreme Edition chips to beat out the mid-range AMD Athlon 64 3500. The EE's actually lose to the 3500 in the UT '03 bench. It's the same story on the NEXT PAGE of benchmarks. Here's a couple benches with some later games like Halo and Far Cry: X-bit labs X-bit labs 2 Simply put, if you're building a gaming machine, AMD is the way to go.
  4. Alright there "l337 Sauce", I guess I'm going to have to get Halo 2 just to show you what's up.
  5. No, one doesn't have to pay for SigX. I like both original signatures and SigX equally. Though original ones can look pretty damn good when made by someone who knows what they're doing. I think SigX is a neat idea though.
  6. In some types of forums, avatar and sig changes only show up in new posts. I'm not sure why.
  7. Intel makes the Celeron line of processors. I pay for insurance and half the cable bill and am still able to save up for one. You just have to cut back on recreational spending. I'm getting my new one in less than a month. I can't wait. I'll post the specs and benchmarks once I have it made.
  8. Very cool. I haven't really been using my gmail account. I might start using it now.
  9. Lol, it says you're now listening to "Michael Jackson - Beat It." So you wanna be bad?!
  10. You can't beat that swith a stick for $30. Wish it was that cheap in my area. I have a more expensive package with less than half the upload. That's what happens when a cable company monopolizes a certain area. No competition means one has no other alternative.
  11. That's more like it. Suck my toes while you're at it.
  12. It doesn't matter if we're 1 or 99.9% of the way through the year, it's still 2004. That's like saying 10pm in a 24 hour cycle in the present day is yesterday. If that's true, I'm going to go to bed yesterday and wake up the day after tomorrow. That's quite a bit of sleep. Simpleton indeed.
  13. 2004 was one year ago? I guess I took too many sleeping pills last night... last year. Either that, or I'm just one of those "slower folk" you mentioned.
  14. Very nice indeed. I can't wait until Charter ups their biggest package from 3 to 5 mbits. Actually, I'm satisfied with my download. I just wish they would increase my upload. 256 is just too slow for someone who is a webmaster and hosts game servers sometimes.
  15. What are you talking about? I actually haven't played a Nintendo game since my dog pissed on my 64 a few years ago. I'm pissed? Lol, far from it. It's just a friendly debate. You want the PSP, I want the DS, and we are both explaining our reasons why we think the other is better. It has nothing to do with getting pissed. You obviously don't.
  16. It's called pioneering new technologies. If everyone didn't want change, we wouldn't go anywhere. As for those old Nintendo titles, there are many other games that launch on the day of or even before the DS itself. They just offer those because they are Nintendo, and they like to stay true to their roots for the sake of diehard fans of the company. The DS has a massive launch game title list, and lord knows many more are to come. Keep in mind that it has technologies that no other platform has had and for $40 less at that. I'm sure the PSP will be great. I'm just saying the DS is my pick if I had to get one. Like I said, if I want a MP3 player, I'll buy one.
  17. The security issues with IE have pretty much been eliminated with SP2 as far as I know. But, if you use a good firewall, anti-virus, and anti-trojan, those security issues should be null regardless. I like Firefox's feature set, but it conforms to W3C's web standards when reading web languages. Frankly, most, or at least many websites don't code to those standards yet. Pages can be displayed in a way the coder didn't intend as a result. Sure, Firefox has great features and conforms to the current standards, and that's fine. But, until all websites start conforming to those standards, I'm not using it. The biggest gripes people have about IE is the lack of features and security issues. There are browsers out there based on IE that surpass Firefox in feature sets, and good security programs as I mentioned above as well as SP2 resolve the security complaints.
  18. The page loads are fast, regardless of which browser I use. I like how forgiving the IE core is when reading languages, but IE is just too featureless to me. That's why I use Maxthon. It has tons of features and is based on IE. Maxthon hasn't been out of beta stages long, but it is shaping up quite nicely. It's a great broswer once you get the hang of it. Just don't use it for speed tests.
  19. Do you want to post some scores and prove it?
  20. So you can hook the PSP up to your personal confuser and put media on it? The second screen isn't really a gimmick. Most games require the use of both screens. Sure, some have only maps on one of them, but it isn't like you have to use it. Like in Super Mario 64 on the old Nintendo 64 platform, I got through it just fine without a map. It's just there to be handy. You can't just look at one game on a certain platform and tell what the platform is capable of. You'd be cutting yourself short as far as making an educated decision goes. If I want a MP3 player, I'll by myself one. I'm looking for which one will give me the best gaming experience. As I said, the DS can have any of the gameplay interface that the PSP can, but it has so much more. As you said, to each his own.
  21. Why don't you call tech support and have them see if there are any RF issues?
  22. I think I'm going to get the DS. It is capable of any gameplay that the PSP is capable of, but it also has two screens, one being a touch screen. That's just cool. The DS is also $40 cheaper than the PSP is that $189 pricetag you noted is true. The DS is basically a Nintendo 64 with a touch screen that you can take anywhere. I'm sold. Watch some of the gameplay footages and demonstrations of the DS at Gamespot's DS section. Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.
  23. You're getting what you pay for, smile. As for the tech support, it's that way with almost all ISPs. When Charter first came to my area, connection speed was repulsive, and I was always pinging 999 in online games. I must've called their tech support upwards of 50 times before it was finally fixed, no exaggeration. They sounded so professional and like they knew what they were doing, but they would always tell me my connection was fine and that they had no clue what I was talking about. The times I actually convinced them to send a truck out here, the guy would screw some hand-held thing onto one of my cable jacks, stare at it a second, and tell me the same bs. Everything was fine and they had no clue what I was talking about. It's all smoke and mirrors. They give you the run around until they finally feel like fixing it. You're no special case, believe you me.
  24. I wish Road Runner was available in my area. Their coverage stops at the area code RIGHT next to mine. They have a 6mbit package, which is twice as fast as the one I have now. Wow... just wow.
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