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  1. I have two options for you. I have experience with only one, but I have a friend that uses the other. -Server Seed I've been using Server Seed for over a year now, and I am very pleased. They are the best web host I've ever used. They are based on a very fast backbone, have very redundant security and stability features, and are always on top of any issues that ever may arise. Tyler Lott, the owner, keeps all software up to the latest builds and sends frequent emails regarding anything that may be going on regarding the hosting, whether big or small. They also value costomers who stick with them, so they periodically will reward us in different ways to show appreciation. I got an extra 250MB added onto my web space. I highly recommend anyone to Server Seed. I have been with them for the long haul, and they have completely surpassed my expectations with flying colors. -Oktagone I have no experience with this company, and my friend has only been with them for about a week now. However, they have some of the best deals I've seen. (e.g., 3GB of web space and 140GB of bandwidth for $13.95/month) As I said, I have no experience with them, so I can't vouch for their services in any way. But if you're looking for the best bang for your buck, I guess they are the way to go. I will try to remember to post my friend's experiences once he has been with them for a while. If any of you reading this decide to try Server Seed out, please tell them I recommended you to them. I would really appreciate a free month. Just tell them '[email protected]' sent you.
  2. Then why don't you get it and post a screenshot of it? Some things aren't worth the hassle of trying to find the software and keys for free. I'd just rather pay $10 and get it over with.
  3. I believe he's talking about the Windows theme. You can try ThemeXP on for size. It isn't free, but most good things in life aren't.
  4. If it's 32k, noone will listen. Even 56k sounds like shit. You're better off having 3 slots and 3 listeners than 12 slots and no listeners.
  5. Works fine for me. You could jazz up the page that URL is linked to though. It's kind of plain.
  6. I don't know. I didn't say they would be available. I just regurgitated a list of launch games from Nintendo for you guys.
  7. This may be true, but only to a certain extent. Maxthon releases security fixes in their updates, so it's more than just a shell.
  8. My "give me a link" statement was referring to his Halo 2 comment. I know Halo 1 is out. I'd be a disgrace to the gaming community if I didn't
  9. Lol. Run! Run from the light!
  10. That isn't something to be proud of.
  11. I'm going to be playing Guild Wars instead of WoW. I find it rediculous that someone has to pay a monthly fee just to play the $50 game they bought.
  12. I'm getting Thermaltake's Tsunami case for my new computer. It too has a blue LED fan in the back. Pretty slick.
  13. I'm not buying HL2 until I make my new computer, which won't be too long.
  14. Twelve games actually launched with the DS. The stores either didn't order them all to see how well it would sell, or there's a late shipment. -Asphalt Urban GT -Feel the Magic XY/XX -Madden NFL 2005 -Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits -Ping Pals -Rayman DS -Ridge Racer DS -Spider-Man 2 -Super Mario 64 DS -Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 -The Urbz: Sims in the City
  15. I believe is is the later, but I'm not completely sure. I can look on their website or emai them i I don't find anything.
  16. That applies to all things. Humans aren't perfect, thus the things we make aren't perfect. Firefox is no exception. I'm just referring to the gapping holes that have been plaguing IE for so long. Notice I said "...every KNOWN security flaw."
  17. We're talking about no-cd keys, thus we are talking about Halo for the PC... If it's been released, by all means, give me a link.
  18. This would only be the case if all webmasters knew the ins and outs of how IE worked internally. Most don't. The majority of webmasters will never be top-notch coders who know how to make every aspect of their site conform to the W3C standards. If this is the case, the majority of sites won't display as the author intended in Firefox. Why use it if all you get are altered versions of the true thing? You keep mentioning IE having all these security holes. The #1 reason SP2 took such a damn long time to come out was for that very reason. As far as I know, they addressed every known security flaw. Even if they didn't, a good firewall and anti-virus should suffice quite well. If you're referring to spyware, people are going to get spyware regardless of their browser. It's just a fact. No browser is anywhere close to stopping 100% of spyware from getting on their computer. Whether it be more or less than other browsers is pointless. Those however many that ARE on there are still sending usage statistics to wherever they go.
  19. Or you can just spend $25 and buy a legit copy... cheap asses.
  20. Mr. Hahn


    Well, I haven't had any experience with DNA drivers nor ATI cards. So I really have no way of testing anything. If all else fails, try the Catalyst 4.11 drivers, and see if the problem persists.
  21. All of you diehard Firefox fans on this forum are really cutting yourselves short. Yes, Maxthon is based on IE, but only the web standards. It's only similar to IE in that it uses the same rules when reading web languages. It is based on IE, but it is in essence a completely different browser. As a result, those security issues are void. As for the feature set, Maxthon includes: -Tabbed Browsing -Mouse Gestures -Drag & Drop (for links and images) -Pop-up Blocker (isn't the best, but whatever. neither is Firefox's) -Google Toolbar -and more... Basically, I'm showing you that Maxthon has all the features Firefox has and much more. There are also many skins out for it. So you can have a different browser look for every day of the week if you want. Here is a shot of Maxthon showing you how every bit of space in the toolbar can be utilized and rearranged: (my favorites except for TestMy and my IP at the bottom have been colored over) This next issue is both a good and bad thing. Firefox uses the W3C web standards when reading documents for websites. Most webmasters don't fully code to those standards yet, so pages often have places in them where they are not shown as the author intended. Examples: (the bullets are displayed correctly MOST of the time, but still...) Look below at the differences in spacing. Maxthon: Firefox: Firefox also doesn't display custom scroll bars. Those are very small issues, but they are issues nonetheless. There are worse examples out there, but none come to mind right now. Until everyone begins coding to those standards, I'll stick with Maxthon. With the better web standards, massive feature set, and lack of security issues, Maxthon is the winner in my book. -Maxthon
  22. Mr. Hahn


    I'm not following. How does it let you 'set' your fps? You mean a cap for it?
  23. Mr. Hahn


    The latest set of Catalyst drivers on ATI's site are version 4.11. I'm gussing those are beta drivers? You might want to try the latest official release instead and see what happens.
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