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    If your video card came with a fan on it, check and see if it has stopped. I can't really make anymore suggestions because you didn't state the card you have, drivers, etc.
  2. I'll eat it and enjoy every bite.
  3. Wow, I didn't know Shug was a cannibal. A sgetti eating meatball. SICK! (referring to his avatar for all you slow pos out there)
  4. I don't think any of you know what you're talking about. Santa Clause (the best source in existence) told me that the Xbox and PS2 are making a baby. It'll be named PlayBox. If you refute this, coal is comming your way.
  5. Several of you need professional help.
  6. Wait, did you say it sends microwaves? I wouldn't walk outside if I were you.
  7. First-class e-mail. That will be the day USPS starts ripping us off.
  8. You kiss your mom with that mouth?
  9. Wow, me too. Oh how I wish, wish,...... wish it were true.
  10. If you're paying for a 3Mbit package, that's great. I never get over 100kbs over my advertised speed.
  11. Now I can say I've been dissed by the Pope. WOO!
  12. Ooo, oo, I have another. Argueing over the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded. It's stupid, but when else can I say that without being completely off the subject or sounding like a complete idiot? I probably still do.
  13. I'm sensing a little negativity. Oh, and I'd like one of those gold-trimmed cakes please.
  14. I always thought spam were earrings.
  15. I too look at my share of porn. I try to scan every day so those government funded flying saucers can't read my brain waves with their big satellite dishes that are mounted on the moon.
  16. I've only gotten one ticket, and it wasn't even my fault. That's a story in and of itself. Anyway, I'm a 17-year-old male. Insurance only gets so low for us you know.
  17. I was his connection, period. He has almost twice my down and almost three times my upload. *drool*
  18. Lol. I have yet to play either on either platform, so I'll have an open mind when I get it on PC. I bet it will be a kick ass game regardless.
  19. Mr. Hahn


    Regardless of all that jargon, I stick to the benchmarks. Numbers can be spat at me all day long, but, in the end, their actual performance is what I care about. I've seen too many benchmarks from both games and number crunching apps to know that AMD is my choice. AMD pretty much kills Intel in gaming and isn't too far behind in other apps. The big cache on the P4s was made so they had an answer to AMDs latest line of chips. They didn't actually have those in their long-term gameplans. While the huge caches do help quite a bit, AMD is still the clear winner when it comes to performance and future upgradability with the 939 socket. Just for the record, I'm not one of those hardcore AMD fans. I've actually never owned an AMD based computer in my life. It's been Intel up until now. Times are changing though.
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