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  1. Wow, unlimited webspace and traffic. I'm going to make me an account just for storage.
  2. That upload is actually extremely fast. You have one of the best connections out there, satellite or not. Satellite isn't good for gaming because of ping time issues. But, with speeds like that, it's good for everything else. To answer your question, no. Upload speeds are almost always slower than download. As I said though, that's still very fast.
  3. It's impossible to get ~13kB/s on 56k as far as I know. You must've had some sort of faster package.
  4. Give me a link to the exact images you guys are trying to link, where you're wanting to link it to, and I'll give you the code.
  5. If you tried what's there now, that isn't what i suggested. What was that thing originally in your signature, and I'll see what I can do with it.
  6. Hey justinlay, you may want to try this for your signature if you haven't already. I'm not even sure if that SigX thing qualifies as an image. [code:1]<a href='http://sigx.yuriy.net/link.php' target='_blank'><img border='0' src='url to image here' width='whatever the width is' height='whatever the height is'></a>[/code:1]
  7. I have to say, that's amazing. I've never heard of 10GB of web storage for so little. Also remember though that noone here has had any experience with them. That's still awesome.
  8. I would have to disagree that absolutely nothing is 100% conclusive in the medical field, but, as you said, it's a free country. I just think that if we are so far along that we can study cellular respiration and diagnose things from chromosomes, some things can be 100% conclusive just by the nature of our progression. I too enjoy a good debate. It's a good way to get that argueing "mood" out of you without all the emotion and drama.
  9. That truck is hilarious! Where did you find it .s1?
  10. You don't have to take college courses to know that people with Down Syndrome have distinct facial structures. I also know that things may be obvious, but behavioural aspects also play a big role in diagnosing such a syndrome. I understand that having that kind of facial structure is quite rare in people without it, you still have no way of being 100% conclusive. That's all I'm saying. Birth control is 99% effective, yet woman on it still yield many babies every year. I hope you see my point. I appreciate your compliments and am in no way saying you don't have those credentials, nor that you don't know what you're talking about. I'm just trying to prove a very basic point. That's all.
  11. Noone is saying you aren't qualified to do anything. Most of my reply was refuting things you assumed I was saying and your putting words in my mouth. The part that's referring to the point you say you want to "argue" over is just saying that it is simply a picture. You have no medical records. You can have all the knowledge in the world and make any hypothesis you want, but it is still only a picture. You have no way of interacting with or diagnosing the person. You're reading too far into what I'm saying. Take what I say as is, not as your interpretation of what I'm saying. Edit: The only difference between males and females with Down Syndrome that I recall is that males are a bit slower in developing language skills. But regardless of whether I can tell the difference, I don't see what that has to do with the point at hand, nor how I am in "real trouble" if I can't do so. Shall we try and stay on the subject?
  12. The day we have fiber optic lines in our houses and flying cars in our drive ways, I can truely die happy. Well, perhaps the day after so I can at least try it out.
  13. $60 for 2Mb/s. Ouch! I understand it's the only thing available in your area though. I feel for you.
  14. Pricing for certain speeds primarily depends on the area in which you live. The same speed packages can vary greatly in price from area to area.
  15. I hope you're being sarcastic. That's pretty slow, even for dial-up. I used AOL several years ago and was getting 5-7kB/s. But trust me, once you go broadband, you'll never go back.
  16. I'm happy I'm not the only one living in the dream world where everything is free.
  17. Yep, I got a trojan right when the site loaded.
  18. You guys are terrible. Making fun of people who have disorders isn't very funny... That Jim Carey avatar was hilarious because he was just acting, but that's just wrong.
  19. Are you serious? Many people use it, and spyware can come from almost anywhere these days. What makes you assume this anyway? Sounds more like an excuse than a reason to me.
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