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  1. It starts searching for a master harddrive or CD-rom? If it's searching for a master harddrive, I have no clue. If it's searching for a master cd-rom, I'm not too sure. Is that the only one connected, or is it a second one hooked up to the computer? I don't think it matters which connection a CD drive is on on the IDE cable. However, if it's one you added and changed the order on the cable, try hooking it up how it was and putting the salvaged one of the slave connection.
  2. That link doesn't work because of the quote tag after it. Here's a good link to it: -http://www.broadbandreports.com/faq/8522
  3. You can't change it? I've seen many programs that allow you to. If it isn't changing it, what is it doing to it?
  4. Broadband over power lines? I've never heard of it. Who offers that? I've had Charter for the past few years. The first year was HELL! If they're new to your area, hold off until they get all the kinks worked out. I was getting over 999 ping in any game I was in, and the speeds were just sickening. I must've called and had one of their guys come out at least 20 times. I was given the runaround everytime by either the person on the phone or the technician that came out. Save yourself a headache. Wait at least 6 months. The speeds are at advertised for the most part now. Slowdowns tend to be few and far between, and the ping times have improved over the past few years with leaps and bounds. I get 25-50ms in most game servers.
  5. I don't know if it's too much, but I know it's a lot. A screaming computer and a commercial satellite connection costs some big cheese.
  6. Yeah, changing your MTU to 1500 is recommended for almost all broadband connections. Go for it.
  7. Those aren't the best, but they're fine for the point at hand. I'm really not sure what happened to your display properties. If you tried everything I said and keep your firewall and virus defintitions up-to-date, I really have no clue. The only alternative I can think of is reformatting.
  8. I seriously doubt anyone will try and hack a posted IP unless the site gets millions of hits. I doubt it even then. If one of them does decide to try, they probably won't get past any decent firewall. Most small-time hackers don't have a clue what they're doing.
  9. You were found to have made two accounts and answered your own thread with your alternate account to make your fake score seem valid.
  10. Did you go back to Best Buy to answer the replies to this thread? ha
  11. Lmao, invade your topic? Anyway, you're getting well over 90% of your advertised speed from TestMy.net, so you're alright numbers wise. As for the slow browsing, is that perhaps an RWIN value issue? You could also have major packet loss at one of your first hops for some reason.
  12. I just ran Windows update and didn't see any updates. The last update I got was on Oct. 12, so it isn't recent.
  13. Though the website may not be of the highest quality, we still have noone here who has experience with them. Like I said, ask those people around town that you say are getting it about the service. They'll be your best source of information.
  14. Are you running an anti-virus and firewall?
  15. Being that as it may, unluss he was an insane amount of hops away, it shouldn't be that different. Is Earthlink under TimeWarner, or is it a different ISP?
  16. I believe it's wireless internet broadcasted from somewhere nearby.
  17. It's a different type of connection. That's why it's so much more expensive than your cable with same speeds Justin.
  18. I honestly have no clue what's going on, but you can try several things. First of all, are you running a firewall and anti-virus with definitions that are kept up-to-date? Do you have any spyware scanners? If not, I can get you some links together. If you have all of the above, you can try repairing your windows installation. There are two ways I know to do this. Do both if the first doesn't work. Running CheckDisk: -Hit "Run" in your Start Menu (a window should open with a field to type in) -Type "chkdsk /r" without the quotes. (thats chkdskSPACE/r) -A message will show up in a black DOS window. It will be asking you a yes or no question. Hit "Y" and enter. -Restart your computer and let it run Repairing from your Windows CD: -If you still have your windows CD, insert it into your CD-rom and restart your computer. -During the startup, you'll get a message telling you to press any key if you want to boot from the disc. Hit any key. (Not the any-key ) -I can't remember the exact steps from here. Just find your Windows installation, and you should come to a page asking if you want to hit "R" to repair the current installation. Hit "R" and let it do its thing. If you get confused after booting from the CD, I can look into getting you exact steps. If scanning for viruses and spyware, having a firewall up, and repairing your Windows installation doesn't work, I really have no clue.
  19. After reading Reverend's post about them, I'm not so sure. I'd base your decision on your experiences with DirecWay. If you have been getting your advertised speeds, why pay more money for the same thing? If you haven't, ask some of the people in your town that have gotten it how it is.
  20. Since the box says it's compatible with Windows 95/3.1, it's obviously a pretty old game. It may not run just because of how old it is and how computers have evolved since then.
  21. If you're looking for a top notch anti-virus, get NOD32.
  22. Closeness doesn't weigh as heavily on Cable as it does DSL. He should see about the same speeds.
  23. I've never used linux before. Is there anything it's better than Windows at?
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