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  1. Is there no way to search all hubs for the file you're looking for? It's pretty frustrating because it's hit and miss on whatever you want. EDIT: Actually, I can't even get connected to a hub. Why is the sharesize to get in one so large? I don't have 15 and 20GB of things to share...
  2. What do you mean you're not supposed to be on the internet?
  3. Agreed. That's a trait more people in this world need to learn.
  4. I took the same amount off of the top and bottom to keep the same proportions. That keeps the phrase centered vertically. But hey, if you want more off the top, that's cool (I feel like a barber). Let me know what you want.
  5. I think he means they cap the individual users to that, not the entire campus.
  6. I'm not sure if this is exactly what you were wanting, but here you go. If you want it smaller, give me a general size to work with.
  7. You may not be racist, but you're being very stereotypical. Just because someone is Arab, that doesn't mean they want to "steal our country." There are equally bad people from every race, not just Arabic. Some are just more publicized than others.
  8. He's referring to power-cycling your modem. All you have to do is unplug the power to it for 10-15 seconds, then plug it back in. This will cause it to download certain files again. This isn't my field of expertise(not that I have one), so Van will probably have a better answer for you.
  9. TDS-3 and TrojunHunter 4 are both excellent anti-trojans, as Reverend stated. One should keep in mind that TDS-3 is for advanced users only though. It's interface isn't as intuitive as most, but it is the best to date. It's a battle between form and functionality with it right now. If you don't have experience with such programs, I'd have to recommend TrojanHunter 4. It has a very easy to use, and even the most novice of users should have no dificulty. Here are links to both programs: -DiamondCS TDS-3 -TrojanHunter 4
  10. I'm happy to see everything went well. If it isn;t too personal, do you want to tell us what happened to cause the surgery?
  11. I preordered Guild Wars over a month ago. I participated in the preview weekend and the first beta and am going to in this weekends beta on the 4th. As I said, I normally don't like any game you have to pay a monthly fee to play, but this one has gotten such good reviews. I'm just interested in it too much now.
  12. Living up to your title completely.
  13. If I can increase my download by 10x and my upload by 4x, I don't care if any of it's weak. I'd be ecstatic.
  14. Is DC++ a BitTorrent client? Are hubs basically big chat rooms?
  15. I would have to say those ping times are unusually high for broadband or any other connection as far as I know. Van will be better apt to help you on this than I will. I do have one question though Van. How is his 4th hop so low? Shouldn't it getting higher as it goes along?
  16. Wow. Alright, so my response to CA3LE's belt question is trying to "stir up crap" how exactly? Microwave asked a simple question and I answered. How is making that analogy going to "stir up crap?" If so, who with? When I said hater in that analogy, I wasn't referring to you. I was just answering his question. And again, I admit the Einstein comment was smartxxx. If you're reading that far into these little comments I'm making, you have some serious security issues.
  17. Microwave asked what would be said in relation to your new name with that analogy. How is that being a smartxxx? I said the belt isn't used enough these days. How is that being a smartxxx? The only smartxxx thing I see in all of that is the Einstein comment. If that's all you have, you have yet to prove your case that I'm this huge smartxxx.
  18. I normally am a sworn enemy against any MMORPG that requires you to pay monthly, but World of Warcraft just seems to be too good to pass up. Gamespot gave it a 9.5 in their review. I believe that's the second-highest rank they've ever given a game out of the 100s they've reviewed. I've also seen people raving about it in other forums and through word of mouth. I'm going to get it but not until my new computer is built. If any of you have it, I'd be interested in knowing what you think about it. Include a rank out of ten also if you don't mind. (X/10) Here's the World of Warcraft page at Gamespot if any of you are interested. Watch the video review if you don't feel like reading the full text review.
  19. If the trojan was quarantined, that isn't what's causing your problems. Do you currently have a firewall running? Do you keep your virus definitions up to date? Do you have any spyware scanners? Have you gotten all of Windows' updates?
  20. You're exactly right. You can't miss something you never had. But keep in mind that once you go broadband, you'll never go back.
  21. If you were talking about not needing both a firewall and anti-virus, I disagree. If you're saying that you don't need both the hardware and software firewall, I agree, but having both won't hurt. ZoneAlarm is one of the easiest firewalls I've used. Once you install it, you'll get a pop-up each time a program tries to access the internet. This may be a pain in the ass at first, but you can check the box in the pop-up to remember to allow or disallow that program access so you don't have to worry about it anymore. I'm no guru on exactly how any security software works, but I've seen ZoneAlarm get quite a few good reviews. If you don't mind paying for an anti-virus, NOD32 is the best out there hands down. If you don't want to pay, I guess get AVG. I don't really have too much experience with or have read too many reviews on free anti-viruses, so someone else may have a better opinion.
  22. I'm not flamming. I'm just looking for a little resolve behind his blatant statements. As for the locking of this thread: In Van's defense, your comment of "I dont see why you feel like you run this place" is a completely inappropriate way to speak to another moderator. If you feel like he moderated the forums wrongly, approach him about it. It isn't really something that needs to be seen by everyone else. In .s1's defense, I understand that a moderator "fixing" something you have done undermines your authority. You both made bad judgement calls. That's all. As for you not sugar-coating anything, that's fine. Noone here expects you to. However, there's a difference between not sugar-coating and just being an xxx. (I understand that's name-calling, but I can't think of a better way to say it) As for me thinking your not moderator material, your comment of "Or mabey we should just cry and say were going to leave, huh hahn" further shows your lack of being mature and representing these forums in the right way.
  23. Relax? Why does everyone here think someone has to get worked up to post a contradicting statement?
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