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  1. I am sorry help did not come sooner but it is the holidays and the ratio of those needing help to those helping is quite high. But, I see you did an excellant job on your own and I don't think anyone here could have done a better job. Have a Merrry Christmass and a Happy New Year. Your Friend, compuworm
  2. Please reread the, "Quote", Carefully! Really I am trying to help. The site I am recommending is for upgraded firmware BASED ON LINKSYS firmware.
  3. Did you go to the link I provided in an earlier post! You will find the most up-to-date firmware available. compuworm
  4. Do you mean increase transmit power, right? What dd-wrt bin did you ultimately download? Thanks, compuworm
  5. Of course you know to only download a firmware that is that based on your make, model, and version of router! Otherwise you can turn your router into what has become to be known as a, "Brick", which I have come to believe is a synonym for completely dead router?
  6. 25 dB really, can you be so kind as to point me to that link! Thanks. compuworm
  7. 4|3v|lon3|, may I inquire how long you have been running at a 100% Transmit Power setting? Days, weeks, Months? Thanks, compuworm
  8. I have a wrt54gs v2 linksys router and got rid of the stock antenna's that came with it and purchased the 7 gain antenna's which you can get a Bestbuy. I also downloaded and run the Hyperwrt Thibor 11 firmware that is based on linksys's 4.70.6. Now, go to the links below: www.linksysinfo.org Register (it will be worth it) and then go to, Downloads. There you could find any possible firmware upgrades based on your linksys firmware 4.20.9. Good luck and Merry Chrismas and have a nonsober new year. Your Friend, compuworm
  9. Hey, have you heard about Hypwert firmware for linksys routers? It is a tweaked version of linksys's firmware and allows you more functions! compuworm
  10. It was suggested you open your modem's web page and list the upstream and downstream power levels. Please do this! Thanks, compuworm
  11. Hey, NICE RIDE, but still, COKNUCK, the name (Please, I mean no offense) brings forth a rather sexual interpretation. I understand now the origin, interesting! But, each to their own, right, I mean come on what kind of name is compuworm? Computer + Bookworm = compuworm, right-NO. I need a life! Take Care have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my Friend. Toss a couple back for me (cant drink myself).
  12. Coknuck, (what kind of name is that) LOL, the information you provided was already contained in the link I gave. Thanks, though for your interest in this matter. Compuworm
  13. Its amazing how we tend to cycle through the same issues in these forums. Anyway, I hope the below link helps aznboi970? Please make sure you read carefully. Your Friend, compuworm http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=8306.0 P.S. In the future maybe it would be a good idea not to post possibly sensitive information such as the scan log of your system.
  14. Listen, Mr. James5885, do you know how to uninstall your NIC drivers? You probably don't need to purchase a new NIC card. Nor should you try updating your NIC drivers via the windows update (it never finds a damn thing, completely useless). I have not read any responces from you regarding any of the reply posts? compuworm
  15. OK, did you try to uninstalling the NIC drivers and rebooting your system? They should reload at start up?
  16. Read the post below and if you haven't done any tweaking this should help' http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=10229.0 compuworm
  17. Further it never hurts to power cycle your modem (and router if you have one) with every change you make. compuworm
  18. Just helped a guy who had your very problem. See Link below: http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=10229.0 Sincerely, compuworm P.S. I would do whatever FallowEarth recommends first as he is much more knowledgeable regarding this matter than I.
  19. Have you seen this post? http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=10229.0 Your Friend, compuworm
  20. See information contained in the below link it might help he had the same problems you have. Your Friend, compuworm http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=10229.0
  21. Great, if you need anything else just post I will see it or just PM me. All the best, compuworm
  22. Great this looks good. Now one more thing we need to adjust your TCP Receive Window in the SG TCP Optimizer program to read 513920 (see attachment). Reboot and post speed test results. Thanks, compuworm P.S. Make sure you check the, "Modify All Network Adapters", checkbox before you hit the, "Apply Changes", button. I forgot that one in the JPG (picture). Also, make sure you power cycle your modem with every change, forgot to mention that to in other posts!
  23. I hope it lasts. I am so glad I was of some minor assistance to you. You where very patient and understanding in bring a conclusion to your problems. Remember, I am still here for you if you need anything else. I have one last question, did you leave your NIC card set to 10Bast T full duplex or revert back to the 100bast full duplex? Your Friend, compuworm P.S. OK, I lied I have another question. The SG TCP Optimizer program you have was set I believe to 4000Kbps since your are getting 6000 Kbps from Comcast go ahead and change the setting to 6000Kbps instead of 4000Kbps and reboot. P.P.S. Boy I am such a pain aren't I. Listen can you go to the link below and run the test. Hit the, "Start", button. When done hit the, "Results", button. Then fill out the, Service (comcast), Speed (6000), Operatiing System( XP) and Connection (leave at Normal) fields. Then click the, "Recommend", button. Please cut and paste the result here, pleae thanks. You see mine is below. .1. Your Tweakable Settings: Receive Window (RWIN): 513920 Window Scaling: 3 Path MTU Discovery: ON RFC1323 Window Scaling: ON RFC1323 Time Stamping: OFF Selective Acks: ON MSS requested: 1460 TTL: unknown TTL remaining: 50 2. Test 131401 byte download Actual data bytes sent: 131401 Actual data packets: 91 Max packet sent (MTU): 1500 Max packet recd (MTU): 1500 Retransmitted data packets: 0 sacks you sent: 0 pushed data pkts: 19 data transmit time: 0.691 secs our max idletime: 1817.6 ms transfer rate: 50644 bytes/sec transfer rate: 405 kbits/sec This is not a speed test! transfer efficiency: 100%
  24. Are your speeds still fluctuating. I believe we need is to contact Comcast and tell them you need a line modulation. I feel there is little more I can do to help! Have you had any contact with Comcast regarding your problems. Have you run the Spybot program I listed earlier? Also what kinds of speeds have you been seeing before posting? I believe your suppose to be getting 6000Kbps down. P.S. Go to the below links and post results: http://nitro.ucsc.edu/ Compuworm
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