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  1. Just be sure you stay sitting under the wheel and not on top of it. HAPPY BD. to you and the OTHER BDers.
  2. Go to lavalys.com and download the trial version of the everest ultimate edition. It will tell you everything about your machine. It does on my PC anyway. I like the idea of beating on them til they replace or fix it. If they don't then e-mail PC World. com and get them on their case, they carry more weight than you.
  3. Coknuck: Thanks for fixing my post. Last I saw it was all in the quote box. I guess thats why Aggr3 thought I was nuts. I did too when I looked at it this last time. :haha: :o.
  4. Don't know what happened to my last post, all a quote, but I'm not gonna try to fix it. :uglystupid2:
  5. The suspenders that my Dad wore were for holding up his pants, they hooked in one spot in middle of back on pants and split below shoulders, one over each shoulder then to top of pants on each front side. He also wore a belt. He also wore what he called garters to hold his socks up. It was a contraption that went around your leg above the calf and had a strap that hooked to the top of your sock. My Mother wore garters to hold her hosery up on each leg. It was a lacy stretchy band that she put at the top of hosery and rolled down a few turns. All of these garters looked like they would cut off your circulation. You're welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Roco: Thanks for posting the WS deal. All Tommie had to do was google it and the first page is nearly all WS. It also has a paid version for a donation, a lot more stuff. I love that external HD. Can't mess it up if it ain't turned on. Another thing I like is WinPatrol, google it and ck. it out. My Dad wore a belt and suspenders Roco, you brought back memories. :haha: Sorry for picking on you Tommie.
  7. :grin2: I read on Windows Secrets that MS has committed to support XP for seven more years, so I will keep my XP and MS can keep their eye candy. Good stuff on Windows Secrets. I don't do MS updates until WS says its OK. Also an interesting article on how to get a full fresh install of vista from an upgrade CD. Appears to be condoned by MS. I do all my backup's on a USB external HD that is never on unless I am using it.
  8. Thanks. I have never had this problem before. I will just ignore it from now on. I just got a new PC and I thought I might have something set wrong. I guess not tho. as it works just fine at any setting now. :grin2:
  9. :grin2: :grin2: I can't believe it. The test is working great for me now. Thanks to whomever fixed it. Hooray Hooray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks Tommie. I tried the 5983 and it did the same thing, does 100% and stops.
  11. Thanks Tommie. I use the 2992 file as is. I'm about to pull what hair I have left out. Like I said I haven't had this problem til now as I don't check all the time.
  12. Thanks Tommie: I have never used the smart test, always the file size. I did not have this problem last week. :tickedoff:
  13. :sad: :sad: I am still only getting the first window, same setup as normal. I also tried it with my firewall off and got the same results. :tickedoff:
  14. I get the first dwnld test screen and it goes to 100%, nothing happens after that. I always got a second dwnld test screen then the results. Whats up with that.
  15. Check out themedoctor.com. PC World recom. one on there, it looks like it is loaded. I really didn't check it out very well, so check it out before using.
  16. Try winpatrol, it shows everything running on your PC and it will kill anything you want. It even shows you the hidden files that msft doesn't want you to see. It will also tell you what everything is in the plus version. I have used this program for several years now and I love it. Check it out at WinPatrol.com.
  17. Thanks tommie. Most of the time I just observe and keep my yap shut. Sometimes I even learn something. And sometimes I have other fish to fry.
  18. I vote every time. I agree with coknuck. If you don't vote don't bitch. I know a few folks who don't vote and they bitch more than anyone.
  19. :shocked: tommie: What in the world are you doing, reprinting, posting copywrited material. I thought that was bad news city to do that. :haha: :haha: In case you haven't heard yet. Last I heard. US House Dem. 228 Rep. 203 US Senate Dem. 51 Rep. 49 Looks like the fine citizens of the USA handed GWB his balls on a platter. :haha: :haha:
  20. I am glad that all is well with you and I know you will be glad to see your wife. She will be a lot softer than that Abrams. Be careful and don't volunteer for anything else. BE SAFE.
  21. PLEASE don't get that one going again. :haha:
  22. All this stuff can be beaten in court by any lawyer. Plus the fact that most of this wouldn't get past the trash can at the Police Station. Swimmer, if you ever go to court on that deal please let me know. I bet you will never go as her lawyer will get that dismissed.
  23. Thanks!!!! I just wondered what the deal was. It didn't affect my speed test at all.
  24. Is anyone else having this problem of no progress bar on the speed test????????????????
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