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  1. Oh now that's hot. My desk is so full of crap I couldn't fit 2 monitors like that lol.
  2. Sent, but you haft to beg for it. If you open it without begging first I have tiny little men that will assault you in your sleep.
  3. Lol I get e-mail notifications of new replies on the topics I post in so I usually respond pretty quick. Anyway np and have fun!
  4. Careful there. You might end up sharing more than your TV. I wont go into detail, but I think you know what I mean.
  5. I'm sensitive. Oh and no clue wdf you just said in that last paragraph lol. I don't speak dur da dur language lol.
  6. I'm using an old CRT tv right now too. Had to send the ole Sammy LCD in and it cost me $60 to ship it!!! The inputs went bad on it and it had a green tint to it.
  7. Sent. Enjoy and welcome to the forums!!! Always glad to see new members.
  8. Couldn't really tell you. I haven't used it enough. I get a glimpse at the bandwidth it's using and fall out of my chair.
  9. Invite sent! Welcome to the forums!
  10. I'm beside myself Shug. He gets 2 different approaches and I only get one.
  11. "Special things" Porn Educational videos take a lot of bandwidth.
  12. Are you cheating on me Shug?!?!?! What is this!!! Man whore. lol
  13. It doesn't really affect it. It is a FAP eating monster though.
  14. Got yah covered. Invite sent.
  15. See now that's what I'm talkin about right there! Not this poo nanner CRT business. LCDs are what the real men use.
  16. Go away we don't want you here!!! Your dang internet is too fast!!! Makes me feel inferior. lol jk welcome to the forum. Just watch out for Shug he attacks from behind.
  17. Lol week. I download that much a month and Im on Satellite. If it wasn't for the Caps I would use about as much as Peeps up there.
  18. Welcome to the forum!!! Can I come over and download a few things?
  19. Yah what he said ^^^. Less space and you can get a 19in Widescreen for like $120-150.
  20. I have invites as well if anybody wants some.
  21. Not sure what is going on there. I personally have not had this problem. In fact I haven't had Vista "completely" lock up on me yet. I mean there is still those little hiccups every once in a while, but no worse than with XP.
  22. Ooo pretty can I have it...ALL OF IT. Got yourself an Elite did yah. Unfortunately my broke self atm is stuck with a 19 in LCD to game it up on. I sit pretty close to the TV though so it isn't that bad. The 1000W surround sound helps make it all better. Basically I had the choice of bigger TV and no surround sound or smaller TV and awesome surround sound. Since I sit close I decided to go with the surround sound. The way TVs are dropping in price I will be able to get a bigger one before too long.
  23. No problem glad I could help!
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