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  1. Very nice! I know what you mean on the speed difference going to dual core. I can actually run a virus/spyware scan and my computer still functions! lol
  2. TY One thing I notice is the font seems kind of fuzzier and it is hard on the eyes. So far I am still liking my FF much better.
  3. Ok I decided to give it a go. Does this not have a drop down address bar?
  4. I have been hearing complaints about it not rendering some pages properly...
  5. Unless my cows are going to turn me in I don't think I have much to worry about lol. I live in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Siryak

    High Ping

    Only the people on the less crowded transponders were getting them. Congratulations Oleg! Guess I was wrong lol.
  7. Siryak

    High Ping

    I'm going to haft to disagree here...I see plenty of Hughes systems that average in the 600-700ms range and their satellites are MUCH more congested than Wildblue's.
  8. Siryak

    High Ping

    Well actually more around the 600-700ms range, but anyway I don't wanna pull your post off topic with my same old sob story Ive had for months lol. Anyway good luck and hope you can get something out of them. It is average right now. Back before they put in a new BS traffic shaping scheme though I had pings average in high 500s to low 600s.
  9. Lol I have put acetylene in a plastic bottle and lit it with a blowtorch before. Great fun. Smart? Probably not. But great fun.
  10. Siryak

    High Ping

    Some people see those results. But the odds that you are going to get them to do anything to get them that low is slim to none. I mostly see people with pings more like yours. I have been fighting the latency battle with my sat provider. Lots of ---> with no results. My pings average in the 1300ms range and they claim that this is fine. Anyone back on topic. I don't really think that you will be able to get those kind of ping times out of them. I guess it might be worth a try...
  11. Siryak

    High Ping

    Those pings are well within the norm for DSL. The consistency of the pings are excellent also.
  12. Siryak

    High Ping

    Trying doing this. Go Start/Run/Type: cmd/Click Ok/In the window type: ping google.com -n 25/push enter/After the test is done right click the window and hit "select all."/Then push ctrl and c at the same time/Then come back here and paste the results.
  13. Now that is what I'm talking about!!!
  14. Sprint uses a wireless card and it is about $60 a month for unlimited. That is probably about as cheap as it is going to get...
  15. Yep that's how I role. These are just my back-up cars. Here is my main ride: Lol I seriously have been driving that though ^^^. I've been bailing hay.(Yes I am that rural) Took it to town once to get the A/C fixed. Road sucked and was very bumpy...red light...Jeep Grande Cherokee...You do the math lol. Didn't even put a scratch on the front end loader though. The Jeep well......In my defense though I bounced so high my head hit the ceiling over a foot up. Edit: Oh and no that is not an actual pick of the tractor, just a pick of the same kind.
  16. Alltell and Sprint are the cheapest I think. Also if you have a phone with them that has the feature you can tether for like $40.
  17. That's what the bong pipe will do to yah Shug lol.
  18. Just got a Treo 700wx a few months ago and I am with Sprint which may or may not get it. So I guess that is a no for me.
  19. Hmm they just changed that recently...It didn't require an e-mail and password when I posted it. Edit: Here is some more links to the story. http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/Quirks/2007/05/31/directv_installers_comment_sets_off_drama/5028/ http://social.moldova.org/stiri/eng/50535/
  20. Those pings on the first page looked way to high for Cable...That is why you are getting kicked off for high pings.
  21. O lots of packet loss is not good...I am no cable expert, but I am sure there is someone on here that can tell you what is wrong.
  22. Try a larger file and see what results you get... Also welcome to the forums!
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