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  1. I think I know how the "connection" was and I don't think I want it explained lol!!! My dreams are already haunted enough without an explanation.
  2. Mine actually works fine with the surge protector. I would take it off, but my service is working great.(For Wildblue, which really isn't so great) I get 1.6-1.7 down and a consistent 256k up. Latency well...that sucks just like everybody else's does. I can't wait until I get take that dish and use it for target practice, or Maybe I'll let my Quaker parrot use it for a bird bath lol.
  3. My eyes are always where they are supposed to be.
  4. I know, but Ka Band tends to get slightly better pings, and then it has that on board switching system. The biggest thing though is it will at least take a little while for it to get congested like their satellites are now. Also the Ka band equipment *might* be cheaper.
  5. Whenever that new sat comes online I might haft to take the plunge and get Hughesnet. Unless I get EVDO or something of course.
  6. Those pings don't really look out of the norm. (For Wildblue anyway) Personally I am wishing I was on Hughesnet right now. It is the start up cost and the long contract that is holding me back.
  7. The only way to reset it is to unplug it and plug it back in. But if you are getting error messages then your install IS NOT RIGHT! Make them come out and fix it! If they refuse to try contact Wildblue directly. If that doesn't work then I would go to the BBB. Whatever you do, do not accept a sub par install, because it will be nothing but trouble! Although I am also not sure the error messages are because of your install. Has it been doing that since the beginning or just here lately? Wildblue has been having some trouble these past few weeks on their end. Try doing this for me. Go to Start -- Run -- Type: cmd -- Press ok -- In the window that comes up type: ping google.com -n 50 -- hit enter -- After that is done right click and hit select all -- While all of that is highlighted press ctrl C(Push these buttons both at the same time) -- Then come back here and paste the results.
  8. Yah Vonage is never going to give you satisfactory performance. I tried it back before the latency got so bad and it wasn't acceptable then. Now the latency is 2-3x as high and it probably wont work at all as you have already experienced. You might try reseting your modem and see if that helps with the speed. It looks like you are still provisioned on the Value Pack. If that doesn't work call them up and get them to do it again.
  9. You can...for a price...I think it is like 400 or 800 MS points.(That is if you are talking about changing your gamertag) If you are talking about the e-mail it is linked to, I don't think you can.
  10. If anyone still has some invites I would like one. sircolby45 at yahoo dot com
  11. Lol...AM, PM, and FM ofcourse! This is the time that many may know called F%^$ing Morning!!!
  12. You're all wrong!!! It is so going to be Sept. 32nd FM.
  13. Yah it does, but don't expect high-def quality from it. In my experience there isn't a vast difference between upscaled and non upscaled. It helps a little, but you can still easily tell it is not encoded in high def.
  14. Lol you haft to sneak up on yourself, because if you see yourself you might get scared and run away!!! :2funny:
  15. When did yall ever get out of trouble lol!
  16. You could give the new "Windows Live SkyDrive" a whorl. ---> http://skydrive.live.com/
  17. If I was getting a new video card, I wouldn't have anything that doesn't do Direct X 10 and all of those will not run on a 300 watt.
  18. The problem with this situation is, yes it is sad, but in all reality the only people who can help them are themselves. Like Roco said it is survival of the fittest.(Sad, but true) That country is just piratically beyond help it is so bad. I *think* that it is the rebels over there that have caused this. They go to villages taking the children and raise them to be soldiers for them.(Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) They made a movie about this called Blood Diamond.
  19. What they do is establish multiple connections to the server to ensure that you are getting the maximum speed your connection can handle. But this will NOT increase your maximum speed. Mainly just makes it a little more steady.
  20. Yah you will likely haft to upgrade the PSU as well. I face the same issue with my HP. They only put in like 300-350 watt PSUs.
  21. I was just talking about the tit! Not the whole dam boobie lol!!! :2funny:
  22. That sounds painful!!! Just make sure he doesn't bite it off!
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