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  1. I deal with a local Co-op, so no Indian techs for me.
  2. This happened to me once minus the "woo hoo! satellite tv!" and the SWAT team. He told me he wanted to check me for ticks, but I think he just wanted to see me naked. I am scared of Shug to this day because of that.
  3. http://www.upi.com/NewsTrack/Quirks/2007/05/31/directv_installers_comment_sets_off_drama/5028/ http://social.moldova.org/stiri/eng/50535/ The DirecTV installers were struggling. They'd been fiddling with the satellite TV system for two hours at Julie and Steven Pyle's home in Savage. The installers called DirecTV at one point, saying they were being "held hostage" on the job. Then things really went haywire. A DirecTV dispatcher called the police, who showed up at the Pyle house with guns drawn. Savage police forced Julie Pyle to the ground in her driveway and handcuffed her, even after the DirecTV installers told officers there'd been a mistake, the Pyles say. Outraged at their treatment and the search of their home, the Pyles filed a federal civil rights suit against DirecTV, Savage police and Scott County law enforcement dispatchers. "These are middle-class people who have never had any trouble with the law in any capacity in their entire lives," said Marc Kurzman, the Pyles' attorney. "These are regular people. She's a schoolteacher. Their first reaction is this shouldn't happen. You shouldn't have SWAT teams coming after someone if they know there's not a crisis." The Pyles, unsatisfied with police explanations and armed with recordings of police communications, are seeking more than $75,000 in damages alleging negligence, false arrest, negligent reporting of a crime, emotional distress and civil rights violations. There's more in the links above. edit: to edit link
  4. godaddy pulls up just fine for me...Maybe it is because I am using OpenDNS??? If you want give it a try maybe it will help. ---> http://www.opendns.com/
  5. Signal effects the speed quite a bit though.
  6. wo wo wo now...We have a severe interpretation here. The boys are both there and accounted for!
  7. I sent it to your testmy.net address...1 sec I will go send it again.
  8. What can I say we're friendly around here. lol
  9. EVDO is a broadband connection over cellular. It is usually around 800k-1mb+ and has uploads ranging from 300k-900k. The ping times if your lucky can sneak under 100ms. The key to having good speed and good latency is to get a strong signal. If it is weak then you may want to get an antenna and maybe even a booster, because it will help your connection substantially. Also steer clear of Verizon EVDO because they have a nasty 5GB bandwidth cap on their so called "unlimited" and they will cut you off for good if you go over it. Sprint and Alltell should be fine. You can look at Sprint's coverage maps here ---> http://www1.sprintpcs.com/explore/coverage/CoverageOverview.jsp?ATR_ExtraOne=chp_sprint_plans
  10. You know I always gotta get the last word in lol.
  11. Yah only made it to 8 pages! Pathetic. Just pathetic.
  12. I considered the Moto Q, but unded up going with the Treo 700wx for the touch screen. Also I saw a lot of complaints on forums about various bugs that it had(may be ironed out by now).
  13. Nah your overestimating them. These are phone techs we're talking about here. They aren't exactly known for their advanced knowledge of the product they are trying to support. 99% of them don't know anymore than what is on the sheet in front of them.
  14. Lol yah I am an electronics company's worst nightmare, because if it's not perfect they WILL be fixing it or exchanging it. In fact my LCD TV is being fixed right now because the inputs started developing a slight green tint to them. Cost me $60 to ship them the dang thing!!! $20 of that was packaging!
  15. Nah I don't want to send you one. lol jk Sent!
  16. Ok it seems hit and miss on who has this problem, but there is a windows update going around causing some Internet Explorers to crash. I have found that going Control Panel-Internet Options-Advanced-Then disabling the Phishing Filter will get you back going again until MS releases some sort of patch for this. Not sure if anyone is having this problem, but just figured I would post the info just in case.
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