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  1. It fixed itself about a week ago. Didn't touch a thing just magically decided to work one day. In fact I tried it and left it there for a while and like 5-10 minutes later it connected and has worked fine since.
  2. For dial-up providers I would check out www.isp.com or www.neandertech.com . Basically it all boils down to who has the best servers in your area.
  3. From the looks of Hughes new FAP policy I would haft to say no. Not worth it.
  4. Yep...Lie to them about the router. They are just making excuses not to help you. Don't give them an excuse.
  5. Arg...Don't even say that name around me. Makes me want to throw something. I agree that Jordin Sparks was an awesome singer. Also the person asking if anyone besides Kelly Clarkson has done anything, Chris Daughtry has done quite a bit already. He has had an album at the top of the charts for quite some time now.
  6. I have heard that Dell has slipped in quality. I steer clear of them. I have had good luck with HP/Compaq computers myself. I have ran 3 HP desktops, 1 HP laptop, and 1 Compaq laptop with 0 problems.
  7. Lol!!! *insert owned comments here* I'm a good boy. Unless Shugs around.
  8. For some reason I can no longer stream video via my Windows Media Player. It will just sit there saying connecting to media over and over. It never connects and eventually just goes back to saying ready. I haven't changed a thing it just decided it didn't want to work anymore one day. I can stream video through Quicktime just fine. It doesn't matter which site I use either, WMP still wont work. I have tried using different browsers etc. I have tried disabling all of my protection and still no dice. It has been working fine and then out of no where we are at connecting to media and it just loops that over and over until it finally gives up. Anyone got any idears on this, because it has got me stumped.
  9. I don't think it is necessarily a RAM hard drive is it? I was thinking it was a flash drive hard drive...
  10. I see a lot of games still that same 32-bit only. I am waiting to go to 64-bit until the compatibility gets better myself. Very good choice to go with the dual cores though. I saw a big boost in performance whenever I went dual core. Not to sure about in games, but in other use. Like I can run a spyware/antivirus scan and *gasp* my computer will still function lol.
  11. NP man. I tried 2k, but I started longing for XPs easier to set up networking so I dropped it. I think you will like XP though. They have pretty well got the bugs ironed out of it. I am running Vista right now, and while it is not bug free yet, it is easily bearable for me. The only real problem I have ran into is it is incompatible with my favorite firewall(Comodo), which is going to change at the first part of June.
  12. Umm...I dono. I don't really use it much though since it eats up my very miniscule 17GB a month bandwidth cap.
  13. Sent and welcome to the forums.
  14. I think he was just saying there joost itself is a nice technology...
  15. Siryak


    Ofcourse there is the fact that you could almost buy yourself a new one just as fast for the price it will cost you to upgrade that one...
  16. Sent and Jack I haft to have an e-mail to send an invite. I saw the e-mails in your profile, but I wasn't sure which one you wanted me to send it to.
  17. Sparticus and Random=Sent. Enjoy!
  18. Oh if you need any "help" with "stuff" you just let me know.
  19. You will haft to access the router. For example a lot of routers have the ip of so in your address bar you would type and then type in the routers default login which you would haft to look up on Belkin's site. From there you can see all the settings one of which is the lease time for your IPs. Also some routers ip is
  20. There really isn't a good satellite provider. Unless he is willing to pay $150+ a month for a business satellite provider.
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