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  1. I am not sure what Dish Network calls it, but there is a pro plan that is 1 step higher and it is only $10 more a month. 1.5 down/ 256 up. The limit on that is 17GB with 80% being at 13.6GB, which would get you unfapped.
  2. Lol that is where one of my Lexmarks ended up. I still have one because it is my fax machine. Although when the ink runs out it is probably a goner too. Ah well to each his own I guess lol.
  3. In my experience with HP and Lexmark printers I have had the exact opposite results. I can't hardly keep ink in my Lexmark, while the HP will last quite a while.
  4. $20 for both(color & black) or one? Either way the same size cartridge in a Lexmark cost 2x what it would cost in an HP. Also what they don't tell you is in a Lexmark cartridge they make the walls thicker so you get less ink. That is why they don't print the amount on the box like HP does. That is also why a Lexmark cartridge weighs more than an HP cartridge. Then on Lexmark when you buy a new printer you only get a trial cartridge and in HP you get what they call a starter cartridge. Whats the difference? In Lexmark you are not getting a full thing of ink. In HP you are getting a full thing of ink, it just has a substance mixed in with it to help set the heads.(which I am pretty sure the Lexmark has in it as well)
  5. Are lasers cheaper as far as replacing ink(toner) goes?(I am talking color laser btw)
  6. Lexmark. Their ink prices are rifregindiculous. Cost about $60 to refill a Lexmark where I can refill my HP printer for about $30.
  7. Either way the cheapo TVs look like a steaming pile of dog poo in BB lol.
  8. Oh if they are like my Best Buy they do not have HD to over half of them. Like you say the cheaper TVs get the SD signal. I think LG is good. I know the picture looks good. I know they make other companies displays like the Apple Cinema LCD Panel and Dell Ultrasharp 2005FPW. Past that though I am clueless on them.
  9. Those games wont work on Wildblue. The latency is waaay to high.
  10. You wont be going wrong with the Westinghouse. I have seen them recommended plenty of times. The only reason why I am bothered by the Westinghouses is because their blacks seem a little pale. But if you prefer the Westinghouse I say go for it. Like I say I see both Vizio and Westinghouse recommended all the time. I also see Olevia recommended.
  11. Eh...The one you saw must not have been calibrated good. All the Vizios Ive seen looked excellent for the price. Actually even an Olevia looks pretty good. The plastic is ugly, but the screen looks good. A Polaroid. I must say after you go Samsung you don't go back. The picture will truly amaze you.
  12. Honestly I am more of a fan of the Vizio TVs. http://www.vizio.com/products/detail.aspx?pid=31 Westinghouse would be my second choice for the budget brands. But Vizio is still my first. He is talking about of the budget brands. I do agree that Samsung is the best of the top of the line brands though. In fact I have a Samsung.
  13. No I am talking the fan will literally fluctuate constantly. Like it never actually stays at a steady speed. It will fluctuate as much as the CPU usage does. To swimmer this is a desktop not a laptop. But it is hard to explain just how much my fans speed fluctuates. It will literally change speed every second or 2. It never keeps a steady speed. It sounds really odd. I can watch my CPU usage meter and the fan is perfectly in sink with the fluctuations of the processor usage. Like if there is a split second drop in usage the fan drops with it.
  14. I have noticed from day one that my fan speed is varying constantly. Well today I think I figured out why. It looks like instead of using the temperature to adjust the fan speed, they instead have it adjust by processor usage. For example if it goes up to 100% the fan goes to 100%. Then every time it drops off in usage the fan drops and vise versa. My guess would be they did this to cut the cost of having something to monitor the temperature? I have never heard of them using the CPU usage to determine fan speed though lol.
  15. One thing to remember is don't overlook the small stuff, because that is probably what it is. Do you have it set to obtain IP address automatically?
  16. It is not that you are saying the wrong words or anything. The reason he probably said that is we speak a little different than you do. For example instead of saying "Then where i should go?," we would say "then where should I go." It is just more of a matter of ordering words. Which is very difficult. I take Spanish and I have trouble with the ordering of words all the time. The reason is in Spanish they say things differently. For example instead of saying Spanish class, they say class of Spanish. It still means the same thing, it is just we say it a little differently. Either way though we can still figure out what you are saying.
  17. Wah?!?!?! 2K makes the best sports games!!! NBA 2K7 is a perfect example. EA on the other hand slaps a new year on the same game and re-releases it.
  18. Siryak


    That is the $26 question!!!
  19. :2funny: AHAHAHAHA!!!! You look stoned!!! :2funny: :2funny:.....erm...I mean that must be terrible for you lol.
  20. I didn't think I would ever say this about pings like that but....Lucky! Pinging google.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=1208ms TTL=239 Reply from bytes=32 time=1244ms TTL=239 Reply from bytes=32 time=1337ms TTL=239 Reply from bytes=32 time=1282ms TTL=239 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 1208ms, Maximum = 1337ms, Average = 1267ms
  21. I agree it does start up faster. But that is about the only thing it does better than FF. It is slower, has an uglier UI, Uses about 2x as much memory, doesn't have a drop down address bar, not as many add-ons, no bottom bar, and I don't like the text.
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