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  1. Umm...Something honest...hmm....My computer desk is a fire hazard lol! I had to clear off my mousepad to use it. I don't tell many people this, but I am actually the most intelligent thing ever to grace this Earth. Lets just keep it between us though. I don't really want all the attention it would bring.
  2. You gotta love a forum where you can completely get your point across just by using smileys lol!
  3. Electronics Xeroxed In testmy.net?
  4. Lies! That just took me to a bigger picture of the EXIT sign!
  5. Maybe? Looks like there's a barbecue coming...
  6. Hope there wasn't any rain clouds over you when you said that.
  7. Lol...Whenever I get tired all conversations end finished or not.
  8. He most certainly will NOT be getting my vote...I am really disappointed with all of the candidates this year though TBH. The thought of any of them running our country does not sound good to me.
  9. Do you haft to work in a call center or are you doing it from home?(I don't even know if it is possible to do it at home lol)
  10. *sigh* Gotta love it when people start getting better internet in their car, then I can get in my house!!! Perhaps one day I will escape the wrath of satellite "High Speed" internet.
  11. The only thing really holding me back ATM is I am waiting for my add-ons to catch up. Which those don't really get caught up until the final release unfortunately.
  12. Maybe it can morph into a mask to cover up your face. If that was the case I would buy you one. =p Lol couldn't resist.
  13. I think this is reffering to Spaceway III. Seems like I heard something about them using it for remote cell towers. I "think" that is what this is. So I guess in essence the satellite would be the backhaul for the tower...
  14. http://www.betanews.com/article/Nokia_expects_reallife_Transformers_in_seven_years/1203980595 Take a look at the article above. Now that is some VERY awesome technology.
  15. *sigh* The wait continues for the next episode of Smallville.
  16. Tigerdirect has been having some decent sales on laptops here lately. Might be worthwhile to take a peak at what they have.
  17. Not really...The speed could be better too. Do you have an external antenna?
  18. :2funny: :2funny: Would have been real funny if he would have misspelled it right there lol! :2funny:
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