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  1. i have plugged it back in and turned it back on a few times. i just unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in. and still nothing. the monitor says "no signal" when i turn it on. i have also taken out my video card, and still nothing. I cant see anything visually wrong with the motherboard or anything else. I would think if something fried then there would be some evidence of it or at least a residual smell. do you think the cpu is bad. thats the only thing i cant see, but i will keep trying other things and report back
  2. well, i was using divx converter, trying to get some of my videos into a divx format. I just let it run, and when i came back nothing shows up. my monitor goes into its sleep mode, while my computer is still running(i think). the computer seems a little louder than usual, and i cannot shut it off. only way i can shut it off is to unplug it. the power button does nothing. I need help. heres my specs: windows xp pro AMD athlon x2 2.4 GHz 2 gig ram ATI radeon 3850 graphics card
  3. I don't have HMDI. I agree with you, It should work. I'll keep looking around, but if i cant find anything i'll just keep it in linear pcm.
  4. yeah i switch to "bitstream" and it does not work. but it will work on "linear pcm". when its on linear pcm the receiver shows only a 2 channel stereo sound, but sound is 5.1. it uses "pro logic II" surround. it will not use dolby digital. I think it might be because the receiver cannot decode trueHD surround sound. it is an older receiver. on the playstation side using Linear pcm the playstation shows it is is trueHD 5.1 but when its in bitstream is shows it in multichannel
  5. Ok, I recently connected my PS3 to my parents TV. and they have a 5.1 dvd surround system. I connected my PS3 to the receiver using an optical cable. but when i watch a Blu-ray movie i cannot get the 5.1 surround to work. the best i can get is a 2 channel sound. this really sucks because 5.1 sound is much better than a 2channel sound. I've tried every setting on the PS3, and still nothing. What am i doing wrong?
  6. AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual 4600+ @ 2.4 GHz
  7. right click on the picture, its at the bottom of the list.
  8. i would not recommend downloading it. What i do with divx is under the preference menu, click auto-save video and that will save the file for you. When you stream a video, there is still a temperary file of is on your computer, this way divx will save that file for you. Just click play. do not click the download buttons, because most of them are just links to a subscription service. P.S. if your new to this are are a lot of movies that do not work or are extremely slow to buffer. A movie might be working one day and the next day it could be gone. you just have to keep searching.
  9. for movies i only watch videos that are in divx format and in good quality. It takes a while to find a good quality movie but its worth searching for it. There are thousands of movies on the internet. ovguide.com is the best place to start. I use these websites: http://www.cinecast.us/ http://divxmoviez4u.blogspot.com/ hulu.com You will just have to search around for the movie you want to watch. I dont watch as much tv anymore i like to watch tv shows online at fox.com, nbc.com, cbs.com, abc.com They have mostly all there programs online in good to HD quality, with limited commercials.
  10. The website is legal, because they do not host any of the videos. they just link you to the site that does host the videos. It is however illegal to host copyrighted material. Most sites can get away with it because the site is based overseas in a country that does not have laws against it. I not a big fan of that site because most of the links do not work. there are other sites that are better.
  11. I had this same problem a while back. I'm pretty sure it was the wireless phones frequency of 2.4GHz that interfered with my linksys router which had a frequency of 2.4GHz aswell. Im not sure if this was the main cause but i got a new phone and i dont get disconnected like i use to. do you have a wireless router and phone?
  12. for the most part i do use FF, but FF doesn't work with all sites. i mostly use google chrome for tudou videos.
  13. I am having trouble testing using google chrome. I click the test size and it'll try and load but it won't do anything else. Im wondering if theres a problem with between the test and google chrome?
  14. they made it more into a Playstation 3. I haven't used the new interface much, because right after i got it my xbox got the red ring of death. but i kinda got confused just looking to play the game. they have so much crap on it that i dont care about.
  15. I've downloaded a few songs from walmart, and i've never been able to burn them either, its because there protected with the DRM crap. I ended up deleting them and downloaded it from somewhere else. Im not sure about the amazon store but im sure its the same thing.
  16. I got the CacheViewer. and it seems to work. I dont plan on using it everyday, just when a video i want get lost. Ive only tried it on a flash video. I dont need it for flash because they load quickly anyway. I would mostly use it on a divx format, because of the long load times. Thx for the help guys
  17. that kinda helped Buntz. I was able to find a youtube video that i just watch in my cache, and play it through Winamp media player. I increased the size of my disk cache to accommodate larger videos. So if I loose another video i should be able to find it in the dish cache and still be able to play it.
  18. I know how to do it on IE also, but i've pretty much switched to firefox now.
  19. I want to know how to save my temporary internet files so i can get it back next time i come back to the page. for example: if i watch a video and then leave the page or close firefox. I want to be able to come back to that page and watch that video without reloading it. recently i was watching a movie that took a long time to load. and about a half hour into it, it went to a different website for some reason. and now i lost that entire video.
  20. i believe i have a version of it from winamp.com it enable you you connect your computer with other devices to share your media. i use it to connect my pc to my PS3 and 360. it works well. it also enables you to connect to your media from any where it the world, remotely. It works well for me but i only use it for my songs. I dont know about watching TV on your cell phone, but i'd rather watch it on my TV.
  21. i didn't even know what it was for, for a long time. at first i thought is was for that shoe carnival place. the windows logo only shows up for at the end for a second. the commercial doesn't promote anything i found it to be a big waste of time. p.s. the video doesn't work
  22. Im no expert on this stuff but, it sound like your TV setting is wrong. have you tried changing the progressive and interlace setting on your TV(if you can). Whenever i get a picture that is black and white and divided into sections, it usually the wrong resolution like 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. Have you tried the RCA cable?
  23. the nazi's went to the moon and they still lost the war, kinda gets you thinking what if they used all there resources on the war.
  24. I've started to notice that i've been getting more and more pop-ups using firefox 3. has anyone else noticed this. the pop ups seems to pop up when i visit video sites. mostly on surfthechannel.com but the pop up and other sites as well. i also got the ad-blocker for it and that has done absolutely nothing to block adds. i read the reviews for the ad-blocker and there Mozilla's website and a lot of people are saying that its not working with firefox 3. I dont mind a few ads but some of the ads are very ignoring. is firefox working on fixing this problem or is it just me?
  25. I'm from a town called Tripoli. in the north eastern part of Iowa. in small towns you can do almost anything you want. especially if you live in the country. the cops are friendly and most everyone know each other.
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