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  1. how? I believe Im already in contact with the best (uh whut?) base station available... my canopy reads abot 0.2 miles from a base station, jitter of about 1-2 and RSSI of about 1220... the next color code sports a jitter of 3-4 and rssi of about 600-700...
  2. my friend told me that AntiVir is the best anti-virus right now... is it better than Avast?
  3. nope! i flushed a total of about 4 or 5 wares but my speed's still slow... btw, im using a combo of avast, spyware terminator and comodo firewall... According to my geek friend, right now I have a Virus Obliterator PC. But still slow net speed...
  4. yep! The viruses appeared after i've installed avast... I really dont see anything wrong w/ my VideoLAN player so i'm thinking twice bout uninstalling it. Its my only video player (aside from Window Media Player, of course...) I'll think i'll reformat my PC this coming sembreak after im done with my thesis book. I dont wanna lose any important file... hehehe! So far,my speeds are... How great... is my net! sing with me how great....
  5. I dont see any problems with mine either... might as well keep it. And the search for "What-makes-my-net-speed-f*cking-damn-slow" continues.... oh well...
  6. this speed after scanning, erasing 4 malawares and worms, ew tweaking my cablenut and using avast, comodo firewall and spyware terminator.... am I cursed? btw, VideoLAN is a video player for those non AVI and wmv files... do you really think it affects my speed? Im thinking twice bout uninstalling it...
  7. thanx... i'll try to post my speed afterwards...
  8. anyone knows how to "tweak" this prizm?
  9. aside from the usual (accessories, games, etc... here oare the other installed progeams) AVG 7.5 AVG anti-spyware 7.5 HP Microsoft Office Nero 7 Essentials Sony Ericsson Startup VIA VideoLAN Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 starter Editor Internet Explorer MSN Outlook Express Windows Media Player Windows Messenger Windows Movie Maker Starcraft Adobe Reader 7.0 Cablenut cfo Speed traffic shaping Yahoo Yahoo Messenger Yahoo mail Diablo II CCCleaner Mobirise 3gp Converter Mozilla firefox Trojan Hunter Tune-up Utilities 2007 Thoosje sidebar Xvid Ascentive Google Web Accelerator Regcure Youtube Downloader WinXMedia ImTOO FLV to AVI MPEG WMV 3GP MP4 iPod Converter Comodo Easy Video Converter Xilisoft... That's all i could find at the start up menu> all programs...
  10. uhm, how can I do that? where could i find, copy and paste all my progs installed?
  11. your still lucky dude! look at mine... its hopeless... i wish coolbuster could come to my house and personally check my settings... huhuhu!
  12. after saving the new cablenut settings, it is recommended to restart the computer for the settings to take effect.
  13. im like in 7th hell... my average speed never goes above 150kbps eben on off peak hours... ive done tweakin ang cleanin and defragin etc... but nothing happens... help please?
  14. yup! i did, it went regular on that speed for awhile but it stayed for only 2 days...
  15. my air delay states that the base station is about 0.2 miles (about 1400 feet) from me but how come my regular speed ranges from only 70kbps-250 kbps... (tweaks included) BTW. whats PRIZM ?
  16. i have a jitter of 2 and RSSI of about 1220 but i still egt low scores... and uhm how can I know how far is my base station?
  17. im having worse speeds tonight. not even above 100kbps... tsss
  18. im havin really slow speeds right now... 15kbps-56kbps... ouch! am i on a dial-up? anybody experiencing this too?
  19. I also do it on a regular basis... as in everytime I turn my pc on... is that bad?
  20. thanks for clarifyng. I think viruses also come from anti-virus companies in order for their new version to be sold. hehe!
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