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  1. I haad an information from a very reliable source that although Firefox is the better server compared to IE, Trojans and worms also run amok in this browser. is it true?
  2. @SiraComputer - What happened to your old avatar? hehehe! im offtopic...
  3. thanx fo tha help guys... But ill think i'll reformat my PC once I really know what Im doing. Right now, im still afraid coz i might erase something or delete anything important... Im kinda like a computer dumb*ss. Im really not that good when it comes to computer thingies...
  4. just edited my post... hehe! those are my speeds with mixed dns... only made me slower...
  5. unfortunately... im not a computer wiz kid. i dunno how to do those things... huhu! anyway... here again are my consistently inconsistent speed result... Auto-detect: Manual Proxy Direct Connection. (almost dial-up) Well... mixed dns is no good for me... huhu! If i cud only double my normal speed (200kbps x2) I would be more than happy...
  6. reformatting my PC cannot be my option... especially right now coz im doing my thesis book... hehehe! anyway latest results of my consistently inconsistent speed... (w/ flushed dns and cache cleared...) Auto-detect proxy... Manual Proxy... Direct Connection to the internet. (no proxy) Smart Broken... Simply Amusing! I believe that the second one was my real speed... but the other results makes me feel good though... Havent tried mixing my DNS lately... maybe i'll try it later and i'll keep you posted with the results...
  7. my score while downloading a 9mb file using auto-detect proxy... but my download speed reads at 27.6 kb/s only.... umf...
  8. for the mean time, im downloading something and nothings accurate. im downloading at 20+ kb/s speed...tsk tsk tsk
  9. nope. I love my momma, she gave me a very nice toy to play with... hehehe!
  10. latest speeds without any proxy... auto detect proxy manual proxy config which one should i believe? I cleaned my cache before I conducted the tests
  11. specs: Intel[R] Core[TM]2 CPU (dual core) 4300 @ 1.80GHz 1.80GHz, 1.00GB of RAM hard drive storgae space Used 21% Free 79%
  12. another BOOM without using any proxy. (take note of the host...)
  13. there, i tried removin the proxies... my host reads "smartbro.net" slower than the usual but still unbelievable speeds... take note, thats direct connection to the internet. no proxy whatsoever. this ones using the proxy. and i belive these are my real speeds... and finally, this ones with "auto-detect proxy settings" (I think i'll use this as my sig pic. handsome speeds... hehe!) anyway, what should i believe? im slower when using manual speed settings but im waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy faster (as the meter shows) without using any. is this a gift or a curse?
  14. 243.83? wtf? what does it mean? I tried downloading and it isn't true... its still reads 20+ kb/s
  15. july 22 was the date.... anyway, I think my PC has received too much tweakin already. I already cleared my cache, run the cleaner, flushed the sh*t out of it, and still, this happens. my 5 figure speed is becoming consistent but i dont believe it.
  16. first I unzip the file to a temp folder then whenever I update my driver, a window pops out in the end saying that it cannot continue coz wizard didnt find any software better than what i already have....
  17. that explains why you have that speed. that's less than a kilometer away from a base station.
  18. your minimum is currently my maximum speed. huhu!
  19. thanks! i really aprreciate you guys for helping me get out of this 200kbps mud im in... huhuhu!
  20. all i wish is for my connection to reach stable 400kbps and never below 350kbps even during peak hours. that would be my simple joy. right now, im still frustrated with my speed.
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