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  1. plus there are other ways to access your canopy you could also try the arp -a method I access my canopy using that method
  2. maybe your on a proxy or there's something wrong with the way you access your canopy...
  3. 300 meters? 35 steps? that's about 10.3 meters per step!!! haha! kidding.
  4. Who's messing with MY I mean, the girl? grrr.... Nobody hurts MY... I mean nobody hurts ms. Pancake... hehehe! Back to the topic, Occupation? Senior Member: UST Yellow Jackets (official pep squad of UST) Chapter Head: YFC East A-1 Karangalan-Manggahan Chapter Graduating Student: UST College of Architecture
  5. I never even got beyond the 400Kbps mark...huhuhu! (well that's what my speedtest states... but I can download as fast as 80kB/s sometimes... hehe! Weird things happen sometimes...) Ahh miss pancake, do you have a Friendster and/or YM account? ahehe! you're so cute...
  6. hi ms. pancake! (and I felt my heart beat again.... )
  7. where can i get that? does it hasten up my DL speed? hehehe!
  8. what do you mean download manager? I download thru firefox...
  9. I live in the Philippines, my result speed also fluctuate sometimes... I get to download at the speed of 60 - 90 kb/s yet my TMN speedtest result shows that I am only 250 - 350kbps fast and I can only download up to 45kb/s
  10. question? how accurate is the download test? According to the test, my speed varies from 150-340kbps yet everytime I download a file, my speed usually shoots up to 50+ kb/s and even 80+ or 90+ kb/s and I believe that's higher than 340 kbps....
  11. with my experience, using open DNS while accessing your canopy is ok. Just make sure your not using any proxies and you have direct connection to the internet.
  12. try downloading TCP/IP Optimizer, I believe it also works for other types of connection.
  13. i'll try to test my other base stations later... i believe there's about 5-10min delay on setting connections up again after rebooting and so far, im still satisfied with my speed... hehehe!
  14. for 512 wireless internet only, there's plan 995... when im still planning on having an internet connected, I prefer globe. They even have a plan of P995 for 1.5mbps (internet only. We already have a phoneline.) unfortunately, i ran out of slots, the globe attendant told me to wait for about a month then ask again, I need connection urgently so I settled for smartbro, after 3 weeks, globelines became available on our area. F*cking B*llSh*t! huhuhu!
  15. Do i have to restart my PC everytime I change base stations?
  16. how can this override plug make my connection faster? I dont understand electrical things eh... hehehe! im more of a software tweaker rather than an electronic cable guy. hehe!
  17. yup but not quite, My past base station has about 57 users but now, im using a base station with abot 64 users, its has more users than my previous, lower RSSI value (650+ from my previous 1200+) and higher jitter (3-4 from my previous 1-2) and yet the one im using right now gives me better connections... here are some evidences... my previous speed was about 56-160kbps download and about 80kbps upload... im still taking into consideration if i'll try the other base stations with less users (20-40) but higher jitter (5-7) and less RSSI (300-400) Accidental discoveries might happen.. haha! (wishful thinking..)
  18. but the one with the highest RSSI and the lowest Jitter gives me the poorest connection...
  19. so far im still dreaming of gettin over 400 but as long as i dont go below 300 or 350, its ok with me.
  20. I think im on the right track... makes me feel really good. hehe! still not above 400+ but waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than the speed i used to have...
  21. just changed my base station from the one with higher rssi (1200+) less jitter (1) less users (57) which gives me 40kbps-160kbps to a base station with lower RSSI (650+) higher jitter (3) ang more users (63)... so far, i had improved results? my canopy shows that I can choose from 5 diff. base stations although the remaining 4 which ive not tested yet sports higher jitters (4-7) less rssi (300-500) but less users... (about 20-40).. should I also try them or should i stick to my cureent base station... another thing, should I redo my cablenut settings again?
  22. any infos on your experience on changing the base station?
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