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  1. ok have you seen your connectivity icon on the taskbar under notification area? Double click on it. Pop-up window will appear. On General Tab click properties. Local Area Connection Properties will appear. Find word such TCP/IP or Internet Protocol in the list and double click. Click on "obtain an ip address..." radio button and "obtain dns server address..." radio button. that's it click ok then ok.
  2. If you've done port forwarding then that will add more speed and also read some here http://www.testmy.net/t-20485.0
  3. no there is only a lucky hrs..but it is consistent for that hrs. He's browsing speed is really unbelievable like a dsl connection unlike of what i've experienced before that it takes several seconds or even minutes to display a page.
  4. No that's not what i mean but for me its my gateway.. that's depends upon your location and dhcp server gives that to me.. I just obtain it... If you want to know yours just type this in command prompt "ipconfig /all" without a quote.
  5. Actually it's not it is a speed test from globequest site and reaches more than 128Kbps
  6. Of course, if you want to connect to your canopy you have to change your ip to the same network address of canopy in order to have access on it, these mean that your are on static ip. By doing that you can't anymore connect to the internet, unless you change your ip to dynamic which is dhcp provided by smartbro AP... can post your gateway ip here... it should be somewhat like this
  7. no that's not really fast as my friend, my friends dial up connection is up to 128Kbps or more that only happens when off peak, and I had argue with him coz dial up modem is up to 56k but he insist that there are dial up ISP provide faster than that with the use of software dedicated only for that ISP...
  8. Is that all you've change? If so just set your lan to obtain ip as well as with dns.
  9. Have u tried to disable your CPU Smart FAN Control in bios. Try it first and lets see if still stop.
  10. just use cros-over connection(the patch cord or utp cable) of course this is only applicable for two computers more than that you need to use switch...
  11. -51 dbm is a good one, don't worry about it... i just want you to try disable 2x rate in your canopy under configuration=>general tab.. and also i want you to observe when you are connected to the internet. Don't use your internet at this time... run windows task manager (ctrl+alt+del) under networking tab monitor the graph. and post your observation here.
  12. a router will do coz u need to clone your pc mac address to by pass port redirection. As you can see once your pc mac address changes you need to login again. So you have two pc's which means there are two mac address.
  13. i think its possible try to read your manual about advance routing under static routing.
  14. wow incredible speed... I think it happens only in your base station, maybe they don't limit the bandwidth in the base station instead they limit it through your SM luckily you have an access on your SM and manipulate on it. There is no setting or tweak in our pc that can have such speed without bypassing bandwidth control. This is just my own view of getting that speed. Well, knowing that you achieved that speed. I'm glad and thankful in your work. Good luck...hoping it's really work on majority of subscribers.
  15. 2.6-2.7 will do..but still you could do it until 2.8 or 2.9 but it's not recommended it might burn your memory but there are memories from OCZ where the manufacturer states that you can run them up to 3.2 V without burning them.
  16. for firefox user, you can visit here www.downloadhelper.net for others you may visit here www.vidgrab.com, www.keepvid.com or you may download these apps: www.softpedia.com/progDownload/VDownloader-Download-51327.html www.download.com/Youtube-Grabber/3000-2071_4-10574801.html www.orbitdownloader.com www.myvideodownloader.com www.keepv.com www.nuclear-coffee.com/php/products.php www.newrad.com/software/tubesucker
  17. ok that's good, keep it up, maybe because of the user in your area or let say it's peak hours.,, Have you still experiencing timeouts...?
  18. high jitter that is high interference, that's what makes you disconnected,.. If you successfully ping the assigned gateway without timeouts that only means you established connection to the base station, however if still you've been disconnected without having timeout then there's a problem in your base station and subscribers also in your area are suffering from it... PS RSSI goal 700 or higher but if you haven't achieve this then try select the less jitter.
  19. Is not really the virus or spyware that makes you disconnected from the internet? It's because of your poor signal or high interference you received. Try to access your canopy and evaluate AP. Try to have jitter 0-4 which is high quality much better 0, jitter 5-14 questionable quality, and jitter 15 poor quality. Try also to have higher dBm. Proper alignment maximizes Power Level and minimizes Jitter. As you refine alignment, you should favor lower jitter over higher dBm. For example, if coarse alignment gives an SM a power level of −75 dBm and a jitter measurement of 5, and further refining t
  20. You have said a while ago that your computer crashes when logging into your account, clicking shut down, starting a game, loading a BF2 map, exiting a game... First we have to make windows stable without running BF2 and Crysis? try to swap your low end video card and it seems that their is no problem in memory as you scan on it..try also to run applications and games that is supported in current hardware component... If you make it stable, then i guess its your video card... try to swap video card that support your BF2 and Crysis, Then try playing on it...
  21. ok lets evaluate.. go run type cmd then type ipconfig /all get the gateway ip type this in command ping -t <gateway ip> then post here if its frequently timeout or number of timeout.
  22. Try also to restore in all in default...
  23. Does the fan stop spinning in bios setup?take time on their for testing...
  24. ok, you are using what model of mobo?
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