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  1. Yep! Here I am .........It took a whole 4 hours to reformat and put everything back on with all my settings, themes, antivirus, hive, ect...... I did it internally......hit F11 and off I went....last time , I was clueless and went about it with the discs....
  2. pixiepistlz


    I don't think you'd mind a cracked pelvis...
  3. Been there , done that......thanks....I saved some files and just will reformat......I am getting used to it, as I just done one , my first earlier this year back in March. P.S. Thanks guys.......
  4. I currently have this cyberdefender trial and I am only 75%protected now and want it removed and another downloaded. So, I cleared my cache, and have went though c- cleaner and add/remove programs to uninstall....all it says is the uninstall wizard is complete , cyberdefender will not budge and I have cleaned after, and even did a restore point at one time trying to get my computer working somewhat as its infected so it would maybe uninstall .....nothing.... OS is windows 98 home ed. I unistalled again and again and like I said , it says uninstall wizard complete and my mouse keeps freezing and pages keep changing and I am tearing my hair out...
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    Death by SnooSnoo http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=167542&title=death-by-snoo-snoo
  6. Bless your heart, Sister. Hope you wasn't late getting there.
  7. pixiepistlz


    Swatting flies as usual. It was me!... well, someone had to, dammit! Moi ha ha
  8. pixiepistlz


    Welcome Juliet! Happy to have another UK member with us.
  9. Nahhhhhhh its useless to try to change men, that is what makes them realllly special. Don't take it the wrong way, your a sweetie.
  10. Another female member...Yippee!!
  11. Shug, your silly, but the initials do match .......very observant I'm calling you ShugSherlock from now on.
  12. Yes, my first thought was ask is he related to Sinister?
  13. Yeah, that smiley appeared once in my post . I forget what I did though.
  14. :::.. testmy.net test results ..::: Download Connection is:: 645 Kbps about 0.65 Mbps (tested with 1024 kB) Download Speed is:: 79 kB/s Upload Connection is:: 318 Kbps about 0.3 Mbps (tested with 579 kB) Upload Speed is:: 39 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net (Main) Test Time:: 2009/07/14 - 8:19pm D-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-YE31N0G46 U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-ONBAL8U20 User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009060215 Firefox/3.0.11 [!]
  15. One good man? Where? Is that possible? (kidding) aboard!
  16. aboard, greedy. I like your Twilight avatar.
  17. HUH??.. I had to delete all my messages and start over.....My box keeps getting stuffed full. ... I am quite popular. J/K
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