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  1. In that passport photo he passed around from way back he does look Italian I must say. He also reminds me of the lead singer of Reo Speedwagon. Because of the thick hair and the style.
  2. Yeah, Roco, where's your new pic? I just noticed that destructionfever has a caricature of his face in his signature...
  3. Yeah, if I want eyelashes ,I have to glue them...but I guess its fine.......I wouldn't trade my natural curls.......In that one pic, I straightened my hair.
  4. . Okie Tommie... Here's some of me around Easter time this year and one with my baby girl, Sarah.
  5. Yeah, nothing would surprise me with Obama in office. Carlin is right about "Temporary Privileges" .........now about God, I cannot agree.
  6. Oh yeah.... assume the position then.
  7. I would be afraid they would track me.......I am glad I have no worries.......doesn't pay to play on the dark side of the internet.
  8. aboard boomerang You will find answers to your questions here and very quickly .
  9. pixiepistlz


    aboard! These guys do know alot . And they are fast to answer any questions. ... and trash threads afterwards. That's when the fun begins..usually on a night with a full moon. They are such hairy beasts.
  10. Cracking your nuts?? or just cracking your ribs from laughing too hard.? Yeah high speed on the power tools. . Plump when you cook 'em!
  11. You two keep teasing each other and one of you is gonna end up with a sore ass! 20 bucks says it's Shug. (he has the manboobies)
  12. I remember that avatar....I had it once....Coknuck sent it to me. I change mine every now and again...a woman's prerogative you know. We change our minds from time to time.
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