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  1. Well I have changed my avatar and no, didnt think it was funny. Wish I could make a smart ass remark like the old Pixie used to and grin and roll my eyes, but that person isn't here right now.
  2. So, Momma when are we gonna see your new sexy hairdo? The boys are anxious....
  3. OH WOW!!.. thanks for sharing that..... I loved watching Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and I wanted to be a "Do bee" watching Romper Room. It seems like yesterday, but compared to today, I feel stoneaged. But I am so glad that I was born when I was and I am thankful to have been raised at that point in time.
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    Told ya so.... Your easy to read .
  5. pixiepistlz


    Your dreaming again Tommie. Wake up now!
  6. pixiepistlz


    Stand up? .......NO!... That turtle goes in the shell in cold temps.! Good boy!!........tell that little red headed girl that I said to give you a sucker for that.
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    Juliet , don't let these guys scare you, they talk like this from time to time, but they are Sweethearts and have helped me with my puter problems. You just turn it back around and give it back to them. Believe me , they have their big boy pants on, they can take it.
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    You are both red -blooded American men (or is that hot blooded?) thinking she is gonna pull down her bikini bottoms to show you .
  9. Up their skirts you mean........ Litttle Tommie who used to do that in kindergarden , under the teachers desk.
  10. I am back from reformatting again ...with my discs like the first time I ever did it ( this is my 3rd now. ...its after 4 am and I am going to bed.......My puter seems to be running smoother and the Comodo is installed after being wiped clean....only thing is that after I got back online, my mouse cursor disappeared and it acted like I had right clicked the mouse when I had not and the little screen appears.....can my mouse or keyboard be infected ? or does the virus scans take care of that when they run? Just curious.....
  11. DL Comodo now...... HiJack this automated site says I have no firewall nor any antivirus..... WTF? corrupted files ? I have both. I know something is wrong in Mayberry and I need to know how to proceed to get this nasty little bug off ASAP! If someone in here has had similar issues, please help as its the only puter I have and I would if it died!
  12. Yes , I use Windows Firewall. Avast.....got from Filehippo website same for Firefox. My cursor jumps all over the page and 2 more Trojans just popped up......I am ready to tear out my hair. I DL'd Maxthon as my browser and I also have IE8. So, should I wipe it clean again and use my CD's or what should I do then? I used the internal restore yesterday.
  13. I have just yesterday reformatted my computer...... Right after downloading Firefox as my browser again as I was putting everything back on after wiping it clean, up pops a Trojan warning from Avast..... Now since yesterday, that makes a total of 3 Trojans and a few adwares...GEEZELOUISE! Needless to say, I am uninstalling it ASAP. As I was poking around in Google , I came across this new article on Mozilla and their denials..... I say, its I know where I am getting these Trojans and why my Firefox crashes from time to time! Source: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9135699/Mozilla_denies_new_Firefox_bug_is_security_risk?taxonomyId=85
  14. I can't take all the credit, my hero jogged my memory today when I was scatterbrained and told me how to best proceed, LOL. He's such a sweetie. Thanks for the attention to my thread, guys. I can count on TMN members to come to my assistance and damn quick too.
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    It's called a FEMputer.......get it straight, Tommie......
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