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  1. no doubt. watch your bum. Ryan, there you go , starting trouble.... assume the position.
  2. You you! What were you thinking , young man? Stay away from the sites, they are addicting too. Note to self..I have it in strictest confidence that "Tony the Tiger" will be posting and loosing much sleep .
  3. We got us a blooming busy body! (Coknuck) Welcome aboard again.
  4. pixiepistlz


    Throw some water on that witch then...
  5. pixiepistlz


    :2funny: :2funny: :haha: :haha: Too funny,Ryan aboard to both of you.
  6. I was gonna do it, but I have a few sites NUNYA beeswax.
  7. pixiepistlz


    HEY!! a female!!! yea!!!! We girls are outnumbered ...Bless you my younger sister. Welcome to the barnyard.
  8. aboard Juliand! I bet its hot in Florida this time of year. I almost roasted a few years ago. Sit down and stay a while , I think the guys stocked the fridge with some beer .
  9. if it says its embedded, then double click it . Other than that , I don't know.
  10. Steve- O is the sick one of the bunch. He is the one who will try ANYTHING. Chris Pontius is so cute in the bunny ears if it says its embedded then click it twice. Nudity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swJzKXWN3_A
  11. Ask and you shall recieve. Now that you know I meant the man and not a style or group. Here he is.........One of the members of the "jackass" league. How many broken bones does he have anyway?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjCmXHwmIo8&feature=fvsr
  12. Roll their eyes and giggle. So are you another Bam Margera, Sk8rboy19?
  13. Well..... I WAS that fat once. Long story...... I just tell my kids "Get outta my chair!" and they giggle.
  14. Just one big happy family! but stay out of my favorite chair . I am just like Archie Bunker.
  15. me?? .. Temporary insanity??...full moon?? I am still lovable.
  16. I don't think you want me to go there.......... Wanna try that again??
  17. I know that's right! :haha: only thing is my house is the real asylum. TMN is my escape from the crazy teenagers who love sucking my lifeforce .The loonies in TMN are much more manageable and loveable.
  18. No girl or girly shit.....Pixie dammit!
  19. Pleeze tell me your a girl ........we are considerably outnumbered here.
  20. Your trying to hit 11,000 tonight , aren't you?
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