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  1. So where should I now post to complain, get ideas as to WTF is up with my speeds lately? I am all over the place, supposedly xfincrudty (aka (crapcast) upgraded my speed from 105 to 150 but I cannot get that speed nor do I think 20% and to make matters wors I jump from say 80 to 50 to possibly 120 then back to 50. I seem to do better with the multi thread or mercury tests then linear. I have tried all I can think of changing you name it in the TCP Optimizer. I even broke out the old Ethernet cable and strung it to hardwired me into the gateway and still Amazingly fast and consistently non repeatable speed results I am even up at 3 AM PST to see if my neighbors could be the issue. Next I was thinking about disconnecting all the other cables from node and see if I alone connected has any bearing on my speeds?? Or is that illegal to disconnect them for a few min to test?? I mean who is up at 3 AM besides me anyway right?
  2. LOL I thought I was getting this great speed, Then I found this email sent 10-30-15 stating that supposedly Comcast (kindness of their hearts) decided to upgrade my speed from 105 to 150 Mbps So actually my test results Suck A&& I have no Idea what the percentage but add 45 Mbps to the equation and the % has to drop faster then Obama's credibility
  3. No it is not working , says page cannot load, I also cannot seem to find where the ISP specific forums are like Comcast or Century Link or say Time warner etc.
  4. Thanks I thought so , but I have to keep Comcast/ xfinity honest as I have had them let stuff slide and without complaining they would of just let it go that way until who knows when.
  5. I cannot remember if this 88.95% of advertised speed is a good # to have when testing. I seem to think if it was 90% or around there that was considered good but I am not positive so I wanted to ask. I am supposedly on a 105 Xfinity tier or Blast as they call it and I recently have been close to 90% of that some times over some under but close
  6. Seems lately to be working correctly. Keeps fingers crossed it continues
  7. Paying for 105 Mbps speed and today was only reaching about 25 Mbps was frustrating , nice to see the speed back whee it should be https://testmy.net/db/WVELDrwPc.E37PzXYqh
  8. Well maybe all the Notifying Google of the "Aw Snap" BS worked as I finally was able to run a combined test and did not get that annoying message just a few seconds ago.
  9. Something strange I noticed now, It seems to work fine on upload tests doing them alone but now when I attempt a download test by itself I get the Aw Snap error. SO now it does it when I use combined or download alone but not with upload. Also when it does it on combined it appears it only does the download section as I see no upload results when I go and open the results page under my profile. It is almost as if the chrome browser has a default time limit before it assumes web page is not responding anyone know if there is a setting where I can extend time or disable that feature ??
  10. Ok now it is doing the Aw Snap thing when I do combined or any download test. It seems to work fine on upload tests though. I cannot use Edge logged into my account as it will never log in just keeps showing the log in at top right of screen. But when not logged in Edge seems to work fine.
  11. Ok to answer your post #7 it was every single time I ran the combined test. Now and Just now I ran the Combined Test from San Fran and it did not do the Aw Snap. It worked perfectly. I will try all the west coast servers and see if I get the error still The Fremont and the San Jose I believe it is the top west coast test both just gave me the aw snap error Dam now all three west coast servers are giving me that Aw Snap error. I did get one complete test in combined both down and up before the errors started though. Strange went to try it on Edge and It will not let me sign in. it just pops back to sign in page. But it worked just fine with Edge In case you were curious
  12. I do not use Firefox or Edge. It starts the download test ( it remembers my last one at like 64 Mb File size) once the bar gets to 100% I get the Snap. it does not do any upload test at all. and only seems to do it with combined test.
  13. Ok any Test I have tried doing Auto Combo does that, now manually it seems to do ok if I am just say testing Download or Upload. I had Aw Snap on West Combo and I think it was Cali1 combo. I will post the screen shots too.
  14. I think every time now, Let me get you a Snippet of exact page and info and It will tell me if it does it each time also.
  15. I have been getting that Aw Snap BS for some time now when trying to run any speedtests. Has anyone else had this happen and if so is there some setting I can adjust to stop this?
  16. Just noticed when doing the Mercury test and then trying to post in forum and doing normal speedtest that I keep being signed out in Microsoft edge. It is annoying as it keeps telling me to sign in. Any Ideas as to why this may be happening?
  17. Cool, I liked using that as It gave me a bit more info on how the internet was working etc.
  18. I just noticed that the link to mercury tests is gone. What happened to it or is it something that Edge is doing to the web page?
  19. I do have the ability, I have a Creative SB X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB as my On Board Realtek had issues and I could not use the enhancements so I went USB. I have not tried connecting it to my 5.1 System lately as I use it mostly for my Link to my Pro Audio mixer and system. I will try that and see what happens though. I have noticed with Edge that it is not compatible with Norton Identity Safe so anyone who has been using that like I do and have came dependent on it remembering log ins and passwords will be lost unless they also install a separate Browser. I use Chrome but have been noticing for some time that even if I only have one page open in chrome in the task manager there are at min 5 instances of chrome running which I cannot see as very efficient. Though I must say I have constantly been getting much higher speed tests with edge then I ever did with chrome or IE 11
  20. Well so far this seems to be a better system, at least the speed tests are much faster and my wireless seems much faster using both. Never have I gotten over 100Mbps using the wireless connection until after the upgrade. I have found that using chrome like I used to now is a pain and it keeps saying the connection is dead for some reason.
  21. YA, Ok. I was just thinking it may be a better test or have better results not having to deal with whatever limits Safari coudl put on the iPad 4. I was wanting to check my Wifi and my AT&T 4g LTE to compare. I can do that to with the Safari I suppose, New to Ipad never used the Safari thing yet. Matter of fact haven't used hardly anything yet except music and the planets app.
  22. Howdy I seen ookla I believe is the name has an iPad app for speed tests I was curious if there was one for this site or how one with say an iPad or Android Tablet would speed test from this site. I do not trust other test sites of any kind and only use this one for accurate testing. I do use others so I can laugh at how full of BS they are with the speed results but never for accurate speed results.
  23. Just a FYI, I have done this same thing more times then Anyone ever should have to ( tell the ISP their "Speedtest Site" Sucks @#$. I have argued with technicians until I was about 1 straw away from a homicide case with me as the only person of interest, I get the same thing each time that this site (Testmy.net) is incorrect and their site is correct, Finally I figured the way to shut them down at the first letter of their sentence of BS and Lies. Thanks to Testmy.net I have a immense amount of test history data. I can pull data from quite awhile back ( sorry I do not know exactly how long) and I can then say I don't give a rats @#$ what they recommend or think is the accurate test site I can show I was getting this speed at this date and This speed at this date and then for no reason I had this issue say when my modem went south and was allowing me (back at date of story) 20 Mbps Down and like 700Kbps up when it should of been 5 Mbps up. Which in reality really messes with your down as you cannot reply as fast as you shoudl so everything is delayed longer. I personally hate dealing with any Tech from any ISP as they have tried to blame anything and everything for the issue other then their own system or hardware. I have been told maybe my computer is outdated back in 2011 when I just purchased the ROG ASUS G73-SW it was the Top of teh top at that time. They have blamed my internal house coaxial ( Big mistake before looking into my account) I had the Extra fee in case of issues that they would replace wiring free so I made them replace every last inch and every splitter etc. If I remember correctly ( which lately is really a stretch remembering who I am and why I am here) If you can achieve 90% of the paid for speed I believe they consider that awesome, Maybe it has changed since speeds have went up so much last few years but I think personally 95% or greater should be what we are entitled to. I mean if I purchased a race motor and it was stated to produce say 1000HP and 750 Ft/Lb torque and when I did a dyno on it I was only getting 900 HP and 675 Ft/Lb of torque I woudl be highly Upset. Anyway just thought I woudl share my 2 cents or as long as this was I guess 11 cents worth
  24. Where abouts in oregon are you?? I am in milwaukie and I was told no service on west side of I-205 which I happen to be on by about 15 blocks lol
  25. Oh thats to funny, I have never paid much attention to the test Id myself, not to mention I do not take subtle hints well anyway, someone coudl put "Do Not Test So Much" as my Test ID and I probably would not of noticed at all LMAO.
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