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  1. Wow, i dont know what to say. That is some serious BS from DW youve had to put up with...If they promise 1.5Mbps, they should either give it, or dont promise a specific speed. I saw on their site that they offer 1.5mbps on their buisness site, but on that same page it says 1000kbps. I dont suppose 1000 = 1500. Oh and here is another thing i digged up on their site: "It
  2. Usually, IPS's testing sites download small files, which using boost, will turn out to be a bit higher than your actuall speed. for example, verizons site says i have 1.6megs downloading a 500K file. Here i get 1.3-1.4 downloading 1000KB. My boost speed gives it an additional .2mbps. Im not sure why you drop down to 1.1 though. Try turning off your modem, thats all i could think of for now.
  3. Wow great speeds, fastest i got on your server Van :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 1292 Kbps about 1.3 Mbps (tested with 2304 KB) Download Speed is:: 158 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Bottom Line:: 23 times faster than 56K you can download 1MB in 6.48 second(s) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/cgi-bin/get.cgi?Test_ID=2LFL4717C
  4. Like I said, go on MSN, aim, Email, or simply PM him.
  5. Its actually more lol, but i havent seen too many 56k'ers on the forums so i dont think that'll be a problem . Im not wasting bandwidth either. Verizon doesnt give me a bandwidth quota so i couldnt care less.
  6. Woooooowwww..... Looks great. I love it! Thanks again lol
  7. Well this whole thread has been flaming and spamming all over. I know I was a part of it, and s1, i am sorry. I shouldnt have exploded like that. I guess i got carried away. But I think this topic should be locked. If you have an issue with somebody else, go on MSN or aim or somewhere else to resolve it. I know i have done what im saying you guys shouldnt, but i regret that now. I just dont want this place to be a place of war.
  8. Sweet, thanks one more time. If you ever need anything, ill try to help you out.
  9. I know the Westell 2200 modem comes with a built in firewall. As far as i can tell, verizon sends out all modems with built in firewalls (atleast my friends got them). They are sending out Versalink modems now and they should have firewalls. Most Routers come with firewalls i think. As for the firewall, you get free subscritpion to McAfee. Thats a firewall and virus protection (you dont have to have both). Its been great so far. I even uninstalled norton now.
  10. http://psi-square.sinfree.net/ff9gal2.html - you can find them there. Also, i want the text to be there, if possible.
  11. Sorry, it was cached and you cant access them other than from that site itself I zipped them for you, #'s 1-3 are the ones i want in there and #4 is the optional one. You can resize them since they are way too big lol. Thanks again Cobra, wish i knew how to operate Photoshop as good as you .
  12. I wasnt addressing you personally. Maybe youre a lucky one and your isp doesnt do that, but then again, you had 250MB on hotmail for 6 years now ...
  13. I think you know exactly what I meant, unless you truly are a xxxxxxxxxx. DSL offers unlimited access as in you wont ever go over the limit of downloading or uploading too much, unlike with Cable. Cable companies tend to do that when you waste too much bandwidth. Youre limited on cable unlike with DSL which is unlimited.
  14. That might be it also . Wish i had OOL's 10mbps plan , than would own.
  15. Hehe, its still faster than mine. One thing i would like to say is that im not saying Cable is worse than DSL. Most cable services are way faster than my dsl, but they arent available for me. One isp i considered was OOL, but i cant get it. There are many pro's and con's to dsl and cable, but for me dsl was the best way to go.
  16. Read that Mr. xxxxxxxxxx Cable companies forbid any sort of constant upstream usage So if you use alot, there are 2 ways they can deal with you, either make you pay for all that overused bandwidth, or start to slow you down.
  17. There is unmetered, where they give you alot but you cant use too much, there is no point in that since they limit you anyways. Might aswell tell you what you get and dont get...
  18. It is possible to get speeds that high but that is only on your first hop. And also when you download fron another 56k user, i found that the speeds were higher. The fastest ive been able to download was 6-7kbps and that was when i had MSN dialup like 4 years ago. 56 Kbps is 6.84 KB/sec <-- and thats if you are using 100% which barely ever happens. The typical fast for 56k would be 40-45kbps (45 Kbps is 5.49 KB/sec) and the average would be 35 Kbps is 4.27 KB/sec. 10kbps is still understandable but 20 is a no, no. 150 Kbps is 18.31 KB/sec 150 is nowhere near 56 EDIT: There was this guy once who said his compression software made his speeds go really fast. I know for a fact that AOL uses compression software. Maybe thats why you such a high test score? Even though CA3LE said its not possible to compress it even more, i think the software can lol.
  19. Something Final Fantasy like Final Fantasy 9 preferably What i could like is these three images fused together somehow http://psi-square.sinfree.net/ff9/images/steiner03.jpg http://psi-square.sinfree.net/ff9/images/vivi02.jpg http://psi-square.sinfree.net/ff9/images/garnet04.jpg and if possible : http://psi-square.sinfree.net/ff9/images/zidane02.jpg in there too I dont know if its possible though.. Thanks again
  20. You can change it you know. Go into BIOS and there is an option there for video, i think the options are 64, 32 and 1. I put it on 1.
  21. Hey Cobra, if you wouldn't mind, could ya make me one too? I dont really care what its on as long as its funny or cool like yours lol. And if you do decide to make it, you can put the URL to your site on it too Thanks
  22. So i will get higher pings with the newer, faster service? One again, sorry for offtopic
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