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  1. Then what was I supposed to say? I would look stupider asking if hotmail gave out 150MB mailboxes since that was never even mentioned. Im not saying hotmail wasnt around more than 5-6 years, I was saying that as far as i know, they were giving out 2MB free mailboxes and upgraded not that long ago to 250MB. Maybe somehow your isp was affiliated with them? Maybe you paid for your service? I dont know, but im not here to fight over it either. And if you do say that hotmail has been giving out alot more space, how come many of my friends still have 2mb? Maybe you got lucky and they just happened to give you more? Thats the first post.
  2. Wait, wait, Youre saying hotmail gave free 250MB accounts 5-6 years ago?
  3. I wish my isp was like that lol. Their speed test is 300kb off lol. And when i got my upgrade and wasnt getting full speeds, they told me that they were sure i am getting full speeds and made me feel stupid. But everything is fine now
  4. Try a different torrent, that one doesnt work because it cant connect to tracker i think (which is the server that connects you to other people)
  5. I would suggest waiting, isp's tend to be slow with that type of stuff.
  6. lol sorry >.< And whatever you do, DONT touch the ram with youre bare hands. You need one of those bags that come with Harddrives. I brought in a ram chip into the store with me to see if the guy had the same one, and he yelled at me lol and gave me that bag thing.
  7. How about give us all a @testmy.net email?
  8. I see its taking time, my friend is still on the 2mb plan lol. Im on 25, i dont know if they are going to ungrade me though. I get 25 because of my ISP. So i should get over 2 gigs lol.
  9. Linux rocks lol. I just cant get my internet to work there Oh and if that is your server with those great speeds, is there a way to share the connection with your other computer?
  10. I saw an ad today for 155mb for $7500 a month lol. YOu are one lucky bastard
  11. Damn lol I wonder how much you pay in USD. Sounds better than the new FIOS from verizon, which is $39.99 for 5m/2m and $49.99 for 15m/2m (I cant wait until its out) *drool*
  12. 1500kbps doesnt suck that much lol. Think about it, downloading a 40MB file, and youre downloading at 180kbps. The file will download within 20 minutes (or less). Now compare that to 56K, which would take around 2 hours lol and then if you want to run a server, the download doesnt matter that much, its mostly your upload.
  13. Sweet lol, i get 5mb at school though
  14. lol, trust me, it wasnt 5-6 years lol
  15. They have been giving out 250 mb for like 1 month already lol (for free) gmail.com is better, 1 gig
  16. I use both Adaware and spybot. One cleans up what the other doesnt pick up, theire a good combo i would say. I personally havent gone over like 140 if i remember correctly.
  17. It could have been an antivirus program aswell. I have that happen with Mcafee from time to time
  18. Well as for the registry part, yes you can make it faster. Cablenut (http://cablenut.com/) is a program that allows you to "tweak" your internet by changing a few values in your registry. Ill let vanburen take it on from now
  19. I have a westell 2200 modem and I have been trying to get a website working on my computer for a long time now. My modem is a "dsl router" which means i have to forward ports. I have tried apache, which uses port 80 by default. I tried to forward port 80 on my modem and everything was fine. (They have a section called "Services" where you forward ports, and they have a few pre defined ports for basic "services" such as port 80, so i used that).I looked up my ip address and tried going to it. I got a page cannot be displayed page. So i checked over the ports, and everything seemed fine as before. I try going to and it opens an apache page so it wasnt my software. So i said to myself "Maybe i need to try another port". I did just that, with port 81. I forwarded it, and downloaded Abyss Webserver which has a more userfriendly interface. I changes the abyss port to 81. I rechecked that i forwarded port 81. I tried going to my ip using port 81, page cannot be displayed again. So i go to and once again, it works. I ran one of those internet tests which shows you what ports you have open, and I had like 4 ports open. I tried every single one of those and none worked. When i try openeing it with IE it says page cannot be displayed, but when i try firefox i get a connection refused error. A westell 2200 modem is built for security i guess. I ran that open port test on dslreports.com and got a perfect score (meaning im pretty much safe from hackers). Changing modems is also out of the picture. So if anyone has any suggestions or ideas, please help me out.
  20. Ok thanks, thats what i thought at first, but i thought i'd ask you guys first
  21. Yes, 2 adapters on this computer and i want to limit the one connected to my other computer through LAN.
  22. Yes but in the actuall program, i didnt see any options where i would be able to set a limit on a specific adapter.
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