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  1. haha that would be funny as hell cause we could brain storm anything and have it fixed in no time. i know we would have some sick shit runnin out of there man. 1 thing that would be out of hand is the eletric bill cause my bill alone with all the stuff i have is over $300 a month by myself. :shock:YEA I KNOW ITS ALOT FOR ! PERSON
  2. he might have to remodel to fit the extra company or buy a bigger house. i'm sure we can afford a bigger 1
  3. hey van i will pay for 2 internet lines like yours if you let me move in
  4. wow even my slowest sdsl package gets more by far. the smallest 1 they offer here is 384 up and 384 down and when i had that i got about 340 up and down so wow thats bad. you should get dial up for what speed your getting and the price WOW. post some tracerts and ping times to some websites so we can see if they are reliable and also you didnt mention the speeds your supposed to have
  5. i doubt yours is faster than vans cause he tested this oversea's and he still gets 25 mb. do a speed test oversea's and see if you come close to his cause if he did a local speed test he would get 90 mb + speeds for about $80 a month if i remember right.
  6. the lower the results the better.( EX -- 30 is better than 40 )
  7. the top pic was just covad.net and this pic is new york only.
  8. http://www.broadbandreports.com/beta/doctorping
  9. <<< thats what my eyes do when i see that cause i want that speed but in upload and i know you have it.
  10. that could definitly be why and i know mine was not like that. everyone had it in my area!!!!!!!!
  11. damn that sucks man i naver had that happen to me yet
  12. yea but some people squeeze by sometimes without changing there HD
  13. you cant shut your mod off for xbox live? what kinda mod you have?
  14. he didnt know as you can see he is a here so chill and lets see what he comes up with after cleaning his comp out and trying to tweak a bit.
  15. meh beh tomorrow when i'm out but its gonna be the pc 1 not xbox cause i dont have it.
  16. Blunted

    T1 prices

    i never had a problem really and when i even think i did they were here looking at it and i even got 3 new routers that i didnt know cost $435 each but never paid 1 penny. its definitly reliable isp in my book and speeds are solid all year round
  17. i'm actually playing forza motorsport for xbox and was typing a post inbetween races
  18. any online games just so we can get a forum to talk about it
  19. just wondering if anyone would use game forums if we got 1 edited
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