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  1. do you guys have more power than each other besides the owner of the site?
  2. thats good to hear man glad you worked it out. if you dont mind me asking which mod did you fight with?
  3. damn man i could only imagine what went on. mod wars?
  4. also shug i read some stuff on here about you man whats goin on? i was out
  5. i dont come down on people i am nice and try to keep the peace but its fun to see someone get busted since they arent really getting in trouble.
  6. you can get fios for 5,000 up and 30,000 down for $55 in ny, well some parts but NOT MINE
  7. no your not the 1 who posted it i knew about this for a while and so did others. also it is on my firefox as a plug- in to go to how stuff works .com.
  8. omg i'm gonna get my pic i had from inside a verizon co-lo. its scary but i hope i can find them
  9. yea van i got it workin good and now my bottleneck is my cpu lmao. my only problem is now its ethier fast lan and slow internet or fast internet and ok lan. i messed with cable nut and cant seem to go more unless i can tune each nic card with it cause i have 3 nic's in 2 of the comps
  10. do a test at www.speakeasy.net/speedtest
  11. i never have any problems at all and my ping times are very good along with low hop counts too i also have very consistint speeds and never goes out but i'm about 5,600 feet. if you too far you wont get the best speeds and it will have higher pings but that depends on the line too. look here http://computer.howstuffworks.com/dsl.htm
  12. I'm talkin to him spaced i know what you have.
  13. why not i want to know the price cause i am nuts like that and would spend $1,000 a month for a connection but there isnt 1 around that i can buy except a T1 and i have 2 lines thats more than that now so i have to wait. now while i wait can you tell me
  14. stop messing up my dreams :evil: lol j/k i am just trying to setup a sick network and was having trouble a while back and got it to amazing speeds but when i make it really fast on lan it seems to slow the internet and if the internet is fast the lan is slow. i'm stumped but still messing around
  15. yea i agreewith him a T1 is a rip-off and not worth it at all. i would get 2 SDSL 1500/1500 for 1 T1 and have way more bandwidth to play with
  16. i say make a sticky in the thread first saying if you get out of line expect to be banned and that might help it out. i also agree it will have some nastyness in there but thats part of gaming just ban the ones that go overboard.
  17. that means your doing something that is an advantage to you and using a glitch which is cheating. if you dont have enough to hold tha match and keep getting it your doing something. you dont just go in and sit there and get host all the time YOU DID SOMETHING
  18. ok it aint(<<not a word) and you told me to say it aint real. :haha:
  19. did anyone even hear of any upgrade?
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