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  1. ok cool man i'll send you a friend request and this thread got owned bad so i might make a new one if this one is deleted.
  2. no its not a bad topic and nether are yours its something the people want to know and this is a forum to ask about it. its all opinion who says a post is bad or not, some care some dont.
  3. ^^ yep he got it thats the line but he cant seem to hit the speed. i have seen him hit 14,000 up and 29,000 down and his friend gets more speed than he does cause of his BEAST server.
  4. i do to and have done alot to see how exactly it works for months. i know exactly when it picks the host and everything and no you cant get host if your connection sucks cause bungie will see that. in the beginning you might get host a bit but as soon as the see it your done with that bad connection so you have to be doing something. if you still claim to get host alot send me a friend request and see if you can get it over me and i dont force it i have a good connection.
  5. yes that would explain it or help us figure it out
  6. umm that is cheating if you manipulate bungie to give you host. atleast i would say so and anyone correct me if i'm wrong but i dont think i am.
  7. i just dont think there is demand for it in my area which is why i think it might be a while cause we have optimum online which is also upgrading to 2/20 so i am stumped and have searched like mad. i dont want to call and get a " i dont know " from them like most isp's but heh i can wait if anyone has info on fios in ny just put it in here please. thanks
  8. i had it up yesturday but i got it on late and wasnt people playing. there was maybe 20 to 30 people. lol anyway when i set it up it started me on 16 on the fastest speed so i left it but dont know what settings people play on so tell me what most people play.
  9. if they just came out with 512, 768 wont be for a while then unless its a surprize
  10. sounds good man add vyrax cause i have been messing around alot with that account so its only like a 16 but all my other accounts are like 28 and 29's.
  11. damn i need it nab man and when it comes here i am goin to get 2 or 3 5/30 plans if i can. yes i am a bandwidth whore :evil6:
  12. damn i forgot to call and they have to have fiber here already to serve that central office 2 blocks away from me where i get my dsl
  13. bah i forgot to call but you think i can search for fios by seeing if they are working on my central office.
  14. i play unreal championship, unreal championship 2, halo 2, forza motorsport and just picked up return to castle wolfenstein again. i also play unreal tournament 2004 and halo on pc sometimes and enjoy the map editor on there and alot of extra's xbox doesnt have.
  15. chill with the fighting guys depending on the game it uses more or less but just playing it can use from 5 kb a sec to around 15 kb a sec around there in that range. as for hosting on 768 yes it can be done but it will lag a bit cause halo 2 is a game that uses whatever available bandwidth you have to make it lag less and most likely uses all your upload for that 1 match. i myself have used over 175 kb a sec on 1 16 man game and used under 90 kb a sec on another 16 man game so it depends on alot of things how much it uses. tbake send me a riend request on XBL is you have it my gamertags are below. Dilatedpeoples28 yes that crap is stupid and i have done this before i admit it but no longer do it and i know how these people do it and as soon as i see exactly how to stop it i will e-mail bungie with a way to stop it. i think its too late tho cause xbox 2 is comin out soon
  16. ok lets not get carried away and go off topic. now back to topic
  17. i'm gonna call tomorrow if no1 can awnser my post cause i cant find anything on the net about it in my town.
  18. i want to know cause fios is in the 2 towns next to me and i cant find anything on the net about when its coming here. its ethier that or optimum online when they upgrade to 2 up and 20 down.<<<<will have to be business plan or they will cap the crap out of me.
  19. yes a few people here have it and its not expensive in ny right now cause there is a special for $55 for 5/30 plan.
  20. being in one of the largest cities doesnt mean anything cause i'm in nyc and cant get fios yet. i will be very soon tho cause its in the 2 towns next to me and expanding :D
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