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who needs a comp??


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i was messing with this and the more you spend the more you save.  i got 1 comp over $1300 and with the discount coupon it was about $750 so check it out guys.

EDITED sorry the other link didnt work


Dell Home has the Dimension E510 Pentium D Dual Core 2.8GHz Desktop w/ 19" LCD for $1019 - 40% off coupon Z4$DJ$6HP83NDB - $35 off $300 ebay coupon = $576 w/ free shipping. If you have a DPA account, apply code TH136J13GHNBM1 for $25 off $999 which drops your price to $551. Thanks slick.

Remember to upgrade to 19" Analog LCD and DVDRW Drive.



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in a couple weeks im ordering a computer off http://buyxg.com

Amd 64 3800+ X2(dual-core)

Aspire X-Navigator Case( 5 LED case fans + front and side locking panels + 2 LED tempature readouts + Changeable front plates)

Antec TP-II 550w PSU

1gig Corsair Ram

Gigabyte Pro SLI Mobo

EVGA 7600GT Video Card

74gig WD Raptor hdd

Sony DVDR/RW + Combo Drive


Microsoft Optical Mouse

FREE NERO Platinum

1 Year Limited Warranty With 1 Year of Onsite Assistance

Total Cost $1150 + shipping and tax = about 1270$

-5% rebate =


If you order all the parts off newegg and build it yourself you save around 40$ but i think the warrenty is worth 40$ and i dont have to take a chance of me screwing something up.

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