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Oh No ! Help


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Sorry to be sooo dramatic, but I dont believe what I have done,

A good buddy has lent me windows 3.1,on 7 floppies) so I could try it on my old spare puter, just for the experience, :o

then I knocked over a glass of milk, yeah I know, it was milk, honest,

result after the panic to contain the flood ,I found disk # 7 sitting in the lake,

result F**ked from file PG308.drv. onwards. been searching the web with no luck, any suggestions, can you wash a floppy ? guess not,

any help would be much appreciated

Roco UK

P.s. I

I'm gonna use a cup with a spout in future, :confused1:

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Actually you can wash a floppy. It could ruin it but I have had to do it before. Just pull the sleeve back and wash it with distilled water. Then put it in an oven with the door cracked and the dial set to WARM, put it on the lowest rack. This has worked for me before. If it doesnt oh well its ruined anyway.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the fast responce, I only need disk 7 from win. 3.1or even the lost files would be great

b4 I have to confess to my buddy,

Hi shug's thats what happens with too many late nights and 5.30 am

starts, :evil1:

I will try the wash routine,on a spare floppy, first,

Thanks Just , spot on with that

Roco uk

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Jeez, you can get cans of air in the states, if we had them here our goverment would tax them ,  :angry3: (petrol 7.6 USD here, tax 80% )

Seriiously, thanks for the sugestion Fallow Earth, I belive our puter store stocks them.    distilled water and blow dry is the route I will try on a old disk ,

and see how it goes, recon I have about a week b4 I will have to confess,

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