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BitTorrent News... Good news for torrent users?


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ZD Quote "

Just weeks after legal attacks crippled the popular BitTorrent file-swapping community, an underground programmer from its ranks has stepped forward to announce new software designed to withstand future onslaughts from Hollywood.

Dubbed Exeem, the software has already been distributed in a closed beta, or early test format, by the creators of the SuprNova.org Web site, which was until late last month the most popular hub for the BitTorrent file-swapping community.

Last week, the head of that now-defunct site, a man known as "Sloncek," officially announced the Exeem project in an interview on the NovaStream Webcasting network. He said that it would be a modified version of the popular BitTorrent technology, but transformed into a decentralized, searchable network similar to Kazaa or eDonkey.

Reports from some beta testers are now beginning to come in, as the private testing nears its end.

"The system seems to work pretty well," said Simon Bauman, who operates the Mitosis.com Web site and has tried the software for several weeks. "It seems faster than other peer-to-peer programs right now, but with only 5,000 people, it's hard to really gauge it." ..............


read who article at ZDnet's Website >>  http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9588_22-5512230.html

ShashDot article >> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/12/30/2311234&from=rss

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:) I have seen CA3LE GUY on line many times I saw his name at the bottom of the forum page but, I'm sure he has had a lot of work to do........I was just talking to someone recently that has access to this pgm, he said it didn't have many users so maybe 5000 is a high number, what was interesting is he knows someone and they used the first site as a model to refine the software and now they think the new version is going to be bullet proof as far as being able to get shutdown by big brother.....only time will tell. He also said the software has been under constant attack by the makers for testing reasons, apparently the guys that made the software are not motivated by money but by a desire  to see the INTERNET and P2P be used in a way that will benefit us common folk......... if all this is true this is very KOOL....it will force all the big company thieves to rethink the way they do business.......  :haha:  :haha:  :haha:  we can only hope!!!!

:cool: Microwave

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yeah, ok, robin hood lives. but remember, if you keep stealing from the king eventually the king will go broke.

don't slaughter the goose that lays the golden eggs!

if you regularly use a certain program, game, whatever, BUY IT!

support the hordes of people slaving away in cubicles writing software!

there /is/ no such thing as a free ride.

and since you use p2p, apparently you are not too fond of the results from opensource efforts. but that's what you will be stuck with if the major corps dont get paid.

<store soapbox>

<exit, stage left>

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